BLACKFOOT, Idaho –A veterinarian in Blackfoot said Friday that a stray Border Collie puppy he treated this week had suffered injuries from two bulletsone shattered her rear leg, the other lodged under the skin on her back.

“Most people know that if you want to kill an animal, you don’t shoot them in the leg and back,” said Dr. Tony Parsons of the Blackfoot Animal Clinic. “To me, it looked like someone using a puppy for target practice.”

The puppy was one of three found in a field west of Blackfoot earlier in the week. Two of the puppies were uninjured — but the third was bloody and found laying on the ground, said Leslie Schwindt, one of the people who discovered the 3.5-month-old puppies.

“We honestly thought she had been thrown out of the window (of a vehicle),” Schwindt said of the injured puppy. “We immediately took her to the vet.”

It wasn’t until the veterinarian saw the X-ray that he discovered that the dog’s left rear leg was shattered by a .22-caliber bullet, and another bullet was in her back. The second bullet caused no serious damage to the animal.

Schwindt and her husband decided to adopt the injured puppy, which they have named Angel. The veterinary bill for treating the dog is about $820.

“Drop-offs are really common out where I live. People get tired of their animals and just drop them off, and hope they survive,” Schwindt said. “People need to know this kind of crap does happen.”

Parsons said he treated another abandoned animal recently. A couple brought in a stray kitten they found at a gas station; it had a broken leg. The cost of treating that animal was about $500.

Anyone who would like to contribute to help the Schwindts cover the cost of treating their new puppy, or other animals injured through abuse or neglect, can mail checks to the Blackfoot Animal Clinic, 401 W. Collins Road, Blackfoot, Idaho 83221. Also, see the Facebook page created for Angel.

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