Graphic Images And Video: Namibia; Hatem Yavuz is the King of Seal Killers

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“Please show your support against this horrific slaughter & sign the petitions at the end of this post.  New Website

Hatem Yavuz from Turkey buys the pelts of every one of the 86,000 seal pups that are slaughtered every year in Namibia.

Every year in Namibia, 86,000 Cape Fur Seal pups are butchered to death and only one man has the contract to turn their fur into so-called fashionable apparel. The Turkish and Australia based company Hatem Yavuz named after the owner Hatem Yavuz controls roughly 60 percent of the world’s seal market and processes 130,000 seal pelts every year in his Istanbul factory. Yavuz also has a hand in the Canadian seal market and claims to be proud of what he does. In an interview that spurred a flurry of hate mail, Yavuz told 7 News in Australia that “it’s a job. If I don’t do it, someone else is going to do it.” He is called the King of Seal Killers.

Illegal Seal Killing

Green Prophet recently caught up with Pat Dickens, founder of the Seals of Nam, a non-profit organization that has been campaigning to end Namibia’s annual seal cull on the Cape Cross Seal Reserve. A popular tourist attraction, every year between July and November the sands of the reserve are stained pink from the blood of seal pups as young as seven months old.

Men with clubs and picks enter the seal colony early in the morning. The traumatized animals squeal and run away, often regurgitating their mother’s milk in terror. Their skulls are crushed and their throats slit. Several reports show that blows to their head often only render the animals unconscious.

These remains are cleaned up before tourists show up in what is a heavily regulated area.

Dickens has gone through all of the appropriate channels to appeal to the Namibian government to cancel its contract with Yavuz, which is valid until 2019, as it stands in direct contravention to the Animal Protection Act of 1962 that makes it unlawful to “overload, overdrive, override, ill-treat, neglect, infuriate, torture or maim or cruelly beat, kick, goad or terrify any animal.”


He appealed to the Namibian ombudsman Adv. John Walters, which speech has since been followed up with a series of delay tactics. Several animal rights organizations have become involved and Jane Goodall and other celebrities have made public statements against this terrible practice.

Meanwhile, the Humane Society released a report which shows that the so-called seal-culling industry, which only employs 81 people in Namibia, benefits the Namibian economy 300 times less than live seals and eco-tourism would.

Since The Seals of Nam have not made progress “the nice way”, they have elevated the stakes of their campaign.

The activist organization recently sent a formal appeal to the world’s largest tourism fair taking place in early March, ITB Berlin, to bar Namibia’s attendance, and a series of other public protests will take place throughout the world in order to increase awareness of what has become the world’s largest seal harvest.

They have also called for a boycott of all major industries that contribute to Namibia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) including Namibia Breweries, De Beers, and Namibia Air.

Dickens, who quit a lucrative corporate career, sold his bike, and cashed in his pension to protect Namibia’s seals from the likes of Yavuz, told Green Prophet that the Wildlife Defense Society (WDS Namibia) recently announced their official support of the boycott, despite the enormous fiscal ramifications it could have for their own country.

Bloody Money

But the odds are stocked against the seals since the King of Seal Killers makes a lucrative living from his business. One seal fur coat sells for Aus $30,000 – “enough to buy a car,” he boasted in an interview with 7 News.

And in March, 2011, Yavuz said in a written email that he would sell his fur interests for $27,3 million Euros, according to Seal Alert SA. The “tycoon” is currently embroiled in a sex scandal with the wife of Turkish billionaire Yurdal Sert’i.

Viewer Discretion Advised

Cape Fur Seals are listed as a UN-CITES Endangered Appendix II species and the United States, Mexico, the European Union, and Russia have subsequently banned all seal products in protest. If you would like to join the fight against Namibia’s annual seal harvest, please visit The Seals of Nam website and show your support.

News Post:–

‘Seals of Nam’; New Website

“Unlike the seals targeted by the commercial Canadian seal massacre, the Namibian seal has much greater locomotive abilities. These seals will attempt to run away and can run almost as fast as a man, even over rough terrain. When they are being beaten to death, they take evasive action. Several blows are typically landed before the animal is rendered dead or unconscious. Since the EU and Russia have banned the import of Canadian skins, the Namibian seal “cull” has become the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth. Namibia is also the only country in the world that allows for nursing pups to be slaughtered. It is for these reasons that the Namibian hunt is considered the most brutal of all seal hunts.”

Extract From:-

A baby seal regurgitates its mothers milk whilst being clubbed to death

Just a few of the many petitions available, to protest against this barbaric slaughter:-

Musician & Song Writer  Louise Du Toit, made the following video in support of

“I wrote this song and created the video as a special dedication to the tens of thousands of innocent seals which are ruthlessly killed every year during the Namibian seal slaughter. It is my sincere wish that this cruel practice will come to an end forever and I wholeheartedly support any efforts to make this wish a realization.”

Louise du Toit – CD Albums

Louise du Toit – Official Website

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Determined to Stop the Slaughter

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Published on 12 Apr 2012 by 

(GRAPHIC) Rebecca Aldworth and the Protect Seals team bore witness as sealers clubbed and shot seal pups in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Humane Society International (HSI) embodies the international programs of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a charitable nonprofit organization founded in 1954 with a constituency of more than ten million people

IFAW Seal Hunt Watch 2012 – surveying the first day of the hunt

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In this brief video, produced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Sheryl Fink, director IFAW seal program updates us on the start of the 2012 Canadian commercial seal hunt.

Namibia: Seal Killing to Continue

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Everything you need to know about the seals of Nam

Did you know the Namibian seal hunt is responsible for the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth? It is considered to be the most brutal of ALL culls and is officially responsible for the deaths of more seals than the Canadian cull.

From the 1st of July, 80 thousand Cape Fur seal pups will be savagely beaten to death for their fur pelts. Six thousand bulls will be shot so that their penises may be used to make an ineffective aphrodisiac. For the next 139 days, terrified pups will be rounded up, separated from their mothers and be violently beaten to death. The colony will be rounded up at day break. Pups, bulls and cows will be surrounded and kept away from the safety of the sea. Men with clubs move in and the seals run in fear.

Warning – Viewer Discretion  Advised


To kill the animal, the men need to administer a swift blow to the head. This is supposed to cause the cranium to disintegrate. This initial strike is seldom sufficient to kill the animal and, as it tries to take evasive action, it is repeatedly beaten until it is either dead or unconscious. The sealer then stabs the little ones in the throat, sometimes while they are still alive. The baby seals are known to become so terrified that they will vomit up their mothers milk. The sand on the beach is stained pink from all the blood. Carcasses are hurled onto the backs of waiting vehicles and the bulldozers set to work cleaning up the blood before the tourists arrive to view the colony. 

 The Law regards the seals:-The Law

The Animal Protection Act of 1962 (Namibia) gives mandate to the Namibian SPCA to arrest and detain people for beating an animal to death.
Rather than uphold this mandate (and respect the laws of their own country) the Namibian SPCA have not only condoned the slaughter of 85 THOUSAND seal pups and 6 THOUSAND bulls, but they have gone so far as to call this savage practice HUMANE!

Please sign petition here :-Stop the Namibian Seal Slaughter

Click Main Page:- The seals of Nam

NAMBIA will continue to kill seals in compliance with the country’s laws and relevant international practices although animal activists are doing all they can to stop the cull through campaigns pressing for an international boycott of Namibian tourism and products.

“Seals are still an important natural resource, and we need to find a common approach on how best to deal with some of these issues in order to protect and retain the good name of our country,” Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau, told the fishing industry during an annual address held in Walvis Bay on Wednesday.

He admitted that the seals should be killed within the legal framework of Namibia’s laws, but activists are of the opinion that the slaughter of tens of thousands of Cape Fur seals every year is contrary to Namibian and international laws.

Esau said despite government’s calls on activists to recommend “more humane” ways to kill seals than the clubbing and stabbing of pups, no alternatives have been suggested. Instead, pressure is growing for the killing of seals to be stopped altogether.

“This perception from [activists] is regrettable and needs to be resolved through consultations,” said Esau.

He acknowledged Ombudsman John Walters’s efforts to arrange a meeting with various groups on the issue last year. An aerial survey of the seal colonies along the coast was done, and Walters also observed the seal culling.

A report with input from the members of the Benguela Current Commission (BCC) – Namibia, South Africa and Angola – will be made public late this year.

According to Esau, the aerial survey done in December 2011 showed that the seal population was “in a healthy state”. In 2011, Esau increased seal quotas and rights for the coming season in an attempt to increase jobs, while sustainably managing local resources.

Last year 91 000 seals – 85 000 pups and 6 000 bulls – were destined to die at the hands of three concession holders. The annual seal cull is between July 1 and November 15

via Namibia: Seal Killing to Continue, Says Esau.

Notes pdf document:- IFAW – Presentation to Canada’s Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans regarding a proposed grey seal cull, February 2012

Please sign petition here:-End Namibia’s Seal Killing

Please sign petition here:- Save the Namibian Cape Fur Seals From Extinction

Please sign petition here:- Animals Australia – Stop the ‘World’s Cruellest’ Seal Cull

“I have updated this post by adding this video, by my dear friend & animal warrior;  Louise Du Toit.  “It’s forlorn melody & sombre words are most befitting, to the despicable slaughter of  innocent babies. Savagely beaten; their fur ripped from their tiny bodies. Please, heed the  words of the chorus, beneath the video; will you raise your voice against this barbaric atrocity? Please, sign the petitions above”

Can you endure their pain?
Watch them die in vain?
Or will you raise a forceful voice
Against the clubbing rain?

“Namibia is responsible for the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth. Each year, 85 000 baby seals are violently beaten to death for their fur and a further 6 000 adult bulls are shot at point blank range. The Cape Fur seal is a threatened species and is listed on Appendix II of CITES.”

“I wrote this song and created the video as a special dedication to the tens of thousands of innocent seals which are ruthlessly killed every year during the Namibian seal slaughter. It is my sincere wish that this cruel practice will come to an end forever and I wholeheartedly support any efforts to make this wish a realization.”


Louise Du Toit

Music, lyrics, performance and video by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2012, as an artistic contribution to the worthy efforts of “Seals of Nam” to stop the Namibian seal slaughter. The official site of “Seals of Nam” is at the following link:

Meet the seals who need your help

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In just a few short weeks, Canadian fishermen will descend on the seals’ habitat to kill the babies for their fur. This comes despite habitat loss due to climate change. Rebecca Aldworth visits the harp seal nursery to witness this amazing place.

Please click here:- Sign Pamela Anderson’s Petition to Help End the Seal Slaughter

Each year, the Canadian government authorizes commercial fishermen to kill hundreds of thousands of seal pups off the East Coast of Canada. The HSUS Protect Seals campaign is part of an international effort to bring this cruel and needless hunt to an end.  The campaign is focused on pressing Canada’s fishing industry and its government to end the commercial seal hunt.

Seal hunting is an off-season activity of a few thousand fishermen from Canada’s east coast. They make, on average, about 5% of their income from sealing, and the rest from commercial fisheries. Roughly two-thirds of Canadian seafood exports go to the United States each year. Canada’s sealers make much more money from exporting seafood to the U.S. than they do from killing seal pups

Through the boycott of Canadian seafood, The HSUS and its supporters are sending a clear message to Canada’s fishing industry.  If the industry would like open access to our market, it needs to stop supporting and participating in the commercial seal hunt.  To date, more than 750,000 individuals and over 5,500 grocery stores, restaurants, casinos, and seafood suppliers in the United States have joined the seafood boycott.

Boycott participants

Mario Batali, Cat Cora, Kerry Simon, and hundreds of other chefs are joined by compassionate companies, including:

  • Battleground Restaurant Group
  • BI-LO Supermarkets
  • Bon Appétit Management Company
  • China Grill Management Group
  • Fireman Hospitality Group
  • The Forgeois Group
  • Gotham City Restaurant Group
  • Harris Teeter
  • Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafés
  • Legal Sea Foods
  • Lowe’s Foods
  • McGrath’s Fish House
  • Patina Restaurant Group
  • Ted Turner’s Ted’s Montana Grill
  • The Venetian and Palazzo Resorts
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurants
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Foods
  • WinCo Foods

All chefs and companies participating in the Protect Seals campaign have pledged to avoid some or all Canadian seafood until Canadian fishermen from Canada’s East Coast end—once and for all—the commercial seal hunt.

Boycott Canadian seafood to save seals

Please sign at the link below – Thank you


Please sign:-Tell Canada’s Prime Minister to Call Off the Slaughter

Please Sign:-Thank the Russian Federation for Saving Seals 

“Hopefully this video, arranged & sung by my dear friend Louise du Toit; will touch your hearts! We have to stop the slaughter of innocent animals & protect their habitat” 

SAVE THE SEALS: May this video touch the hearts of those who are still not aware of the senseless and brutal killing of seals all over the world and convince them to raise their voices AGAINST this unforgivable and utterly atrocious practice of heartless humans! Like ALL living beings on earth, seals deserve to LIVE their lives in peace and harmony, without humans interfering and destroying them for their own egoistic gain.

The song, “Alright”, is written and performed by Louise du Toit and arranged by Louise du Toit, Spiros Papaspirou and Edmund Diolulu, with lyrics by Louise du Toit. “Alright” was produced at Horizon Studios in Athens and the digital mastering was done at Abbey Road Studios in London. Video produced and created by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2010. This video was made as a contribution to the salvation of seals, for nonprofit educational purposes, without any intention of commercial advantage or private financial gain. There is no intention of copyright infringement either.

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