Animal Abuser Given Probation

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“WTF…WHY ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS BEING LET OFF SO LIGHTLY?? This man pleaded no contest to drug and multiple animal cruelty charges while his wife continues to face trial for chaining their malnourished pit bulls in their own filth…Deputies saw a very skinny brown pit bill dog tied to a large chain barking at me,” one deputy wrote in his report. Then observed a very skinny black pit bull dog lying on its side, and it appeared to be dead…I observed the black dog lift its head and look at me though due to the dog being so skinny from lack of food, the dog could not stand up.”

Both dogs were “malnourished to the point of starvation”, according to an arrest report, with access to “old nasty water” and no food. Both dogs were tied to heavy chains and were surrounded by flies.

YET a Judge gave him probation…where is the justice??”

John Oswald, 30, pleaded no contest on Tuesday to two counts causing death, pain or suffering to animals and one count unlawful confinement or abandonment of animals. His arrest came after Escambia County sheriff’s deputies found two pit bulls sitting in their own filth, shackled with heavy chains and with bugs crawling all over them behind his home on U.S. 29. 

The same day, another deputy shot and killed a dog, an arrest report says, and neighbors said the aggressive pit bull belonged to the Oswalds.

Oswald also pleaded no contest Tuesday to a marijuana charge, as investigators found marijuana growing in his backyard, according to his arrest report.

State Attorney Bill Eddins said his office had asked that Oswald serve 11 months and 15 days in the Escambia County Jail as a stipulation of his probation.

But Circuit Judge Gary Bergosh, who withheld adjudication on all charges, felt that Oswald only needed to be placed on probation for three years, according to court records.

“It’s our policy to take a very firm position in these animal cruelty cases, particularly where the extent of cruelty is this significant,” Eddins said, explaining that prosecutors would have accepted a plea where no jail time would be served.

“There was more than one animal involved, and there were other charges as well involving the marijuana.” “So WTF was this animal abusers let off for?? what does that say to other would-be animal abusers?? This is so wrong…it stinks…this is not taking a firm position against animal abusers…it’s letting them get off Scott free…this is a down right in-justice. Judge Gary Bergosh needs to booted off the judicial system!!”

Another case concerning Judge Gary Bergosh

This is the second time this week that Bergosh has gone below the sentences asked for by prosecutors. The other case involved 27-year-old Michael Davis, who was convicted of manslaughter late last year in the shooting death of 16-year-old Alonzo Knight Jr. “I would suggest this Bergosh buggers off out of the Judicial system then, as he obviously does not uphold the same values as normal people; who view these as heinous crimes”

On Tuesday, prosecutors asked for Davis to be sentenced to 30 years in prison, the maximum recommended by the state Department of Corrections. Instead, Bergosh handed down a six-year prison sentence, infuriating Knight’s family. “I am not surprised…this is disgraceful,  a boys life only warrants 6 years from the offender

The minimum recommended sentence for the manslaughter charge is 10 years.

Prosecutors said they will appeal that sentence.

The case against John Oswald’s wife, 34-year-old Amanda Oswald, is still pending. She is set to appear in court today, and Eddins said prosecutors will be asking for a continuance so they can talk to John Oswald and get more information about the case.

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Update Graphic Image:Sudbury Man Sentenced In Dog Shooting

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“Is that all that dogs life is worth, a measly $2,000 & 5 year ban on owning another dog…what a load of crap & what if the next dog pisses him off & he decides to shoot him too!! Poor Buddy had over 50 pellets taken out of his face & neck back in March…I think the sentencing on this case is so F-ing wrong…it stinks!!” R.I.P Buddy x (sorry playing catch up)

Follow up on story Nov 5th: Sudbury judge hands down sentence in high-profile ‘Buddy’ case after Simeon Smith makes guilty plea

Buddy, a German Shepherd mix dog, was found on the side of a Sudbury, Ont. area road after sustaining gun shot wounds to the face. He was rescued and treated at Walden Animal Hospital, but later died from heart failure. (Walden Animal Hospital)

A Sudbury area man has been given a $2,000 fine and a five-year ban on owning a dog after pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges.

On Monday morning, the case of Buddy — a German Shepherd mixed-breed dog found shot in the face and neck and left to die on the side of a St. Charles area road — was put to rest in a Sudbury court room.

 Simeon Smith did not appear in court for his sentencing, but earlier pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges in the shooting of the dog in March.

The dog later died of heart failure in an animal hospital.

Smith was charged with four counts of animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA act, including one count each of causing the animal to be in distress, permitting the animal to be in distress, failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention and failing to humanely kill an animal.

Justice Pierre Leclerc issued the fine and the ban, along with a stipulation the SPCA may investigate his property during the five-year dog ownership ban

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“The following petition is still live, even though the person above was caught?”

Couple Had Sex With Dog: Admits To Violations Of Probation: Judge Re-Sentenced Probabtion

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“I can’t fxxxxxg believe this…regards previous post, just found this…although wish I hadn’t…the pervs just got another 30 months probation…WTF…they already proved they can’t be trusted, yet this Judge gives them another ‘Pass Jail go Free’ charge!! I don’t think this is the last we will hear of this pair, I just pray to God no sentient being is hurt in the process!”

“It’s almost like the Judges can’t be bothered, well I hope to God this pair keep their hands to themselves…if they don’t…I think this Judge has some explaining to do…I.E…Why the hell did Judge David Lupas, not give them a jail sentence or a total ban on keeping animals… but nope, all they got was a ‘please don’t go on the internet & look at porn, please don’t be around kids or animals etc.’…how the hell can those actions be monitored or supposed to deter them??”

“We all know this kind of sick perverted behaviour goes on behind closed door’s, so tell me, just how are this couple supposed to be monitored…or am I missing something? A man & wife can’t just forget their sexual preferences, probation has proved it doesn’t stop them, yet all they get for breaking the rules is more probation, a slap on the wrist! Well I hope people spread their names far & wide, shame I don’t have pictures…people have a right to know that their neighbours are not only child perverts, they also like sex with dogs…THEY ARE SICK VULGAR ABOMINATIONS THAT CAN NOT BE TRUSTED TO BE AROUND NORMAL PEOPLE OR ANIMALS!! “

WILKES-BARRE – A man and woman sentenced earlier this year on charges they sexually abused a teen boy admitted to several probation violations Friday, including that they had inappropriate contact with their dog, and were re-sentenced by a county judge.

James Antonelli, 68, and his wife, Jennie Marie Moore, 48, both of Sugarloaf Township, appeared before Judge David Lupas, who re-sentenced the couple to begin a sentence of 30 months probation Friday. “WTF…I give up, what’s the point when Judges just hand out more probation?”

The couple were originally sentenced in February to 30 months probation in a case in which prosecutors say the boy, now 17, was abused by Antonelli and Moore beginning in April 2007.

In September, the couple’s probation officer filed a violation report, detailing that during the summer on two different occasions Moore admitted she and Antonelli were having sex with their golden retriever, that the probation officer found pornography on a computer and that the two went to Knoebel’s Amusement Park in Elysburg. “What more proof would warrant a jail sentence for these two immoral perverted creatures?”  

The couple’s attorney, James Scallion, said Friday his clients admitted to the violations in an agreement was made with prosecutors.

Assistant District Attorney Maureen Collins said she was agreeable to the sentence as long as the couple stayed away from the Internet, agreed to have no pets or animals on their property, had no unsupervised contact with minors and stayed away from places minors frequent, including amusement parks. “IS this women stupid or what…this couple have already proved they can’t be trusted, but you let them loose again!!”

Antonelli and Moore must also undergo sexual offender treatment and counselling. “All they have to do, is try to persuade the councillors that they are sorry & it’s a case of ‘ oh, ok, be good now’…I’m so fxxxxxg angry I just broke my favourite pen!!” 

Lupas told Antonelli and Moore they must abide by the probation terms, and if they appear before him again on a violation, he could impose jail time. “Ooo…bet their real scared…NOT”

“I hope this is the last we see of each of you,” Lupas said.”Well it won’t be & on your head be it”

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Cumbrian Man 25, Jailed For Child & Animal Porn

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“Yet another sexual predator of the worst kind, these malevolent creatures have no thought or feeling for anyone or anything. They certainly have no empathy for little children; so harming animals is of no consequence to them. Many psychiatric reports state, that these depraved minds, start off by abusing animals.  Putting these perverts on the Sexual Register is of course warranted, children need the highest protection there is, nothing is more sacred than the innocence of a child!”

“Of course, animals need protecting too, sentient beings, voiceless, innocent, the perfect victims…they also need protecting from these corrupt & harmful degenerates. It is a well-known fact, the FBI now see the correlation between those who have abused animals, will usually turn to human victims. They probably set out in life on a very rough hard road, perhaps they were even abused themselves! If so, without help, their anger at being humiliated, touched, usually by a family member, stirs so much pent-up anger, that something blow’s; unfortunately animals are usually the closet thing at hand, & they won’t tell, which is perfect; to start with!”

“The poor voiceless animals are perfect to use, the family dog or cat can’t tell anyone! Therefore they are used as sexual instruments, for experimenting on, learning about pain levels & easy way’s to hurt them, without anyone noticing! Before long it becomes a habit, an addiction, but each time the pain they inflict on the animal will be worse than the last. The more fear & hurt they cause the animal, the better the abuser feels; almost empowered, through his own perverse actions, he will release his own anger & vengeful hatred he has of people & the world! It won’t be long before he kill’s an animal & the rush of excitement & adrenalin he get’s from it…means he is at his most dangerous!  

“As the law stands, sadly Animal Abuse Registers are not mandatory in any Country! But I truly believe if they were, certain lives would not have been shattered; the police would have known about offenders & those offenders, knowing they were being watched; would be a great deterrent. Not only that, both the Sex Offenders List & the Animal Abuse Register could be synchronised, therefore flagging up potential names that have been added to both. A mirror image of the Sex offenders list, in fact it could be the Sex offenders list, but called the Animal Abuse Register…all the data would be the same on both registers, name, address, police records etc. but most importantly a picture of the abuser. If the database was shared throughout veterinary offices, animal shelters, anywhere where animals may turn up to be treated or adopted…if incorporated correctly, I’m sure, animal abusers would be caught; & perhaps a child’s life saved. 

The police use the Sex offenders list to keep an eye on would be molesters etc. Why couldn’t the police use the same tactics to catch these degenerates with animals, convict them, give them a taste of Jail…then hopefully the offender would have been saved in time, before they turn to children…who knows! 

“Did you know,  not all vets have to tell the police if they receive an animal they fear has been abused, depends where they live…that’s another area that need’s addressing. I would hope that most vets, out of a sense of duty, would involve the police in any case they were suspicious of!”

“There is absolutely nothing to lose by trying out Animal Abuse Registers. Animal abuse is a proven predictor of violent behaviour. The FBI considers past animal abuse not only as a predictor of human violence, but uses it when profiling serial killers.”  

“One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.” -Anthropologist Margaret Mead”

Please sign this petition to implement registry’s:

A man who downloaded and stored videos and more than 1,500 indecent images of child and animal pornography featuring “real exploitation of the grossest form” has been sent to prison.

Samuel William Clark, 25, of Salterbeck Drive, Workington, pleaded guilty to all 26 charges, including three of possessing images of the highest severity and two of possessing extreme pornography videos featuring animals.

On June 25 of this year police executed a search warrant and seized a laptop, computer and mobile phone belonging to Clark, as well as a number of storage disks.

They discovered more than 1,500 images that Clark had downloaded from file sharing programmes and internet searches.

Defence barrister Greg Hoare said that Clark downloaded and viewed the images “because he was getting bored” and that he was not aroused by them.

The images included pornography of severity levels one to five of children under 13, severity levels one to five of children under 16, and several videos.

Sentencing, Judge Paul Batty said told Clark: “The material featured exploitation of children, some under the age of five. “Certain people should just be extinguished”

It was real exploitation of the grossest form.

“Unusually, you had gone to the trouble of downloading a considerable amount of it onto disks and that is an added aspect. “He was probably planning to sell them”

“The fact that you were in possession of extreme pornography, the likes of which many people will never have viewed, means I am unable to suspend the prison sentence.”

Clark was sentenced to 12 months in prison, given a sexual prevention order for an indefinite term to prevent him having access to the internet, prohibited from having unsupervised contact with anyone under 16, disqualified from working with children and put on the sex offenders register for 10 years. “Where is the ‘ Not allowed to own animals’??

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Activists give judge standing ovation in dogfighting sentencing

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CLEVELAND – Animal rights activists gave a Cuyahoga County judge a standing ovation in court Tuesday morning, following her sentence of a man who took a plea deal in a dogfighting case.

Judge Kathleen Ann Sutula sentenced Collin Rand Jr., 33, to six months in jail, five years community control, and more than $12,000 in fines, restitution and court costs. Rand is never allowed to own a dog.

Collin Rand Jr.

If Rand violates the sentence, the judge said she would send him to prison for more than 12 years.

Rand pleaded guilty to six counts of dogfighting, four counts of cruelty to animals, one count of drug trafficking and one count of carrying a concealed weapon.

Of his six-month jail sentence, Sutula said “it’s a crime in and of itself. If I had the freedom and the discretion, you’d be serving a lot longer sentence, Mr. Rand. Much, much longer. In fact – probably like 27 years. A year for each dog.”

The activists applauded the judge, and said they understood she sentenced Rand to the maximum amount allowed by law. The ovation came when Judge Sutula said in court that Ohio needs stronger laws to protect animals and punish their abusers.

The activists in court support state House Bill 108, which would make animal abuse a felony in Ohio. They wore T-shirts with the phrase “Hope for the 27.”

Police found 27 dogs tied up at Rand’s home on Dec. 22, 2011. The dogs were malnourished and had open wounds and scars. Officers also found a fighting ring and a treadmill with plywood sides to contain the dogs.

In court, it was disclosed some of the dogs had spent their entire lives enclosed in small cages, and their bodies had conformed to the cage walls.

Some dogs needed immediate medical care, and others went to foster homes. Some had to be humanely euthanized.

Vanessa Petrosky is a volunteer long-term foster mom to animals. She told the court nothing could have prepared her for what she saw when she went to see the animals taken from Rand’s home on East 91st Street.

“Cages full – row after row – of barking, shivering, coughing, cowering, quivering… the smell was appalling,” Petrosky said. “It was pure heartbreak, and we were all overcome by tears.”

Rand had claimed he acquired the dogs in the condition they were found in, and that he was trying to find them new homes. He thanked the volunteers for getting the dogs the care and support that they needed.

“I assure them that I will never own a dog again, and that I am very sorry for my actions, and I apologize once again, thank you, your honor,” Rand said.

The judge was incredulous.

“I find your explanations and your statements to be totally incredible,” Judge Sutula said. “They are not worthy of belief. No one with a heart could look at these animals and not get help.

The judge also said Rand’s letter to her in July offended her. The letter stated he needed to serve less time in county jail on the drug count because he had seven children, who are with different women.

Judge Sutula also ordered him to register for child support for all of the children within five days of his release from jail.

“I fear for those children’s lives, and how they are being raised,” Judge Sutula said. “Other people don’t need to support your children. You need to do that.”

During the sentencing, the judge also referenced the stack of letters on her bench.

“I have never received more letters on any case in 21 years as I have on this case,” the judge said. “I have never received such… touching letters on any case. In one way I’m saddened by that because I’ve had many murders and child abuse cases. I wish I had received as many letters on those as I have on this. But certainly, this is an egregious situation.”

Judge Sutula said she has a rescue dog in her home, and was grateful her pet was rescued at a young age.

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Muskegon’s long-ago father-killer pleads guilty to torturing puppy for chewing comforter

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MUSKEGON, MI – Timothy Allen Cregg, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity of murdering his father in 1983, pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony animal killing or torture for beating his puppy with a hammer, slashing its throat and throwing it still alive in a trash bin for chewing a comforter.

Cregg, facing a sentence of “time served” plus probation, was expected to be released today on a personal-recognizance bond pending his sentencing July 9.

Cregg’s state sentencing guidelines are so low — because he has no prior felony convictions thanks to the 1983 “not guilty” verdict — that he’s already served more time in jail and a state forensic center on the puppy torture than he could realistically get as a sentence.

Muskegon police said Cregg, now 49, beat his five-month-old pit-bull puppy repeatedly in the head with a hammer and slashed its throat before discarding it Oct. 28, 2011, in a metal trash bin near his home in the 800 block of West Laketon Avenue in Muskegon. Police said he told them he was upset because the puppy had chewed a comforter.

The puppy had to be euthanized because of the severity of its injuries.

Cregg has been incarcerated since that day, a total of seven months, eight days. Because of Cregg’s low state sentencing guidelines, Muskegon County 14th Circuit Judge James M. Graves Jr. agreed to a jail sentence of no more than the length of time Cregg has already served, plus a term of probation.

As a consequence, Graves also changed Cregg’s bond of $45,000 cash or surety bond to a personal recognizance or signature bond. With a signature bond, a defendant signs a paper pledging his assets to ensure he shows up for future court proceedings – in this case, the July 9 sentencing – but doesn’t have to put up cash.

Court records show that, in the puppy case, Graves last December referred Cregg for forensic examination, meaning psychiatric exam, with the consent of the prosecution and defense. On Feb. 9, state examiners found Cregg mentally incompetent to stand trial, and Graves signed a commitment order.

Court records show that Cregg on April 24 was declared “restored to competency,” meaning sane enough to participate in his own defense at trial. At that time the issue of “criminal responsibility” – meaning whether Cregg was legally insane at the time of the crime – was still being explored.

Cregg has no prior felony record despite the undisputed fact that he shot his father to death in 1983 and dumped his body in a rural ditch.

Cregg has no conviction from that confessed killing because he was found “not guilty by reason of insanity” based on a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia with delusions.

The shotgun slaying happened March 18, 1983. Cregg killed his 42-year-old father, Emanuel Cregg Sr. of Dalton Township.

On Dec. 6, 1983, then-Muskegon County Circuit Judge R. Max Daniels found Timothy Cregg not guilty by reason of insanity and ordered him to spend an indefinite period of time in “an appropriate (state) psychiatric institution.” Authorities said Cregg was released from the hospital in 2003.

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Farmer sentenced over animal cruelty

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A Ceredigion farmer has been placed under a suspended prison sentence for further offences of animal cruelty.

Alban David Rees, aged 56, had admitted two offences of causing unnecessary suffering to cows by failing to provide suitable care and attention.

Today Rees, of Parc-y-Big farm, Beulah, near Newcastle Emlyn, was given a three month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and placed under supervision for 12 months.

His wife Sara Linda Rees, aged 50, admitted the same offences and she was ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work for the community.

Swansea crown court heard today how the offences were discovered only a month after Alban Rees had been conditionally discharged by Cardigan magistrates for similar offences. “Typical scenario, what does this tell you about animal abuse law’s ?? It’s just so infuriating that more animals had to suffer abuse, because the judge did diddly squat to prevent it from happening again in the first place!”

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Man pleads guilty to slitting dog’s throat, setting fires in his house

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SANTA ANA – A 31-year-old Stanton man pleaded guilty Thursday to slitting his dog‘s throat and setting fires in his home.

Jaime Arturo Garcia accepted a plea bargain offer from Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert Fitzgerald, who is expected to sentence Garcia to four years and eight months in prison, Deputy District Attorney Andrew Katz said. Sentencing was scheduled for May 8 so Garcia’s sisters and parents could make victim impact statements to the judge, Katz said.

Katz said he would only agree to a nine-year prison sentence for Garcia. The maximum is nine years and eight months in prison.

“I’m just offended because he killed a dog,” Katz said. “A dog is very helpless and harmless.”

Garcia, who lived with his sister, was home alone when he closed all of the doors and windows of their Stanton residence on July 24, then fired up several piles of clothing, Katz said. The blazes damaged cabinets in the laundry room, but did not spread.

When the fires burned themselves out, Garcia fed pills from around the house to his 7-year-old dachshund, Dexter.

The pills just made the dog tired, Katz said.

Garcia then slit the dog’s throat with a large kitchen knife, Katz said. The dog ran around the home, leaving a trail of blood, before going into Garcia’s bedroom, where he died, Katz said.

When Garcia’s sister got home, she saw the house filled with smoke and the dog’s blood and called firefighters, Katz said.

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Soldier ordered to pay ex-wife $25,000 after kicking her cat to death

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A cat-abusing thug who brutally kicked his ex-wife’s cat to death has been convicted of animal cruelty and ordered to pay $25,000 in damages.

Justin Chlarson, 32, was looking after Mary on May 28 2010, and was the only person to come into contact with her that day, a Thurston County court heard.

Two days later, his former wife, Vorhies Flores, found a lump on her pet’s side and noticed that the skin around her abdomen was dark red.

Brutal: Mary the cat was viciously beaten by her owner's ex-husband, dying four days after sustaining injuries

Mary’s breathing was heavy and she was refusing to eat or drink, causing Flores to become increasingly worried about her.

After seeking veterinary help at the Steamboat Animal Hospital, Flores discovered that her kitty had suffered a vicious attack, described in court papers as ‘an intentional traumatic injury’.

48 hours later the long haired Calico died from injuries caused by being kicked in the abdomen, thought to have been sustained four days earlier on the day she was being watched by Chlarson.

He had previously sent a text message to Flores threatening Mary.

Flores, 23, has battled to get justice for her cat, who was part of the family for 10 years. She was awarded $15,000 damages for the ‘intrinsic value of the cat’ and a further $10,000 to compensate for emotional suffering.

But the reward will never take the place of Mary in her life.

‘As nice as it was to hear that I won, that was nice, but it doesn’t bring my cat back,’ Vorhies Flores told the Olympian. ‘There was no amount of money that could have made me feel better.’

Chlarson, an active-duty reservist who has been ordered to take anger management courses, pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree animal cruelty, admitting pushing the cat off a bed.

He was sentenced to a suspended 90-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine and ordered to have no contact with cats for two years.

Chlarson has since moved to California remaining in the military and will not be appealing the decision

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Man Pleads Guilty to Beating Dog with Broomstick, Broken Chair

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“The courts have got to role out some serious prison time & never allow evil animal abusers to own any animal, ever again. Get the Animal Abuse Registry’s set in motion so these reprobates are known to all. Just how many times do innocent sentient beings have to pay with their lives, because the penal system is too moderate??”

Chicago – A 43-year-old Aurora Township man is facing up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to animal cruelty for the second time.

Phillip Rinn quietly pleaded guilty to the felony Friday, admitting to beating a 60-pound Lab-shepherd mix with a broom handle in November 2010.

Kane County Assistant State’s Attorney Reagan McGuire said Rinn’s neighbors called 911 at 8:30 a.m. Nov. 15, 2010, after they saw him inside his house swinging a stick at the 1-year-old dog named Magda, which was howling in pain. The 6-foot, 350-pound Rinn then brought the dog outside and continued to beat the animal, prosecutors said.

When they arrived at Rinn’s home, officers saw several pieces of broken wood in the house and found the dog’s face was bloodied, prosecutors said. Rinn admitted to hitting the dog, prosecutors said.

The dog had five broken teeth, swelling under its jaw and an injury to its right eye. Although the dog needed surgery to repair its teeth, the animal has since made a full physical recovery, McGuire said.

In 1993, Rinn pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cruelty to an animal. Police said Rinn admitted to chaining his dog, “Royal,” by the neck and driving off in his car, dragging the dog down Peck Road in Kane County in an attempt to kill it.

When the dog didn’t die, police said Rinn told them he pulled over, ran over the dog and left it in a ditch. Rinn explained he was mad at the dog because it had chewed his car’s vinyl roof and tried to bite his wife, police said.

There was a large outcry when those charges became public. Rinn said he received death threats and letters at his home. Even before his trial, he told a reporter the cruelty to the dog was an isolated incident blown out of proportion.

“I’m not some dog killer who did some sick deed,” he said at the time. “I like dogs as much as anyone.”

At his sentencing, Rinn said he was taking a rabid dog to the vet to be put down when it attacked. He ran it over with the car, he said, because he had no other options. The judge didn’t believe his story.

Rinn was sentenced to 30 days in jail, two years’ probation, a $500 fine and 100 hours of community service in that incident.

Rinn also had to promise never to mistreat an animal.  On Friday, Rinn and his attorney declined to comment.

Because his previous conviction was a misdemeanor rather than a felony, Rinn will not be eligible for an extended sentence when he’s sentenced May 10, McGuire said. But his prior conviction can be a factor in determining his sentence, McGuire said.

Rinn is eligible for probation. If he is sentenced to prison, it would be for at least one year.

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