Man charged over bestiality porn images

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A man accused of making bestiality pornography has lost his bid to keep his name a secret.

Norman Gary Wilson, 60,

(can everybody read that?)

appeared in the North Shore District Court this week where police added another two charges of making an objectionable publication to the one he faced at his first appearance in September.

He has previously pleaded guilty to two charges of unlawfully possessing a firearm and two of unlawfully possessing a pistol.

Wilson’s lawyer asked for interim name suppression to continue until his next appearance but Judge Thomas Everitt said there was no evidence the defendant would suffer “extreme hardship” should his name be released. “I Like this Judge”

“There may be some hardship but that’s inevitable in cases such as this … I’ve very little sympathy with your client’s plight,” he said.

His lawyer raised the issue of Wilson’s identification by old school friends and embarrassment to his son but the judge was not persuaded. “Tough shit, should have thought about that before you started messing about with bestiality porn…I do hope your friends & family can read your name above!”

“You have a common enough surname and you don’t live with your son,” he said.

Wilson’s bail conditions barred him from using the internet and at this week’s hearing he applied to have that reversed. “F-ing cheeky perv”

As an out of work builder, it was very difficult to find work without being able to browse adverts on line, his lawyer said.

Wilson had defaulted on his last two mortgage payments and the financial situation was getting worse, he said.

Again, Judge Everitt was not swayed.

“I appreciate [the bail conditions] are restrictive … however, it’s well known the difficulty with photos such as these is they frequently make their way on to the internet and are accessible by just about everybody,” he said.

The judge said the crown’s case against Wilson seemed particularly strong because of “the background to which [the photos] were taken“.

Wilson was bailed under the same conditions to reappear in the court next month! “OK who is going to follow him to make sure he doesn’t go into an internet cafe or borrow someone else’s laptop? I find bail conditions like this bloody stupid!”

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Magistrate ‘sickened’ by starved dog

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A man who allowed his dog to starve to death through neglect has been fined $2000 and disqualified from being in charge of a pet for five years.

Melbourne Magistrates Court today heard Troy Simpson, 30, failed to provide sufficient food for his six-year-old Staffordshire pit bull terrier-cross, Missy, over two weeks in September and October last year.

The court heard an ambulance officer from Lort Smith Animal Hospital attended Simpson’s home, in the Melbourne‘s northern suburbs, on October 11 and found the dog dead in a kennel in the backyard.

The officer described the dog as being in a “shocking condition” and in an “extremely emaciated” state, the court heard.

Inspector Jason Nichols, for the RSPCA, told the court Simpson’s offence was at the serious end of the scale of animal cruelty.

Simpson pleaded guilty to one count of inflicting aggravated cruelty on an animal.

Magistrate Ian Watkins told the court he was sickened by photographs of the dead dog and that Simpson had no excuse for neglecting the animal.

“I couldn’t imagine the pain and suffering that animal went through as it suffered from malnutrition,” he said.

“There is no excuse for neglecting that animal in the way you did.”

Simpson’s defence counsel, who refused to give her first name when approached by The Age and asked that she be referred to as Miss Fischer, conceded in court that Missy died in “nasty circumstances”.

She told the court Simpson had left Missy in his backyard when he moved out of his property and began living with his ill sister, and only checked on the dog at nights.

“He knew she was getting skinnier but the light outside the back wasn’t good and he didn’t want to upset the neighbours,” she said. She told the court Simpson had fallen out with his neighbours.

Miss Fischer told the court Simpson had owned Missy since she was an eight-week-old pup and was worried about her condition, and had planned to buy some food once a Centrelink payment was made.

Simpson was on a pension for an intellectual disability, she said. But the court was told the dog was neglected for a long time.

Inspector Nichols said the veterinarian who examined Missy’s body at the animal hospital found the dog was “severely emaciated” with its bones visible, faecal staining consistent with diarrhoea and that her left eye was ulcerated.

“The veterinarian held the view anyone who would have seen the dog would have realised she needed urgent veterinary attention,” Inspector Nichols said.

Simpson was also ordered to pay $440 in court costs.

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Mutilated kitten corpses found behind Orange Park apartment complex

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The mutilated remains of four kittens were discovered Saturday night behind the Holly Cove Apartments at 1745 Wells Road in Orange Park, the apparent victim of animal cruelty, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

Orange Park animal rescue volunteer Terran Coburn showed deputies the kittens, which had their legs cut off and their bodies cut in half; only part of each kitten’s remains were found. She said a deputy told her that they had not been mutilated by a wild animal, but by people.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and never in my life have I seen this. I saw this four kittens, but only three heads,” said Coburn, a volunteer with First Coast No More Homeless Pets. “I was really mad. … How gross that people could do this to these kittens. These babies — their little arms were no bigger than my little finger.”

Clay County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Mary Justino said the department has investigated serious cases of animal cruelty in the past, like the August arrest of a 12-year-old Orange Park boy on felony animal cruelty charges after he mutilated and killed ponies, goats and chickens in a Tanglewood Boulevard stable. That boy was sentenced to 18 to 36 months in a juvenile facility after he pleaded guilty in September.

Investigators went door to door at the complex Saturday afternoon to see if anyone had seen the animal mutilation. One neighbor said he saw a group of teenage boys hanging out around a pond at the north end of the complex, while another saw the cut-up corpses at the bottom of the complex’s stairs, according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

Coburn said police took evidence photographs, then gave her the remains, which she buried in Middleburg.

She said she plans to catch the kittens’ mother and “get her out of there.”


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