“I’m praying by now that all the dogs have been adopted out, if anyone lives in that area & can give a dog a home, please go to the shelter asap. No dogs should have to die for pest control!”

5p.m. UPDATE: 5 Dogs Left.

As nearly everyone in the midstate area knows by now, Macon Animal Control is scheduled to close for 3 to 5 days for pest control. When the shelter closes at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, any dog left will have to be killed, please visit the link below to look at the pictures of the dogs left.

Shelter staff, area rescuers and potential adopters in the area have come through for all of the cats and nearly all of the dogs. Out of around 90 animals at the shelter when the shutdown was ordered, only 9 dogs remain.

Central Georgia CARES and AC Pup attended the Macon Police Department Family Fun Fest last Friday with some of the Pound Pals, and opened the shelter for adoptions the following day. Several were adopted or rescued, leaving only nine.

In all of middle Georgia, surely there are nine homes available. There is nothing “wrong” with shelter dogs, and certainly not with the nine hopefuls still at the shelter, as you can see from their Fun Fest photos.

AC Pup posted a last-ditch plea on his Facebook page Sunday night:

Remember when you were at recess in school & it was time to choose sides for dodge ball? Were you ever the last one chosen? Did you stand there & watch while all your friends were selected even though you knew you could be a good player if someone just gave you a chance? Well imagine how my 9 remaining Pound Pals feel after watching their kennel mates chosen for adoption. They know they would be really great family members too if someone just gave them the chance. Their chance ends June 6. Macon Animal Control opens at 8:30 Monday morning.

The dogs in the photo gallery are the nine remaining dogs. Some of them were at Fun Fest and their pictures were taken by Karen Brooks Sutherland. The other photos are by Donna Arledge Segelken, who routinely spends her own time, money and effort to get photos of the adoptable animals at MAC, and Shane Smith, who engineered two “pardons” to make the shelter no-kill for a full week and has rescued many animals from MAC.

Take a look at the photos, then hurry down to the shelter to meet these wonderful dogs. It’s amazing how they blossom as soon as they’re taken from their dark, dingy kennels and led out the front door.

Macon Animal Control is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Some assistance may be available to defray the $75 adoption fee (which includes spay/neuter surgery and a rabies shot). Ask when  you’re ready to adopt if there is any sponsorship or donation help. Call the shelter at 751-9200 for more information. Please be patient, as the shelter is still extremely busy networking and trying to get the last nine souls saved.

The shelter is at 1010 Eleventh Street, off Lower Poplar, behind the landfill office.

News Link:http://macon.13wmaz.com/photo-gallery/community-spirit/71429-photos-two-days-and-five-dogs-go