CHAMBERSBURG, PA A Chambersburg man has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges on Thursday after officials say they found five dead puppies on his porch.

Humane Society officials say Shawn Robinson plead guilty to 16 counts of animal cruelty, five of which were for failing to provide proper veterinary care for the puppies. And the other 11 charges were for leaving animals, including his four other dogs, in neglect.

Police say Robinson was trying to sell the puppies for quick cash.

The 14-week-old puggle puppies had apparently developed a highly contagious virus, known as Canine parvovirus, with symptoms such as dehydration, fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Officials say the disease can be fatal, resulting in a very painful death. 

Robinson had apparently sought treatment for the puppies, but said he could not afford the costly treatments.

Police say the puppies were left out on the porch in a shoe-box for two weeks and not treated. They died within four days. 

Officials say in the plea agreement, Robinson must surrender his four other dogs by June 21 to the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter.  They also say Robinson must pay a $1,500 fine for the dead puppies, as well as court costs.

According to court documents, Robinson has a criminal history that includes theft, fighting and filing a false police report.

Officials say Robinson is not allowed to own any pets for four years. If he does he could go to jail.

Robinson will be serving 100 days of house arrest.

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