ABSOLUTELY URGENT!!!! Please sign and share this BEFORE January 7th 2013.

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I’m posting this on behalf of my mum, Jules, who is still in hospital with another slipped disc. However, mum being mum, she won’t let that come between her passion to try & save the lives of innocent animals, anyway she can! The internet connection she gets from the hospital is virtually nil, therefore she can’t post herself; but she can still receive email via her phone, albeit slowly!!

Anyhow, mum received an email from a friend & fellow animal warrior, which, due to time constraints, mum wanted it posting asap…so here it is. My knowledge of Word press is very limited, I’ve seen mum post many stories but have never done it myself. However, I have step by step instructions from my mum,  I just hope I get it right; if I do, I got a feeling this won’t be the last I post on her behalf…just praying she will be home for Christmas.

On Jan.7, 2013 “artist” Abdel Abdessemedhat  wants to enchain a horse, a cow, a goat, a pig, a sheep and a fawn and then kill them with a hammer !!

This “performance” shall take place at Centre Pompidou, one of the most famous museums in Paris !

Translated text from petition site:-


Ladies, Mr. Abdel Abdessemed exposed until January 7, 2013 at Centre Pompidou. Program: a pig, a goat, a sheep, a calf, a cow and a horse being killed with a sledgehammer . The animal is constrained along a wall, the hammer hits, it falls.

And this again, again, and again, in a loop, with only the muffled sound of music metal skull fucks. We must stop the spread of this exhibition n ‘meaningless in the eyes of true artists and art lovers easy.

The Torture of animals is not art, it is cruel , it is not human to disseminate it. This exposure may offend the sensibilities of many people who are for animal protection and therefore does not endorse not everything is kind of special note to art.For this reason I ask that exposure Abdessemed be stopped immediately.

Please sign the following petition to stop this heinous atrocity:-


Sheep butchered to death in ‘barbaric’ farm raids, England

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“WTF…I can only think that whoever is doing it, knows about sheep & either has a grudge against this farmer, or has been offered a good price if they can get hold of these rare sheep cuts! It can’t be religious, or they would have cut their necks, surely? They must be bloody desperate for money to cut the legs off live sheep though…Sick heartless bastards…I would also say that they would be pretty well covered in blood, so somebody knows someone, who is coming home covered in blood…plus, how do these people know the animals aren’t infected etc. there taking a big health risk too?”

“If you know who it is, please do the right thing, money isn’t everything…wouldn’t you rather have a clear conscience, & be able to sleep at night; instead of waiting for that dreaded knock at the door? because the police will find whoever has done this, if you don’t want to be dragged down with them…make the call!” 

THIEVES cut off the legs of 10 sheep while they were still alive in a series of raids on a farm in Greater Manchester.

Sixty five-year-old farmer William Perkins found his butchered animals, including several pregnant ewes, dead with their back legs removed at the hip.

This is the fourth nighttime attack on the Stockport farm in the last fortnight.

It is believed a dog was used to round-up his flock before they were attacked and the incident has left Mr Perkins and his wife Joan devastated.

The farmhouse is away from the fields and the couple have been using their CCTVsystem to try to catch the criminals in the act.

Picture of black welsh mountain sheep

Mr Perkins said: “It is horrific and barbaric but very surgical – they know about butchering and have cut the legs off 10 sheep at the hip bone.

“Someone has cut them off in a field in pitch black and also knows about sheep as none that have been killed are over two-years-old, as beyond that age they are mutton.

“Every night, I wake up and have a look at our CCTV to check if anyone is there. The people who have done this are inhuman to be able to cut the legs off an animal while it is still alive. To see what has happened the following day has been a massive shock.”

Mr Perkins, who lives with his wife and son David, has been breeding sheep for 20 years and now has around 70 remaining.

Castlemilk moorits, Portlands, black Welsh mountain sheep and Hebrideans are among the rare breeds lost.

Police are warning other farmers to be vigilant and Insp Stephen Gilbertson said the thieves have gone to a lot of trouble.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or Crime stoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

News Link:http://beforeitsnews.com/mass-animal-death/2012/11/sheep-butchered-to-death-in-barbaric-farm-raids-england-2430878.html

VERY GRAPHIC VIDEO: Sheep Farmer Calls For Pakistan Boycott

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“The barbaric F-ing pigs, they could at least have used sharp knives…Jesus Christ, I was willing them to get in & pull out the live ones, which they did, I thought yes, they are merciful…but then they proceeded to hack at their necks again with a blunt blade. This is just not good enough, imagine if the UK or US did anything like this, there would be bloody uproar! The time has come for animals raised on certain land, should be slaughtered on that land, pre-packed or frozen…then shipped off…I see no other way around it, that will stop the animals from suffering. If the way they where killing those animals was Kosher or halal, then its the most gruesome form of slaughter ever & shouldn’t be allowed…tradition or not.”

“If the book said all new-born baby boys should be slaughtered at age 12 months, do you think they would still be doing it, because it’s one of their so-called religions?? No I doubt it, well not without hassle from every other Country in the land! Why would any god want the blood of animals to appease them? It’s sickening & needs to bloody stop…you don’t even have to be animal lover to be disgusted with the way the sheep were disposed of. I can for-see some horrific plague or disease coming their way very soon, from the dumped carcasses. I wonder how many poor people,  actually thought about or actually  jumped in the ditch to pull out a carcass to feed themselves? Just thinking out load, sorry”

Pakistan should be permanently boycotted as a market for Australian live exports, a West Australian sheep farmer says.

Sheep awaiting a cull in Pakistan

Bob Ilffa, from the Wheatbelt town of Newdegate, made the comment as the industry braced for an ABC Four Corners program on the recent inhumane slaughter of about 22,000 Australian sheep in Pakistan on health concerns.

The sheep were in limbo for over a month after they were rejected in Bahrain, but further health fears in Pakistan led to them being brutally killed – in some cases buried alive – in two stages.

The culls came after repeated proof by independent veterinarians that the sheep were healthy.

The Fremantle-based exporter Wellard expressed shock when the second cull was ordered on October 20, despite promises from local authorities a day earlier that the remaining sheep would be slaughtered humanely.

The pledge came after the company agreed to drop a court injunction seeking to overturn the government-ordered cull.

Wellard immediately suspended exports to Pakistan, which had only ever been considered a contingent market.

Sheepmeat Council of Australia said it was an isolated, unusual turn of events that led to a totally unacceptable outcome.

But Mr Iffla went a step further, saying he would never send sheep to Pakistan again.

“There’s no way my sheep will ever be going to Pakistan,” he told AAP on Monday.

Mr Iffla said he was in agreement with animal liberationists in calling for the Pakistan market to be snubbed, but did not believe an end to live exports elsewhere was feasible, given the need among many nations to secure protein via imports.

He said he was extremely disappointed with the way the sheep had been killed, especially considering a modern abattoir was readily accessible.

Instead, the animals were clubbed and had their throats roughly slashed in a dusty feedlots.

Pakistan has done the wrong thing by the industry,” Mr Iffla said.

“It’s absolutely appalling behaviour by the Pakistanis, who I don’t believe we can continue to deal with (the country) because it’s just going to wreck the whole live animal trade.”

Mr Iffla said his sheep were currently breeding so another wave of lambs was on the way, but after that, he would rethink his business, producing less meat or even focusing on agriculture. “I don’t know where we’re going,” he said.

“I’m certainly thinking of changing my program to some degree because if we can’t make the profit out of live sheep in the manner that we have been, we’re going to have to diversify into other areas.”

The Queensland Greens reiterated calls to ban live exports, saying it was not within Australia’s power to control what happened to livestock once they were outside the country.

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon wants the federal government to end the trade through the Live Animal Export (Slaughter) Prohibition Bill 2012, but that appears destined to fail in the Senate.

Labor senator Glenn Sterle last month said the Greens were suggesting that with abattoirs back in the north and a boxed meat market in place, everything would be “tickety-boo”.

Mr Iffla also said Australia should stop providing aid to Pakistan because of the cull.

Read more: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/sheep-farmer-calls-for-pakistan-boycott-20121105-28u1r.html#ixzz2BP5GuxWQ

Live export disaster in Pakistan [WARNING UN-Edited Version disturbing vision]

This is the Raw uncensored footage is available here: t https://vimeo.com/52733432

“Details below taken from the You tube version”

See the truth behind the biggest live export tragedy in history. PAKISTAN 2012. As seen on Four Corners.

Live animal export is an inherently cruel trade, which is why it is opposed by every animal protection organisation throughout the world. It continues for one reason only: profit. What might happen, if exported animals were deemed ‘unfit’ for human consumption and lost all of their economic value? It happened recently in Pakistan. The reality will shock you.

TAKE ACTIONhttp://www.AnimalsAustralia.org/exports

Related https://preciousjules1985.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/very-graphic-video-live-export-disaster-in-pakistan/

Very Graphic Video: Live Export: Disaster in Pakistan

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Live animal export is an inherently cruel trade, which is why it is opposed by every animal protection organisation throughout the world. It continues for one reason only: profit. What might happen, if exported animals were deemed ‘unfit’ for human consumption and lost all of their economic value? It happened in Pakistan. The reality will shock you.

WARNING: graphic images have been censored however this video is still distressing.


Today, every MP in Australia needs to hear one important message: The actions of the world’s largest live exporter, Wellard, have contributed to Australia’s worst live export disaster. They must be held to account and lose their export licence.

How did it happen? When a shipload of 21,000 sheep was rejected by Bahrain, Wellard had no legitimate contingency plan (despite this being a requirement of their export permit). They considered two options: 1. Kill the animals at sea and dump their bodies overboard; 2. Pakistan — a country that didn’t even have government approval to take sheep when the ship left Australia.

To avoid another disaster at sea, the Australian government fast tracked Pakistan’s approval to receive the sheep. But there was a glaring omission in this plan. Wellard failed to ensure that the Pakistan Government were willing to import a shipment that had been rejected by Bahrain over disease concerns.

Whether the animals were healthy or not became irrelevant — the Pakistan Government felt they had been deliberately deceived. Local authorities ordered the animals be culled, and Wellard lost complete control. Deemed ‘unfit’ for human consumption, and without economic value…

These animals were treated like worthless rubbish. Animals were dragged, beaten, their throats were sawn at with blunt knives before they were thrown into mass graves — some still alive hours later.

The Australian government has admitted that it’s beyond their control to prevent another ‘Pakistan’. MOUs with importing countries, to prevent shipments being rejected, have failed. Regulations to prevent cruelty on the scale seen in Indonesia last year, have failed.

What is profitable has never been the defining argument between right and wrong in any civilised society. It is offensive to the majority of caring people that profit continues to be used as justification for a trade that has been responsible for such suffering and cruelty.

Please urgently call on your federal MP and the Minister for Agriculture (Joe Ludwig) to ensure that Wellard loses their export licence for their role in this disaster. Importantly, please also remind your MP that you will not vote for a party that supports live exports.



Either draft your own letter or use the pre-written

Australian Link:-http://www.animalsaustralia.org/take_action/live-export-disaster-pakistan/



Other Countries Link:-http://banliveexport.com/1/#takeAction

The continuation of this trade brings shame to every caring person who knows that profits can never justify cruelty. But take heart — we are not alone. The majority of Australians want live exports to end. With your help, we will end live exports. Thanks to your efforts this trade is hanging by a thread. But we must speak up loudly today, for the animals who can’t.

Lyn For the animals,
Lyn White
Campaign Director


Two arrests as live exports lorry stopped at Ramsgate port

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Two lorry drivers have been arrested in Kent after their vehicle carrying four tiers of more than 500 live sheep was declared unfit to cross the Channel.

The lorry, which was found to have faults, was stopped at the Port of Ramsgate and the animals were moved to a temporary holding pen.

The RSPCA said two sheep were put down, two died in an accident and 30 may have to be destroyed

Two sheep, one with a broken leg, were put down. Another 41 severely lame sheep will be shot, the RSPCA said.

Two drowned after the sheep were loaded into an area where the floor collapsed.

Six sheep fell into water and four were rescued by RSPCA officers.

‘Appalling trade’

RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant has called for an immediate suspension of the live animal exports from Ramsgate.

He and Laura Sandys, Thanet South MP, will meet government ministers over the issue on Thursday.

Mr Grant said: “We told the port authorities right from the start that they did not have the facilities to handle live exports safely.

The sheep were unloaded into a holding pen while the hauliers looked for another vehicle

The RSPCA has been warning that a significant welfare incident like this could lead to tragedy for the animals and now it has.”

He said the charity had fought against this trade for well over 100 years.

“If meat needs to go to the continent then it should be on the hook, not on the hoof, and today cruelly illustrates that this appalling trade needs to cease immediately,” he added.

Second incident

Ms Sandys said she was appalled at the “disgusting” treatment of the sheep.

She said: “This is totally unacceptable and I have taken this up with the minister and secured a meeting with him for tomorrow.”

She added: “I will bring up our grave concerns about this trade in general but our great shock at this particular event.

“This is the second time a transportation from Northamptonshire has been investigated.”

In a separate incident, 600 sheep were forced to spend 24 hours on a transporter after its tyre burst and the animals had to be driven back to Northampton because there were no facilities in Kent for them to be removed, fed and watered.

That incident led Thanet council to write to the Environment Secretary with calls to suspend shipments because of a lack of facilities.

Council leader Clive Hart made five requests including establishing formal resting pens as a matter of urgency, allowing RSPCA officers to inspect lorries transporting live animals, and authorising the RSPCA to check ventilation and water systems.

According to the RSPCA, Ramsgate is the only British port currently being used for shipping animals abroad for further fattening and slaughter.

News Link:-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-19573763

Livestock cruelty allegation forces exports probe

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September 7, 2012

Livestock exporters are being investigated after allegations that Australian sheep are being illegally sold and slaughtered in an inhumane way at a notorious Kuwait market.

It is the second major Agriculture Department investigation since strict new animal welfare rules were implemented after last year’s cattle slaughter controversy in Indonesia.

A photo taken at the Kuwait market. Photo: Animal Australia

Animals Australia lodged the complaint after the animal protection organisation’s Kuwaiti investigator discovered exported sheep were being sold in non-approved markets and killed in makeshift abattoirs, with slaughtermen ignoring international killing guidelines.

The case has again raised concerns from activists, Labor backbenchers, the Greens and independents that the new rules rely too much on self-regulation by the industry.

Exporters now must comply with rules that assure high animal welfare standards from farm to slaughter. All animals are tracked so officials know that animals are slaughtered in approved facilities.

Exporters must have supply chains independently audited, with the audit results given to the Agriculture Department.

The investigation has heightened fears over animal welfare with the upcoming Muslim festival of sacrifice, Eid al-Adha less than two months away.

Animals Australia lead campaigner Lyn White warned the festival was the peak period of animal suffering across the region and called on the government to implore exporters to have staff in every market place to ensure animals are not sold into non-approved facilities.

‘‘Animals being bought en mass for sacrificial slaughter by families and individuals. We hold grave concerns that Australian exported animals will continue to find their way into markets, in breach of regulations,’’ Ms White said.

Many in the industry are also worried about the potential for more cruelty in October.

Labour backbenchers Melissa Parke and Kelvin Thomson have led a vocal campaign against the trade with both seizing on the latest revelations as evidence the industry cannot be trusted to self-regulate.

Ms Parke, and Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, backed calls for Australian officials to be in the Middle East to monitor welfare during the festival.

Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig said the new system was working but was ‘‘not perfect’’ conceding there would be slip-ups.

‘‘But we now have the provisions in place to act on those slip ups and hold exporters accountable for their actions and supply chains,’’ Senator Ludwig said.

The department of agriculture is currently investigating alleged breaches of strict new animal welfare The celebration of Eid al-Adha in the Middle-East involves a slaughtering of an animal such as a sheep, camel, or goat, to commemorate Abraham’s act of faith to sacrifice his son. The festival runs from the evening of October 25 to the next night.

Animals Australia has previously uncovered cruelty during the festival, including sheep being dragged along the ground and stuffed into car boots.

Ms White said hundreds of Australian sheep were sold last month at the non-approved Al-Rai market in Kuwait City, the market where she uncovered cruelty in 2010.

Describing the killing of a sheep, she said: ”With the buyer and [his] family crowded into the room to observe, the handling of this sheep included dragging it over and placing it next to and then on top of other just-slaughtered sheep … to prepare it for the throat cut.”

She said the slaughter-man used a knife that was too short, with a fast sawing action, not the quick ”sticking” of the neck required by international rules.

Ms White said the offences were ”critical non-compliances” that could lead to criminal sanctions, adding that the fact that hundreds of Australian sheep were seen at four different sites on two days showed a ”systematic and deliberate breach”.

”The government will no doubt again say that this shows the system is working but how can that be the case when breaches are only being reported by Animals Australia.

Emanuel Exports and its sister company International Livestock Exports are the only businesses currently exporting to Kuwait. Emanuel Exports would not comment until the investigation was finished.

Earlier this year two exporters were found to have breached the rules in Indonesia after Animals Australia investigations.

Mr Thomson said he would raise questions about the case when Parliament resumes next week.

”The selling and slaughter of animals outside approved supply chains is a serious breach of the new system and exporters who allow it should have their export licence taken off them,” Mr Thomson said.

Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie will introduce a bill in Parliament on Monday to mandate pre-slaughter stunning of all Australian animals overseas.

He said this case made a ”mockery” of the government’s efforts to clean up the trade.

An Agriculture Department spokesman said the investigation would take weeks.

News Linkhttp://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/livestock-cruelty-allegation-forces-exports-probe-20120906-25hca.html#ixzz25miK0HLD

Victory! UNIQLO Pledges to Phase Out Buying Wool From Mulesed Sheep!

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After an eight-month international campaign by PETA and our affiliates, UNIQLO – part of Fast Retailing, the fifth-largest retailer in the world – has agreed to phase out the use of wool from sheep who have been mulesed.

Mulesing is a barbaric practice that involves cutting large chunks of skin and flesh from the rear ends of merino sheep, often without any pain relief. Mainly practiced in Australia, mulesing is a crude attempt to prevent flystrike, which can be controlled by using humane options.

UNIQLO now joins other top international retailers, such as Muji, C&A, Topshop, and H&M, that have pledged to take action against mulesing.

In pledging to phase out the use of wool from farms that continue to mutilate their sheep, UNIQLO has shown the world and, most importantly, Australian wool producers that it believes cruelty to animals is never fashionable.

This is a major victory for which PETA would like to thank activists around the world who have united against cruelty to sheep. Thanks to you, we are one step closer to ending mulesing once and for all.

It’s only thanks to our kind supporters that important progress like this can be made. Please help us win more lifesaving victories for animals by making a special donation to PETA today.

News Link:- http://blog.peta.org.uk/2012/06/victory-uniqlo-pledges-to-phase-out-buying-wool-from-mulesed-sheep/

Related:- https://preciousjules1985.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/activists-flock-to-cbd-to-protest-at-mulesing/

Animal cruelty probe at Dubbo

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The Department of Primary Industries says extreme cases of animal neglect, such as one near Dubbo, are rare.

About 50 cattle and six sheep have been found dead or starving at a property near the city and police say it appears the sheep have not been shorn in three years.

Police, the DPI, RSPCA and Health and Livestock Authority are investigating and charges could be laid against the owner of the animals.

Livestock officer Brett Littler, says there are sometimes cases like these during severe drought, but it is unusual at a time when farms are prospering.

“You will get certain times where it can be an issue but, as a general rule a lot of the better producers that I work with never get cattle into that very poor state down into that fat score of one and two, particularly with cows because that has such a huge effect on their reproductive abilities,” he said.

The DPI says it will work with farmers whose livestock are showing signs of malnutrition.

Mr Littler says he cannot comment on the case, but usually when livestock are found in poor health the DPI will help to teach the owner how to properly care for the animals.

“We go out with the RSPCA and the police it’s obviously during a drought we see it a lot more, I’ve had a few cases over the last couple of years even in the better conditions.

“It’s sort of something that comes up, at times we can get quite busy, at other times I’d go six to 12 months without doing a case.”

News Link:http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-06-22/animal-cruelty/4085588/?site=westernplains&microsite=&section=news

Home Store Deals News Blog Our Mission About Us Advertise With Us Bloody Carnage As Sheep Spill Onto Highway In Australia

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A truck transporting 400 sheep along the western ring road overpass in Laverton crashed on an overpass around 9PM Thursday, spilling animals onto cars below.

Terrified motorists tried to avoid the falling sheep while the truck came to rest overhanging the overpass above the Princes Freeway.

Television footage showed the truck dangling precariously off the overpass and dead sheep littering the highway below.

The truck was involved in what was apparently a one-vehicle accident, rolling over on a notoriously bad bend in the road. Witnesses behind the transport vehicle said that speed had not appeared to be a factor.

At least two vehicles were hit by falling sheep. One of the vehicles rolled numerous times but the occupants were not injured. The dead and dying sheep littered the highway just North of Melbourne. It was a scene of bloody carnage as dazed and injured animals wandered through the wreckage and among the corpses of the other animals. More than 200 sheep were killed in the crash, and the RSPCA reportedly shot the injuredPIX 11 reported that only ten animals survived.

Residents of the area were appalled that news reports showed no concern for the animals and addressed only the humans involved in the accident, saying “no injuries or deaths.” Many were upset that reports did not include whether or not any sheep survived and what was done with them. There are conflicting reports about where the sheep were headed. Some say they were headed for slaughter, others that they were being shipped for wool. The ten that survived are believed to have been sent along for slaughter.

A witness at the scene, Alicia Kennedy, said it was horrific and distressing.

Lisa Bower Raven said it was horrible to see sheep still hanging from the side of the truck, just waiting to fall to their deaths.

This accident was just the latest in a string of animal transport mishaps in Australia in recent years. Less than two months ago, chicken crates fell off of a transport truck scattering dead chickens all over Princes highwayA month ago, a cow fell off of a transport on the Hume. On May 10, a truck carrying cows tipped over on the same freeway in Werribee.

Many Australians believe the animal transport laws should be changed. Some truck drivers are defending the driver in this accident, saying that when livestock moves around during transport, it shifts the weight in the truck, causing instability. Animal advocates disagree, saying that sheep are generally packed so tightly into transport trucks that they can barely move. In this case, there were stacked three levels high.  In all the preceding cases of animal transport highway accidents, there were no tops on the transports.

News Link:-http://news.petpardons.com/bloody-carnage-as-sheep-spill-onto-highway-in-australia/

Activists flock to CBD to protest at mulesing

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April 15, 2012

AN ANIMAL rights group has renewed calls to end the industry practice of stripping skin from sheep, with a protest in Brisbane.

Activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Asia-Pacific, dressed as sheep, braved rain in Brisbane’s main square yesterday to speak out against mulesing.

Mulesing refers to the removal of skin from a sheep’s rear end to prevent flystrike, a potentially fatal condition involving maggot infestation.

PETA Asia-Pacific campaign co-ordinator Claire Fryer said it was a barbaric form of mutilation, carried out on millions of sheep, often with no pain relief.

”It’s not carried out anywhere else in the world,” she said. ”New Zealand banned it years ago, and 20 per cent of Australian farmers have already banned it voluntarily.”

Ms Fryer said the Australian wool industry had reneged on a pledge to ban mulesing and called on the federal government to step in. ”We are asking the government now to take matters into their own hands and enact a ban on it,” she said.

Australian Wool Growers Association chairman Shane Edwards said sheep that undergo mulesing were better off than those that did not.

”The mulesing process is only taken out to assist the sheep to be protected from flystrike,” he said. ”And until such time as the scientific world would be able to come up with an alternative, the wool industry or the sheep industry has no choice but to carry on mulesing for the best welfare of their animals.”

Mr Edwards rejected alternatives suggested by PETA, including increased monitoring of the sheep to prevent flystrike and shearing around the animals’ rears.

He said the former method was too costly and the latter was even more painful to sheep than mulesing. “So is he saying that shearing is also painful for the sheep?”

Mr Edwards said another alternative, breeding sheep with barer rears, was being researched but was far from implementation.

”It is happening but you can’t, in one generation, breed the bare breech for the entire national flock,” he said. ”It would probably take 10 generations, minimum.”

The federal Agriculture Minister, Joe Ludwig, has been approached for comment on this issue.

Read morehttp://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/environment/animals/activists-flock-to-cbd-to-protest-at-mulesing-20120414-1x0qs.html#ixzz1uU68rTSD

Read what Compassion in World Farming think of muesling:-http://www.ciwf.org.uk/news/sheep_farming/delay_to_mulesing_ban.aspx

Read what PETA have to say & sign the petition:-http://blog.peta.org.uk/2012/04/peta-kicks-uniqlos-butt-over-cruel-sheep-mulesing/

“The man in the video below, is trying to make people believe that the sheep don’t mind this procedure & that it doesn’t hurt them….I think not! What if people started to castrate their own animals & chop off their tails… similar to what happens in the video…Seriously, they wouldn’t be allowed to because it would be deemed as animal abuse…WHICH IS A CRIME!!!”

 “If this farmer is willing to show this as evidence of what he thinks is a good normal procedure, one that the sheep don’t mind…. I dread to think how others carry it out!. No anesthetic for the sheep, not even using a basic sterilizer or antiseptic to wash or dip the clippers between sheep, along with no after care etc… I simply can’t believe anyone can watch the video below & say its ok & that the sheep don’t mind.

“No wonder infection is rampant, I am shocked to see the clippers not cleaned in, or dipped with disinfectant etc between each poor victim. It’s also shocking to see how fast they do this, without a care in the world for the sheep…I’m mortified to think that the farmer thinks this is ok!”

Viewer Discretion is strongly advised


Uploaded by  on 16 Jun 2011

This mulesing footage came from an Australian farmer hoping to prove that mulesing is humane. Watch the footage, and judge for yourself.


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