Pony’s Neglect, Abuse Leads To Arrests In Parker County

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“This little guy needs all our prayers to get him through his ongoing ordeal. There is no excuse for any animals to suffer or starve, when all one has to do is pick up the bloody telephone & ask a sanctuary or welfare agency for help. I hope the bastards that left this Shetland, without food, water & a serious  infection (which might just kill him) are made to pay dearly; for their heartless neglect!!”

PARKER COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – Parker County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division is investigating an animal cruelty case of a Shetland pony found in the 3000 block of East Highway 199 in Springtown.

Animal Control officers found this Shetland pony, which they have renamed Achilles, suffering in a declining health state. He was extremely malnourished and severely underweight. (credit: Parker County Sheriff’s Office)

When animal control officers found the pony, which they have renamed Achilles, he was extremely malnourished and severely underweight to the point his rib and hip bones were visibly protruding. The Shetland was also suffering from a large, open, infected wound on his genitals with a rancid smell apparently coming from the infection.

Sheriff’s Animal Control Officers reported there wasn’t any hay or food near Achilles and the only water supply was dirty containing leaves, debris and insects along with mosquitoes and larvae swarming the water.

Officers reported Achilles was standing still in a manner reflecting a high level of pain when he attempted to walk. His hooves were overgrown and split from obvious neglect. Animal control officers also reported when they gave Achilles fresh water, he drank it very fast due to obvious dehydration.

The owner of the pony wasn’t on the premises. Animal control officers immediately seized the Achilles and took him to a local veterinarian for treatment. The owner of the pony, identified as Jesse Ray Cross, 45; and the pony’s caretaker, identified as Franky Lynn Hatcher-Cross, 42, were both arrested Saturday on warrants for cruelty to livestock animals. Both men posted bond of $2,500 each on Sunday.

Veterinarian staff reported the Shetland’s wound was feared to be inoperable due to current extent of the injury and he may not survive the surgery under his current health state. If the pony responds to treatment veterinarian staff said he may be a candidate for surgery.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said he is disgusted at the extreme poor condition the Achilles was discovered in and that two men who were responsible for his care were obviously neglecting the pony.

Sheriff Fowler vowed to care for the pony and pay for his treatment.

“We prayerfully hope Achilles will conquer his odds can be brought back to perfect health so he can undergo the surgery he so desperately needs,” Fowler said. “This is a shameful crime which could have been completely prevented had Achilles been given the required minimal care and basic necessities. We can not stress enough the importance of providing fresh water with adequate food and shelter for all animals. This case is a shame.”

News Link:-http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2013/06/17/ponys-neglect-abuse-leads-to-arrests-in-parker-county/

Pit bull owner faces animal cruelty charges for pony’s attack, death

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A Dayton man faces animal cruelty charges after his two pit bulls allegedly attacked a Shetland pony Monday night, causing so much damage that the animal had to be put down,  officials said.

Lachain Dever, 26, was arrested after the 7 p.m. incident outside Dayton on County Road 676, said Captain Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. A trailer was on the property and the animals were in a pasture.

Lachain Dever, 26 (Liberty County Sheriff’s Office)

Evans said the two pit bulls attacked the pony, who was tethered to a steel post in the pasture with no way to escape. The dogs attacked the pony’s body, legs and throat. Witnesses who observed this incident called 9-1-1 and told sheriff’s office of the attack as it was happening. Witnesses told deputies that the dogs’ owner stood by and watched the incident occur.

Deputies responded and also observed  the dogs attacking the pony. Officers said they saw Dever take no action to stop the attack.

The pony had to be put down, and the dogs are under quarantine at a local veterinary office.

“The wounds were so extensive, the intestines were hanging out,” Evans said. “There was no way to save the animal that was obviously in excruciating pain.”

Deputies believe Dever owned the home and all the animals. Officers  also noticed another horse on the property that looked emaciated. They will return to the property Tuesday to take an assessment of the house and may contact the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Evans said.

This incident remains under investigation by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

News Link:http://blog.chron.com/newswatch/2012/07/pit-bull-owner-faces-animal-cruelty-charges-for-ponys-attack-death/

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Southeast Texas man charged in dog-mauling of pony

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“Sickened…a man gets off, yet the poor pony has to be killed due to the actions of this mans dogs?? That’s not right, he should be charged with having dangerous dogs loose, he is the owner of the dogs, so he should pay for the death of the pony! Disgusted, I read a shop lifter was arrested & jailed the other day…which proves some justice system don’t value the life of an animal!”

DAYTON, Texas (AP) — A Southeast Texas man is free on bond after he was charged with animal cruelty in the deadly mauling of a tethered pony by dogs.

Lachain Dever (DEE’-vur) is free on $2,000 bond after his Monday evening arrest at his home outside Dayton, 35 miles northeast of Houston.

Liberty County sheriff’s Capt. Rex Evans says witnesses reported two dogs Dever owned attacked, mauled and gutted the Shetland pony as Dever stood by and watched. Evans says deputies arrived to find the attack continuing. Evans said Dever called off and chained up the dogs only when deputies moved to shoot them.

The dogs were quarantined and the pony euthanized. Jail records list no attorney for Dever, and calls to his home Tuesday went unanswered.


Two Shetland ponies found dead in Cornwall

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Police are investigating after the bodies of two ponies were found in Cornwall.

Two Shetland ponies were found dead in Carharrack, near Redruth yesterday (Sunday 24 June).

They were found by the owners, who had gone to feed the animals, at around 10.30am.

Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating the deaths and are reminding horse owners to remain vigilant.

A spokesman for the force said: “Following an examination of the ponies by a vet it is entirely possible that their deaths may have been accidental and not criminal. However we are keeping an open mind and enquiries will continue in order to determine exactly what has happened.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Police on 101.

News Link:-http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/397/313109.html

Belfast Zoo intruders release Shetland ponies

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Security is to be reviewed at Belfast Zoo following a break-in on Monday night.

Zoo manager Mark Challis said police were called after intruders released ponies from their enclosure.

The animals were not harmed and were quickly recaptured within the zoo grounds.

A number of tweets that appeared on Monday night claiming that a tiger or giraffe had been freed from their enclosures proved to have been false.

“A number of youths entered the zoo around 8 o’clock we think. They were seen by our security staff on the site,” Mr Challis said.

“They actually broke into our farm building in the zoo where we keep domestic animals and released three Shetland ponies.

“We obviously contacted the PSNI and I understand they have apprehended two youths.”

Mr Challis said there was little chance that more dangerous animals could have been let out of their enclosures.

“Security is pretty good around the zoo and it’s appropriate to the species we’re looking after. The lions and tigers and indeed giraffes were all safely locked up for the night,” he said.

“Thankfully instances of break-ins and release of animals are very rare.”

News Link:-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-17987106

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