“No dog is born vicious, blame the owners, not the dogs!”

A Sioux Falls man is injured after he was mauled by two pit bulls while he was playing basketball yesterday morning.

One of the dogs was shot and killed by police, the other is being quarantined.

The dogs were let loose by one of their owners around 5 a.m on Sunday.

Police are unsure what made the dogs attack, but the news isn’t helping the negative stereotype many people have of pit bulls.

Police say a 34-year-old man was mauled by the two loose pit bulls as he played basketball near the River Greenway.

They say one of the dog’s owners, James Lanpher had let the dogs go without leashes or supervision… something police say should never happen.

Lieutenant Jerome Miller of the Sioux Falls police department says,”If you have an animal with that kind of propensity, it’s obviously your obligation to make sure that it’s either kept inside an inclosure or a kennel or a structure of some sort and if it is out that it’s on a leash and if it’s vicious it should be muzzled.”

One of the dogs was shot and killed when it charged at an officer. The other will be quarantined for ten days to check for rabies.

Pit bull activists say the incident shouldn’t be blamed on the dog. It was the owner who let the dog out without a leash and the owner’s reponsibility.

Robin Willhoit, Pit Rescue says “It’s a little bit disheartening for us as a rescue to hear of something so dramatic happening in the city of Sioux Falls. When there are people who are irresponsible pet owners it makes all of us look bad.”

Members of Pit Rescue in Sioux Falls say pit bulls don’t deserve the bad rep they’ve been labeled with… and that most pit bulls are often less dangerous than the smallest dogs.

Melissa Jungemann, volunteer coordinator of Pit Rescue in Sioux Falls says,”They’re so loving that as long as you love them, they’ll love you back.”

And they say biting accidents can happen with any dog, regardless of size or breed… it’s up to the owner to know their dog’s temperment.

Jungemann says,”You have to be responsible with your dogs, regardless of what breed they are. You have to make sure your dogs are secured in your yard on a leash. You can’t let your dogs run.”

Police say that’s good advice, not only for pit bulls, but for all dogs.

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