Neglected, Emaciated Pit Bull, Drives Push For Change In Oklahoma Dog Law

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“WTF…what is wrong with these heartless morons? I am ashamed to belong to the only species, on earth that enjoys hurting  & inflicting unnecessary pain on animals; in any way possible 😦

Another dog named Phoenix, this time out of Oklahoma, has garnered attention after the she was rescued by Animal Control from deplorable conditions.

She was found emaciated, teeming with worms, and tethered to a tree.  A local Muskogee veterinarian said he had never seen anything like it.

Everybody was upset by the pictures, and the way that she came in, the shape that she came in (here),” said Sydni Reheard, a volunteer at the Muskogee Animal Shelter.

An animal control officer told the owner, who was given a paltry fine of $250, that he would surrender the two-year-old pit bull or she would be forcibly taken.

“The citations were issued, that’s as far as the animal shelter can do,” said shelter supervisor Vikki Heuman.  “For a municipality, that’s all we can do.

But Oklahoma residents are not satisfied.  They want to see stricter laws with harsher punishments for animal abusers. “Don’t we all??”

Reheard and friend and fellow volunteer Alicia Edwards have created a Facebook page called “Justice for Phoenix,” which aims for there to be tougher laws that would discourage mistreatment of animals. “I wish them the best of luck, & truly hope they succeed because the laws available are pathetic!!”

“It’s an eye-opener for a lot of them; this goes on everywhere – even in the smallest of towns numerous animals are getting abused and neglected,” Reheard said. “Yes abuse statistics are at an all time high, why? because laws are pathetic, so they don’t deter others from abusing their animals what so ever!!”

This is especially true for pit bulls and pit bull mixes, whose sad stories of abuse and neglect choke news outlets.  The women are currently raising funds for Phoenix’s medical treatments and their cause by selling key chains with the words “Justice for Phoenix” engraved on them. “What a lovely thought, well done ladies, I sincerely hope all costs can be covered, not that you should have to raise money to pay for vets fee’s; make the bastards who committed the crime pay for them in either cash or bloody hard work”

Meanwhile, Phoenix is recovering from her days of being tied to a tree, infested with worms and slowly starving to death.

“In the five days since Phoenix came to the shelter, her condition has improved considerably,” Heuman said. “She’s still skin and bones, she moves incredibly slowly and she can barely get off the ground to jump for a treat.  But considering how she looked the day she was brought in, the change in her appearance is dramatic.” “Why oh why?? what do the owners get out of seeing their sick animal slowly dying? did they ever love them? has the dog ever been part of the family unit, thus loved? I guess the answer is NO!”

“Which begs the question why get the poor thing in the first place? Although the answer to that is simple, it’s just a cheap burglar alarm that doesn’t require batteries; over time, they become nothing more than an inanimate object, that is slowly left to starve to death… a slapped wrist, for the price of a living breathing, feeling, wanting, loveable animal that bleeds & hurts the same as we do…it’s just so F-ing wrong.”

“I think they should open up ALCATRAZ & let all the animal abusers live there, if they want to eat, they have to grow it, if they want heating, they have to build it. Stop bloody fussing these ignorant heartless pigs, all Judges need to grow some balls & give out the toughest sentence they can. If they personally don’t think there is a law that covers the abuse, then they should open up the legislation & help to get it changed!!”

The one thing that hasn’t changed is her fiercely positive spirit. “Her tail hasn’t stopped wagging,” Heuman said.

phoenix 4

Image of Phoenix taken from her face book page

A dog bed, food and treats have been donated to Phoenix.  The strong dog lets people know when she wants attention by walking over to them, sitting, and putting her head in their laps.

“She has faith in people when I sure wouldn’t have any, that’s for sure,” Reheard noted. “Perhaps the only animal that is able & so willing to forgive their owners even after each beating!”

Dog-lovers are already clamouring for the chance to adopt her, but it will be at least two months before she has fully recuperated. “My question here is, if so many people want this dog, this pit-bull, is it only because of her special case? If they want a pit-bull that badly, the shelters are bursting at the seams with them, 100’s are being put to sleep every day, so why don’t these people who want to offer a home to Phoenix; go get a shelter dog??”

“We want to make sure she goes to the absolute right home — someone who is just going to spoil her rotten,” Heuman said.

Supporters can find additional Facebook information on Phoenix at:-

phoenix pin

Here are the tags that the ladies said they would use to help fund the dogs vet bills etc. see the Face book link for advice on purchasing

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Starved Dog Found At Clinic’s Doorstep In Freezing Conditions

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OMG…the poor wee thing, I will be sending lots of healing prayers of warmth & life tonight for this lost little soul. Seriously, you would have to be a real F-ing heartless bxxxxxd to leave such a weak pup as this, in such freezing temperatures!! See the video I have posted separately!” 

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A veterinary clinic allegedly did not open its doors for a starving dog, and an alert Rural-Metro ambulance crew came to its aid.

Your prayers are desperately needed for this little one, it’s only 50/50 that she survives!

Click here to watch Video or see it posted on my Twitter & Face book pages.:-Starved dog found at clinic’s doorstep

Two Rural-Metro paramedics, assigned to the corner of Kensington and Fillmore Avenues, found an emaciated pit bull, lying on the frigid pavement on Wednesday. The dog was so weak, she couldn’t even raise her head.

EMT Norine Hoch said, “As my partner was pulling into the driveway, all of a sudden, she started going, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ It was, like, 32 degrees outside, and she was skin and bones. If we [had gotten there] seconds later, she would probably would have been frozen to death.”

The dog was lying in the parking lot of the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital. Which is why Hoch says, she’s shocked at what happened when they knocked on the hospital door.

A gentleman came to the door, and he said, ‘I know she’s there. I called the SPCA. They’re on their way.’ And slammed the door in our face.”

Hoch and her partner wrapped the pit bull in blankets and applied heat packs. Their supervisor drove her in a fly car to the SPCA shelter in Tonawanda.

Field supervisor Michael Arquette said, “It was very heartbreaking to see just how thin, weak, and how cold she was to the touch. They were very saddened, but very happy to see us bring the puppy in, instead of just leaving it there.”

This is not the first time Dr. Hector Anderson’s clinic has been accused of refusing help for a sick animal abandoned on its doorstep.

In 2009, “Kenny,” a malnourished cocker spaniel, lay outside the hospital for over 24 hours before anyone even called the SPCAKenny had to be put to sleep three days later, and the SPCA filed a complaint against Dr. Anderson.

When we went to the hospital looking for answers Thursday night, an employee told News 4 the clinic is closed on Wednesdays. She said the man who answered the door is a custodian, who’s not authorized to handle animals.

Because of this latest incident, the SPCA Serving Erie County is again investigating the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital. In fact, the paramedics are going to give statements to investigators Friday morning.

The SPCA says the puppy is very touch-and-go. Vets are still keeping her warm with hot water bottles. They think she’s very young, but she is so severely starved, vets say it’s impossible to determine her age.

Doctors are doing tests, to see if her internal organs are still functioning. They say it is impossible to tell, at this point, if she’ll survive.

Video posted separately to Face book & Twitter; due to Lockerz being such a naff program…sorry! 

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