Very Graphic Video: Live Export: Disaster in Pakistan

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Live animal export is an inherently cruel trade, which is why it is opposed by every animal protection organisation throughout the world. It continues for one reason only: profit. What might happen, if exported animals were deemed ‘unfit’ for human consumption and lost all of their economic value? It happened in Pakistan. The reality will shock you.

WARNING: graphic images have been censored however this video is still distressing.


Today, every MP in Australia needs to hear one important message: The actions of the world’s largest live exporter, Wellard, have contributed to Australia’s worst live export disaster. They must be held to account and lose their export licence.

How did it happen? When a shipload of 21,000 sheep was rejected by Bahrain, Wellard had no legitimate contingency plan (despite this being a requirement of their export permit). They considered two options: 1. Kill the animals at sea and dump their bodies overboard; 2. Pakistan — a country that didn’t even have government approval to take sheep when the ship left Australia.

To avoid another disaster at sea, the Australian government fast tracked Pakistan’s approval to receive the sheep. But there was a glaring omission in this plan. Wellard failed to ensure that the Pakistan Government were willing to import a shipment that had been rejected by Bahrain over disease concerns.

Whether the animals were healthy or not became irrelevant — the Pakistan Government felt they had been deliberately deceived. Local authorities ordered the animals be culled, and Wellard lost complete control. Deemed ‘unfit’ for human consumption, and without economic value…

These animals were treated like worthless rubbish. Animals were dragged, beaten, their throats were sawn at with blunt knives before they were thrown into mass graves — some still alive hours later.

The Australian government has admitted that it’s beyond their control to prevent another ‘Pakistan’. MOUs with importing countries, to prevent shipments being rejected, have failed. Regulations to prevent cruelty on the scale seen in Indonesia last year, have failed.

What is profitable has never been the defining argument between right and wrong in any civilised society. It is offensive to the majority of caring people that profit continues to be used as justification for a trade that has been responsible for such suffering and cruelty.

Please urgently call on your federal MP and the Minister for Agriculture (Joe Ludwig) to ensure that Wellard loses their export licence for their role in this disaster. Importantly, please also remind your MP that you will not vote for a party that supports live exports.



Either draft your own letter or use the pre-written

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The continuation of this trade brings shame to every caring person who knows that profits can never justify cruelty. But take heart — we are not alone. The majority of Australians want live exports to end. With your help, we will end live exports. Thanks to your efforts this trade is hanging by a thread. But we must speak up loudly today, for the animals who can’t.

Lyn For the animals,
Lyn White
Campaign Director


Wausau Woman Accused Of Poisoning Dog, Cutting It’s Throat

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“Cases of intentional cruelty are the ones of greatest concern to the general public”.
“Animal cruelty crimes suggest the offenders are a risk to society as a whole!”

Please contact the judge and ask for the harshest punishment given by law!! Marathon County Circuit Judge Michael Moran 715-261-1381. 
The Honourable Gregory E. Grau
Marathon County Circuit Court
500 Forest Street
Wausau, WI 54403

Lamont Jacobson, Esq
Marathon County District Attorney’s Office
500 Forest Street
Wausau, WI 54403

Remember this face – Would you want her in your neighbourhood? Don’t worry, I will be keeping my eye on this one for you!

WAUSAU — A 20-year-old Wausau woman was in Marathon County Jail on Monday on charges that she slit the throat of her boyfriend’s dog after poisoning it with Drano and bleach.

Sean D. Janas appeared in Marathon County Circuit Court and was held in jail on a $2,500 cash bond. She is charged with felony mistreatment of animals, giving poison to an animal and obstructing an officer. She faces more than five years in prison and $30,000 in fines if convicted of all charges.

Marathon County Assistant District Attorney LaMont Jacobson said Janas kept a diary with “disturbing content” in relation to the abuse suffered by the dog, a 4-year-old German shepherdLabrador mix named Mary.

According to the criminal complaint, Janus wrote a number of entries in the diary detailing her ongoing abuse of the dog.

“I need to find a way to kill her without it looking like I killed her,Janus wrote. “ I’ve done lots of things already. I’ve given her drano, bleach and a lot of pain pills lol one night she got all tweaked out because of it, it was so funny.”

In another entry:

I have never hated an animal so much in my life, much less hate one or beat one. But the pleasure I get from watching her whimper in pain and cry out for help as I shove drano and bleach down her throat is like no other,Janus wrote.

According to the criminal complaint, police believe Mary was killed June 4 after suffering months of abuse. A veterinarian told police the dog had been brought to a local clinic on April 11 for treatment after a resident found the animal wandering in the street, bleeding from her head. Mary’s owner reported the animal had been vomiting blood for about a week prior to its death.

Marathon County Circuit Judge Michael Moran ordered Janas to have no contact with animals while the case is pending.

“ I’ve read the criminal complaint, and the diary entries,” Moran said. “If these allegations are correct, they are very disturbing.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 31.

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In Defense Of Animals Doubles Reward In Minneapolis Cat Cruelty Case

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Reward fund now totals $2,000 to convict person(s) who stabbed and set cat on fire

Minneapolis, Minn. (August 16, 2012) – In Defense of Animals (IDA), an international animal protection organization based in California, has added $1,000 to a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever stabbed, then burned to death a cat in a Minneapolis park. This brings the total reward to $2,000.

On August 12, police responded to a call from park employees who found a dead cat in the Longfellow Park and Recreation Center, a voting location used in Tuesday’s primary election. The cat’s throat had been slit, she had been set on fire, and a small American flag had been stabbed into her body. There was also an Obama/Biden lawn flag stuck in the ground at the site. That prompted interest from the FBI, Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security, who are also investigating.

The Minnesota Federated Humane Societies (MFHS) has posted a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible. “This despicable act of animal cruelty will not go unpunished,” said MFHS General Council Representative Tim Shields to WCCO, the local CBS affiliate. “Those responsible for this cruel, torturous death of a house pet will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

IDA has pledged to double that reward to encourage someone to come forward with information. “Whoever would commit this grotesque crime is a danger to us all.” said Jack Carone, Communications Director of IDA. “We know beyond a doubt that animal cruelty is a precursor to violence against humans. Someone knows something, and we ask them to come forward, both in the interest of justice for this poor animal and for the safety of the community.”

IDA urges anyone with information about this brutal killing to contact the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies at 612-866-8663. To contribute to the reward fund, please call IDA at (415) 448-0048, ext.0.

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Man gets maximum term for slitting dog’s throat

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ZANESVILLE — Justin C. Smith said he slit a dog‘s throat with a box cutter because he wanted his girlfriend out of his house.

“He was dispatched with honor,” Smith, 32, told Zanesville Municipal Court Judge William Joseph on Tuesday morning. “She brought a diseased, mangy, flea-ridden dog into the house and wanted me to spend my money on it. She bamboozled me.”

Zanesville police officers were dispatched in late June to Smith’s Luck Avenue home and found his girlfriend covered in blood, screaming and crying over the almost lifeless body of 20-pound Midnight, a mixed-breed dog, according to police reports.

The woman told officers Smith had cut the dog’s throat, and Smith admitted to officers he had done it to “get her attention.”

Joseph sentenced Smith to serve 180 days in jail and fined him $1,000 on a charge of cruelty to a companion animal and 60 days in jail and a $500 fine on a resisting arrest charge. The jail terms are to be served consecutively.

Smith scuffled with officers as they tried to arrest him, police said.

Smith, who has been in the Zanesville City Jail since his arrest, told Joseph he needed to get out of jail to pay his rent, bills, water and electricity.

“I want to get out of here,” Smith said.

Joseph gave Smith a chance to explain why he killed the dog after Smith pleaded no contest to both charges.

Smith said he was living with a “drug-addicted” woman who brought drugs and alcohol into his home and then a “discarded dog.”

“It was the only way I could get her to leave my home,” Smith said. “I could think of no other way. I guess I have some regret, but since the woman is out of my house, or at least I hope she is, that was my intent.”

Assistant City Prosecutor Emily Tarbert told Joseph she had received hundreds of emails, phone calls and letters from not just local residents, but also from around the world wanting Smith to get the maximum sentence for the death of the dog.

“He’s one of the worst offenders,” Tarbert said. “He didn’t dispatch the dog with honor. He murdered it. That was a great dishonor. He also had the murder weapon in his pocket when officers arrived.”

Smith argued with Tarbert and told her the dog was “unregistered and unlicensed” and that he told officers where the knife was when they arrived.

“Besides, no animal has rights over a human,” Smith said.

Joseph cut Smith off and told him there was no debate — the dog wasn’t asserting any sort of “right” over Smith. He said if Smith had wanted the woman out of his house, he should have called the police to evict her then taken the dog to the Humane Society.

“I don’t even know what you mean when you say the dog was dispatched with honor,” Joseph said.

Then, Smith told Joseph he has a head injury that doesn’t allow him to make sound decisions and that generally he is a “peaceful man.”

Joseph shook his head and said that was no justification and no animal deserved to be treated that way.

“Slitting a defenseless dog’s throat makes no sense to me,” Joseph said. “To top that off, the conduct towards the police after they get there is not good. Your actions speak louder than your words. Those weren’t peaceful actions. Not that day.”

A small group of protesters gathered outside the courtroom. They represented Nitro’s Ohio Army, Ohio residents who advocate the passage of House Bill 108, which would make animal cruelty charges felonies and not misdemeanors.

Cris Hughes, who is on the board for WHINNY Horse Rescue in Crooksville, said she is satisfied that Smith got the maximum sentence.

“Animals deserve better,” Hughes said. “Children, animals and elderly are always the ones who get abused. They’re the ones that can’t defend themselves.”

Tina Stanton, of Nashport, also was there to support the Nitro bill and to see that Smith got a stiff sentence.

“I was so disgusted when I heard what happened,” Stanton said.

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