Woman Who Tied Dog’s Mouth Shut Found Guilty Of Animal Cruelty

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YPSILANTI TWP. (WWJ) – A Ypsilanti Township woman who admitted to tying her dog’s mouth shut with twine so he couldn’t eat has been found guilty in the case.

Crystal Smith, the dog’s owner, was found guilty of animal cruelty March 21 in 14B District Court. She’s due back in court for sentencing on May 2.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) said the Alaskan Husky was severely underweight and dehydrated when he was taken from Smith in August. An investigation into Smith’s treatment of the animal began after a neighbour reported that the dog, which was kept on a chain outside, got loose.

Officials brought the emaciated dog to HSHV, where authorities discovered a large wound on his side. Smith later admitted the his injuries were from a burn, but asserted in court that the burns “just showed up one day.” Smith also admitted in court that she tied the dog’s mouth shut with twine, making him unable to eat.

“This was a really clear case of animal cruelty and we are grateful to the prosecutor and judge for seeing the gravity of this dog’s suffering. Animal cruelty is a serious crime and we want to make sure people who intentionally hurt animals pay for their crimes,” Matt Schaecher, HSHV Director of Animal Cruelty, said in a statement.

HSHV officials say the dog, who has lived at the shelter for 216 days, gained eight pounds in his first eight days at the facility. He also received extensive medical treatment for his injuries and other health problems related to neglect.

“Our staff and volunteers have done a fantastic job of protecting him, healing him and keeping him comfortable during a very long stay. This is a great dog and his suffering is through no fault of his own. He deserves a chance at a happy life,” Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV CEO, said in a statement.

Now healthy and healed, the Husky is going up for adoption and looking for a family that will give him the love and care he deserves. For information on adoption, visit www.HSHV.org or call 734-661-3511.

Update On Lindey: Dog Thrown From Bridge Receives $15,000 In Donations

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Earlier this week we brought you the story of Lindey, the German shepherd tossed from a bridge in Kansas City. 

We are happy to report that Lindey is smiling again after she was able to undergo surgery thanks to a number of generous donors.

Spectators were at a horse show when they saw a dog fall over 40 feet from an overpass and land in a parking lot of the arena where the horse show was being held.  A snowbank broke her fall, but she was still very badly injured.

Two quick-acting animal lovers sprang into action and rushed Lindey to the Piper Heritage Vet Clinic.

“When dogs fall that far they assume an orientation in space where front legs are coming down first, followed by their head,” said veterinarian Dr. Richard Smith. “We call that a 3-point landing and it’s not very pleasant; when front legs give out and then their chin hits the ground and causes damage to their mouth as well.”

Lindey’s front paws were badly damaged, and her teeth were knocked into her jaw.  She also suffered internal injuries.

“She had some blood in her stomach, some compression in her lungs,” Dr. Smith said.

He also said there was evidence of previous abuse, which is not surprising considering she was thrown from a bridge.

Costs for treatment and follow-up care were estimated to be about $10,000.  But Lindey’s sad story touched many hearts, and the donations poured in.

“We are so appreciative and grateful of those who share whatever they have to help this girl because she is a sweetheart,” Dr. Smith said.

Lindey, who was named after one of her rescuers, has a long road of recovery ahead before she is ready to be adopted.

“She was clearly propelled,” said Nancy Campbell, president of Missouri German Shepherd Rescue.  “She’s still scared and cowers at quick movements.

Anyone with information on who may have done this is urged to contact the Kansas City Police Department.  Their website can be reached here:  http://www.kckpd.org/ContactUs

Anyone who wishes to donate to Lindey or other injured German shepherds may do so herehttp://mogsrescue.rescuegroups.org/

News Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2013/03/update-on-lindey-dog-thrown-from-bridge-receives-15000-in-donations/

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Man gets maximum term for slitting dog’s throat

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ZANESVILLE — Justin C. Smith said he slit a dog‘s throat with a box cutter because he wanted his girlfriend out of his house.

“He was dispatched with honor,” Smith, 32, told Zanesville Municipal Court Judge William Joseph on Tuesday morning. “She brought a diseased, mangy, flea-ridden dog into the house and wanted me to spend my money on it. She bamboozled me.”

Zanesville police officers were dispatched in late June to Smith’s Luck Avenue home and found his girlfriend covered in blood, screaming and crying over the almost lifeless body of 20-pound Midnight, a mixed-breed dog, according to police reports.

The woman told officers Smith had cut the dog’s throat, and Smith admitted to officers he had done it to “get her attention.”

Joseph sentenced Smith to serve 180 days in jail and fined him $1,000 on a charge of cruelty to a companion animal and 60 days in jail and a $500 fine on a resisting arrest charge. The jail terms are to be served consecutively.

Smith scuffled with officers as they tried to arrest him, police said.

Smith, who has been in the Zanesville City Jail since his arrest, told Joseph he needed to get out of jail to pay his rent, bills, water and electricity.

“I want to get out of here,” Smith said.

Joseph gave Smith a chance to explain why he killed the dog after Smith pleaded no contest to both charges.

Smith said he was living with a “drug-addicted” woman who brought drugs and alcohol into his home and then a “discarded dog.”

“It was the only way I could get her to leave my home,” Smith said. “I could think of no other way. I guess I have some regret, but since the woman is out of my house, or at least I hope she is, that was my intent.”

Assistant City Prosecutor Emily Tarbert told Joseph she had received hundreds of emails, phone calls and letters from not just local residents, but also from around the world wanting Smith to get the maximum sentence for the death of the dog.

“He’s one of the worst offenders,” Tarbert said. “He didn’t dispatch the dog with honor. He murdered it. That was a great dishonor. He also had the murder weapon in his pocket when officers arrived.”

Smith argued with Tarbert and told her the dog was “unregistered and unlicensed” and that he told officers where the knife was when they arrived.

“Besides, no animal has rights over a human,” Smith said.

Joseph cut Smith off and told him there was no debate — the dog wasn’t asserting any sort of “right” over Smith. He said if Smith had wanted the woman out of his house, he should have called the police to evict her then taken the dog to the Humane Society.

“I don’t even know what you mean when you say the dog was dispatched with honor,” Joseph said.

Then, Smith told Joseph he has a head injury that doesn’t allow him to make sound decisions and that generally he is a “peaceful man.”

Joseph shook his head and said that was no justification and no animal deserved to be treated that way.

“Slitting a defenseless dog’s throat makes no sense to me,” Joseph said. “To top that off, the conduct towards the police after they get there is not good. Your actions speak louder than your words. Those weren’t peaceful actions. Not that day.”

A small group of protesters gathered outside the courtroom. They represented Nitro’s Ohio Army, Ohio residents who advocate the passage of House Bill 108, which would make animal cruelty charges felonies and not misdemeanors.

Cris Hughes, who is on the board for WHINNY Horse Rescue in Crooksville, said she is satisfied that Smith got the maximum sentence.

“Animals deserve better,” Hughes said. “Children, animals and elderly are always the ones who get abused. They’re the ones that can’t defend themselves.”

Tina Stanton, of Nashport, also was there to support the Nitro bill and to see that Smith got a stiff sentence.

“I was so disgusted when I heard what happened,” Stanton said.

News Link:http://www.zanesvilletimesrecorder.com/article/20120711/NEWS01/207110305

‘It was just a nightmare’: 36 dead pets found in ‘crazy cat lady’s’ home covered in one foot of excrement and showing signs of cannibalism

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Video link below

A retired New Jersey teacher is facing multiple counts of animal cruelty charges after authorities recovered 36 dead cats from her home.

The skeleton of a decomposed cat is visible in this gruesome picture from a home in Bradley Beach, New Jersey where 35 other cats were found dead

Lorraine R. Smith, 65, will be fined a maximum of $1,000 for each of the 36 counts after the dead animals were discovered lying in one-feet of their own faeces at her Bradley Beach property.

Responding to a 2 a.m fire alarm call at the La Reine Avenue home, emergency services and Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) entered the property in Hazmat suits to protect themselves from the decomposing remains

‘When I went into the house it was just a nightmare,’ said Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Chief Victor ‘‘Buddy’’ Amato.

‘It looked like a lot of the animals were cannibalising one another.

‘I have been doing this for ten years and out of ten this was ten plus,.

‘Even with hazmat suits on we could only stay inside the property for 15 minutes at a stretch and there are remains of the cats and faeces up to a foot high inside.’

Bradley Beach Police Chief Leonard A. Guida explained that police and fire officials arrived at the three storey La Reine Avenue home because of the fire alarm call, but instead found the house covered with dead cats.

‘I suspect the fire alarm possibly was set off because of the odor of decaying cats,’ said Guida according to APP.Com

The disgusting interior of the home in Bradley Beach where 36 cats died


Splitting her time between the Bradley Beach property and her sick mother in the nearby town of Neptune, Smith told investigators that she could not keep up with the demands of owning 36 cats.

‘She left the cats to fend for herself at the La Reine Avenue property while she was with her mother,’ said Amato.

‘The demands of looking after the cats and her mother was too much and so when they began to die from negelct she left them inside the home.

‘We estimate that the cats had been fending for themselves for up to one year.’

Smith, who is co-operating with authorities will go before a municipal court judge sometime next month.

‘I spoke to the suspect and informed her she was going to be charged,’ said Amato.

With a decade of experience behind him, Amato was sympathetic towards Smith.

‘These are not bad people,’ said Amato.

‘They have good intention, but then they get overwhelmed and begin to get desensitised to what is going on.

‘I think taking care of her mother became a priority over taking care of the animals.’

Neighbours were not surprised that the house had harboured such a chaotic situation.

‘I have complained a number of times to the town of Bradley Beach to say there is an odour and she is not cutting her grass,’ said Victor Caponegro.’

Another neighbour called Betty was shocked.

‘I don’t understand how a person can just walk away from a house full of cats.’

Video & Link to more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2150869/36-dead-pets-Lorraine-R-Smiths-home-covered-excrement-showing-signs-cannibalism.html#ixzz1wAy7TnC

Police: Drunk woman bites mom, family bulldog — dog bites back

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A 19-year-old woman was arrested Sunday after allegedly biting a dog during an argument with her mother after returning drunk to her northwest suburban Lake in the Hillshome.

Analise J. Garner, 19, of the 300 block of Village Creek Drive in Lake in the Hills, was charged with animal cruelty, two counts of domestic battery and underage drinking, Lake in the Hills police Sgt. Mark Smith said.

Officers responded to a disturbance at Garner’s home about 4 a.m. Sunday after neighbors reported loud screaming and pounding, Smith said.

Garner’s mother confronted her about coming home late and being drunk, Smith said.

Garner scratched and hit her 37-year-old mother in the left side of face, Smith said. She also bit her mother’s right hand.

The family’s white, 80-pound English bulldog was also bit three times on his back and shoulder, Smith said. The marks were visible on the body of the animal.

Garner was medically treated for a bite mark when the dog bit her once in the left arm, Smith said.

“The dog was defending himself,” Smith said. “She’d already bit him a few times. The dog was not charged.”

The skirmish was reported to the village’s animal control department due to the dog biting Garner, Smith said.

Garner was released on $3,000 bond Monday, according to McHenry County Sheriff’s office. She is scheduled to appear May 23 in court.

News Link:-http://www.suntimes.com/news/crime/12229615-418/police-drunk-woman-bites-mom-family-bulldog-dog-bites-back.html

Animal cruelty pair jailed after being caught stubbing out cigarettes on pigs’ faces and hitting them with baton

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  • One pig was beaten 30 times in just a minute
  • Defendent claimed abuse was part of the slaughterhouse ‘culture’
  • Animal rights groups say abuse is widespread

Two slaughtermen who were filmed beating pigs and stubbing cigarettes out their faces were today jailed.Piotr Andrzej Wasiuta, 30 and Kelly Smith, 40, were secretly filmed by animal rights group Animal Aid, who hid cameras in pig pens at Cheale Meats in Brentwood, Essex.

Kelly Smith

Members of the charity group wept today as the pair admitted cruelty charges and were sentenced to a total of 10 weeks behind bars at Westminster Magistrates Court.

In the distressing video, Wasiuta can be seen pushing a lit cigarette onto the forehead and snout of three different pigs and forcing hot ash into one of the animals’ faces as it squirms to get away.

Abuse: Wasiuta will spend six weeks behind bars after admitting stubbing cigarettes out in a number of pigs in his care

His actions earned him a six-week jail sentence.

In another clip, Smith, an experienced slaughterman of 14 years, is seen beating the animals with the edge of a ‘slapper’ used to move the pigs around the pens before slaughter.

He is later filmed hitting one pig 30 times in a minute – forcing the animal to sit down and pant heavily during the tirade of blows.

The 40-year-old father-of-three was jailed for four weeks.

Prosecutor Duncan Penny explained to the court how the footage was obtained by a contractor at the slaughterhouse who had ties to Animal Aid.

Stress: Smith claimed he was under intense pressure when he carried out the abuse

The filmed abuse took place in March and April 2011.

Describing abuse carried out by Smith, he said:’These acts were pointless, served no purpose and demonstrated to his colleagues his contempt for the animals he was dealing with

Jeremy Sirrell, defending Smith, said the beatings happened when he was under ‘extreme pressure’ at work.

‘They were expected to slaughter 1500 animals, or units as the company would call it,’ he said.

‘It is a matter of some irony, that this extreme pressure bore out of more animals being taken from another slaughter house in proximity having been closed down as a result, quite rightly, of activity by Animal Aid.’

Sundeep Pahkhania, defending Wasiuta, said he had been working in the slaughter house for under two months, and the abuse was part of a wider culture and couldn’t explain he behaviour.

‘In the CCTV, you can see another operative walking by, and he mentions nothing,’ he said.

WARNING: This film contains scenes that viewers may find disturbing.


‘I suggest there was an established culture of this kind of behaviour. ‘He walks into it as very much a newbie. ‘He realises now it was unacceptable, unlawful and is disgusted with himself.’

As he sentenced them both, Magistrate John Newgas told Wasiuta and Smith: ‘You have both seen the pictures of what took place. ‘They show clear animal cruelty no doubt about it.

‘You should have known what you were doing was wrong, and must have known it was wrong.’

Both men have since been sacked from their jobs at the slaughterhouse.

Animal Aid’s Head of Campaigns, Kate Fowler said the organisation was pleased with the result of the case – but urged the government to investigate two further slaughterhouses, claiming animals abuse is widespread across the industry.

She said: ‘We are satisfied that Wasiuta and Smith have now been brought to justice.

‘Their acts of cruelty were inexcusable and caused untold suffering to animals who were already scared and vulnerable.

‘However, many other slaughterhouse workers, who also caused serious and deliberate suffering to animals, have escaped justice because this government refused to act.

‘We are now calling on the Food Standards Agency to look again at two other cases to see whether charges may be brought under the Animal Welfare Act.

‘Our detailed investigations have found illegality in eight of the nine slaughterhouses we visited, despite government-appointed vets being present in all of them.

‘The current regulatory system does not work.

‘It does not catch those who abuse animals. But this case proves that properly placed and independently-monitored cameras do work, and we renew our call for Defra to make CCTV mandatory to catch those who abuse animals and to act as a disincentive to those who might consider it.’

Cheale Meats have not commented on the case.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2135083/Animal-cruelty-pair-jailed-caught-stubbing-cigarettes-pigs-faces-hitting-baton.html#ixzz1t9qB4c2G

Pig cruelty pair could face jail

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“I say get CCTV in all slaughter & farm businesses..The public have a right to know how the animals they are buying, have been treated !!!”

Two former slaughtermen from Essex who were secretly filmed attacking pigs have been warned they could face jail after admitting animal cruelty offences.

Piotr Andrzej Wasiuta, 29, from Southend, Essex, was seen stubbing a lit cigarette on pigs’ snouts three times in CCTV footage shown to Westminster Magistrates’ Court in central London.

Kelly Smith, 40, from Benfleet, Essex, used excessive force to strike pigs with a baton on two separate occasions after getting frustrated with the animals, the court heard.

Both men were working for Cheale Meats at Orchard Farm in Little Warley, Brentwood, Essex, when the offences took place in March and April last year.

Wasiuta admitted three charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a pig, under the Animal Welfare Act, while Smith – who had worked at Cheale Meats for “a considerable period of time”, the court was told – admitted two such charges. Two other charges originally faced by Smith were withdrawn by the prosecution.

An investigator from animal rights’ group Animal Aid had placed a covert camera on the premises to capture the footage of the cruelty carried out by the two men.

The pigs were attacked while in holding pens, before being stunned and then slaughtered, prosecutor Duncan Penny said.

Mr Penny said Smith had shown “violent frustration bordering on cruelty”, hitting one pig more than 30 times in 62 seconds.

The fact that both defendants were in positions of responsibility and used weapons are aggravating factors, the prosecutor added.

Chairman of the Bench Jeffrey Manton said “all options”, including custody, would be considered when Wasiuta and Smith are sentenced on April 25. The offence carries a maximum sentence of a six-month jail term, or £20,000 fine, or both. The men, who are of previous good character, were released on bail.

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