Dog Dies In Asbury Park After Being Left Out In The Heat

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ASBURY PARK – Two city residents have been charged with animal cruelty after two Pit Bulls were left out in the sun with no water or shade on Wednesday, resulting in the death of one of the dogs, police said.

Juanita White, 48, owned the dogs and Davina L. Kearney, 30, was watching the dogs, named Boogie and Monster, at her home on Ridge Avenue, Monmouth County SPCA Chief Victor Amato said. Both women were charged with animal cruelty.

“[The dogs] tried to save themselves by digging holes in the ground over a foot and a half deep to get out of the sun,” Amato said.

Monster tried to jump a chain link fence to reach shade in a neighbours yard and hung himself, Amato said, while Boogie was chained to the fence and alive when police arrived after a neighbour alerted authorities.

“These two dogs in that back yard no doubt barked and cried for a long time before the one died,” Amato said.

Both women were charged with failure to provide proper shelter, failure to provide proper water, procuring the death of the dogs and were released on their own recognizance.

Amato said people need to use common sense with animals and the heat.

“If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for the dogs”

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Animal activist decries inaction on animal cruelty in KK, Malaysia

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KOTA KINABALU: Malaysia:- An animal activist has criticised local authorities for their alleged lackadaisical approach in dealing with stray dogs problem and animal cruelty.

Sam Lau pointed out that Section 428 of the Penal Code stipulates that the killing of a dog, an area that should be of concern to the police, may result in jail of not more than two years or a fine or both; whereas acts of wilful cruelty towards dogs or other animals, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), may result in heavy fines.

“In KK, however, these provisions seem to hold little sway, with the authorities being slow to act or choosing not to act at all,” he said.

“The tragedy of stray animals is a seemingly never-ending and all-pervasive problem – a sight familiar to us all in KK.

A badly beaten stray dog while another lies dead on the cargo bed of a truck.

“The slaughter and brutal maiming of five stray dogs recently in Country Heights Apartments, Penampang,is a case in point and not a sight residents will easily forget,” Lau said.

He claimed that the management of the housing estate had resorted to clubbing the dogs to death after complaints to the local council fell on dead ears.

He said a member of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) present ordered the release of the one dog that was still alive, but no measures were taken to prosecute.

The perpetrators, using the developer’s lorry to remove the dogs’ bodies, left the scene unquestioned.

“Where is the voice of authority to speak out for animal rights in Sabah? Evidently it is muffled at best or non-existent in the main.”

Lau said that in a similar incident, a recent Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) initiative by SPCA in Taman Nelly Phase 9, Kolombong ended in tragedy.

“Residents sponsoring the neutering of local strays witnessed a red truck passing through the vicinity and meat being distributed to five neutered-and-released street dogs, two of which died soon after ingesting the meat,” he claimed.

“How, despite laws being in place to criminalize the killing of these animals, can they continue to be treated as rubbish to be disposed of rather than sentient beings with the right to life?”

“Perhaps Sabah can take a page from the book of those championing dogs’ rights to life in Selangor. Following the disastrous incident of an elderly woman’s long-time pet being shot by Ipoh City Council, an ensuing outcry from the public, NGOS and Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive), led to a ban on the shooting of dogs in Ipoh.”

Lau said it is high time for more firm action to be taken against brutalising strays in KK.

“Firstly, the ambiguity surrounding prosecutions under Penal Code 428 must be addressed by the relevant parties and penalties dealt more swiftly.

“Secondly, city authorities in KK would do well to engage in dialogue with animal rights and animal protection groups to discuss ways of improving its management of stray dogs in the city.

“Such efforts would ensure that the animals are not only given a chance to live well but also provide the long-term benefits of companionship to the pet lovers who adopt them.

“The cruel killing of dogs is unacceptable if we wish to live in a truly compassionate and caring Sabah.”

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Please speak up for the canines in Malaysia by signing the petitions on these links:

Please push the SPCA in Kota Kinabalu to take action against this by posting on their facebook page:¬if_t=share_reply

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Cruelty, torture & abuse

Key West Man Arrested For Animal Neglect Resulting in Pomeranian’s Death

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In the heartbreaking death of an 11-year-old Pomeranian, Daniel Doane, the dog‘s owner, was arrested on Friday in Key West and charged with felony animal cruelty. The dog named Snarf had been repeatedly neglected by Doane for the last ten months

Please rescue a Pomeranian as a tribute to little Snarf who died a tortured death. (Pomeranian shown is not Snarf) Credits: Rescue Me! Pomeranian Rescue Facebook

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office blog, Sheriff’s Detective Dave Chayka and the Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty charged Doane with long term neglect and failing to take care of his dog.

Beginning last September, poor, neglected Snarf had been turned into the SPCA with rotten teeth and a severe infestation of fleas and ticks. Snarf was again picked up in April running loose with the same physical problems. Doane was charged with animal cruelty and ordered to appear in court. Both times the SPCA asked Doane to surrender Snarf, but Doane refuse

Just days before Doane was to appear in court, Snarf was found near the White Street Pier barely able to stand. He was taken to the SPCA where he died a short while later.

Veterinarian reports stated the senior dog died from a severe, fully engorged tick infestation.

“A senior dog who should have been sleeping peacefully in an air conditioned room with plenty of food, water, and pampering, but instead he’s made to suffer like this and die from ticks sucking his blood.

How cruel can anyone be? I hope he is never allowed to own another animal for the rest of his life. He could have done the right thing for that dog months ago,” stated Amy Collins, a vet technician in Miami.

Rest in peace Snarf. Doane remains in the Monroe County Detention Center.

For more information on rescuing Pomeraniansplease click here.

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Gardai Probe After Rabbit Killed In Front of Children

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GARDAI are investigating a case of alleged animal cruelty after a man killed a pet rabbit in front of children in a Dublin housing estate.

Local sources said the man used a stick to kill the rabbit and then buried it in the back garden.

But after the matter was reported by a neighbour, gardai dug up the rabbit as part of its investigation into cruelty.

The incident, on May 26, was also believed to have been reported to HSE social workers because the rabbit was killed in front of children.

“The rabbit is said to have bitten one of the children at the house, and the owner killed it with a stick because he felt he couldn’t trust the animal,” a neighbour said.

“But one neighbour who saw what was going on reported it to the gardai in Blanchardstown and the place was turned into a crime scene all of a sudden.

“The forensic guys came and dug up the rabbit and seized the stick it was supposed to have been killed with.

“I heard the dead animal was photographed and taken away for a post mortem.

“The HSE are said to be involved as well, because the children were there when the rabbit was killed,” he added. “It’s the talk of Castleknock.”

The residents of the house where the rabbit was killed declined to comment on the incident.

Gardai confirmed they are investigating an incident of animal cruelty at the address, but would not comment further.


The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) said rabbits need to be handled carefully or they can scratch or bite.

“We are always horrified to hear of violence against pets, especially when that happens in front of children,” said DSPCA spokeswoman Gillian Bird.

“It is illegal to deliberately kill or maim an animal in a way that causes suffering.

“Animals that are to undergo a post mortem are usually brought to the vets’ laboratory in UCD, but it can take a week to 10 days to get results back,” she explained.

The DSPCA said it does not recommend rabbits as pets for very small children because they can revert to a feral state if not handled properly.

“If anyone does have a rabbit and finds they cannot home it properly, we are here to give free advice,” Ms Bird said.

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Women Who Rubber-Banded Pup’s Snout: Convicted

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Please Note:”I couldn’t attach video, so it will be posted separately to Facebook & Twitter

“What a rotten, cold hearted bitch…she “didn’t notice it”…that’s cos she too busy looking after herself. I can only thank God that the SPCA learned of the case & saved the poor wee soul!! Take a good look at her face, see the coldness in her eye’s…all abusers have that same look, void of sympathy, compassion, empathy, love & simple kindness!! From now on (if I remember) abusers names will be in this colour, red the colour of blood…cos all these MF’s have it on their hands!!

In December of 2011, a nine-month-old Yorkie-poodle mix named Sox was discovered locked in a bathroom with a rubber band around his muzzle.  He was starving, covered in fleas and surrounded by faeces.

The SPCA learned of the dog and his condition after being contacted by a teacher who was told by two students that their dog was “dying slowly in the bathroom.”

The rubber band was so tight that it had begun cutting into the dog’s skin and jawbone.  It caused an infection that opened a hole on top of the snout that Sox could breathe through.  He was surrendered to the SPCA the next day after owner Tieesha Cogdell refused to take him to a veterinarian.

The Largo, Florida woman claimed she didn’t know that her dog’s snout had been clamped shut with a rubber band, and only noticed when Sox started having trouble breathing.  His fur was so long that it hid the rubber band.

Tieesha Cogdell

But it is doubtful that she was clueless to his condition considering the dog had also been trapped in the bathroom for weeks.  Also, wouldn’t she have noticed that he wasn’t eating?  That is, if she bothered to feed him in the first place. “Erm..didn’t she ever take a shower or a piss?? Didn’t notice my ass, lazy good for nothing SOB!”

The judge didn’t buy her story, and sentenced Cogdell to six months in jail for animal cruelty.  This may not seem like nearly long enough, but she will also receive one year of probation following her jail sentence, as well as a lifetime ban from ever owning dogs again.  In addition, she has been ordered to pay the $2,000 medical treatment for Sox.

Sox has since been adopted by a woman named Lori Chambers.

“The fact that there’s a human being out there that would do something like that to an animal makes me sad,” Chambers said.  “He wants to be loved.  He shows us that every day.”

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Graphic Image: Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Owner Of German Shepherd Found In Kitsilano Dumpster

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“Well done for catching this spineless bxxxxxd, Brian Whitlock…I hope Captain is looking down & can now rest easy, knowing his abuser was caught! I remember this case vividly, such a beautiful dog thrown out like trash; just heartbreaking!”

VANCOUVER – Animal cruelty charges have been laid against the owner of Captain, the two-year-old German shepherd left for dead in a dumpster this summer.

Brian Whitlock, 26, threw Captain the dog into a dumpster & left him to die!!

The dog’s owner was charged under the Criminal Code and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a lifetime ban on owning animals and a $75,000 fine. “I bet he gets 12 suspended sentence, maybe a ban on owning animals & a small fine…for all I wish that these maximum charges could be brought…they never are!”

After hearing its cries coming from the 1400-block of Maple Street on July 18, Kitsilano residents discovered the malnourished dog wrapped in a bloody towel, covered in cuts and bruises to his head and body. The dog was alive but unresponsive and, despite receiving veterinary care, died the next day.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received an outpouring of emotion and outrage following Captain’s death. A vigil was held in his honour and more than $70,000 was donated in online campaign to raise money for the SPCA investigation.

“We deal with thousands of cases every year and deal with heartbreaking cases every day, but I think this particular case — the image of this dog, critically ill, lying in a dumpster — really touched people’s hearts,” said Lorrie Chortyk, SPCA community relations manager.

Captain had once been a police dog candidate but was deemed too friendly, the SPCA said this summer.

Since the matter is now before the courts, Chortyk could not reveal further details about the investigation.

Brian Whitlock, 26, was charged with wilfully causing suffering to an animal and will make his first court appearance on Friday.

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A Happy Ending For Adam: The Kitten Set Fire By Kids

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“I remember seeing this when it happened,but it’s not posted as it was before I joined WP. Read the full story below!”

“Can you believe that 2 female teenagers age 15, could do this, what sort of dysfunctional family do they come from to make them think this is ok? Are some kids just born evil, or do they just act that way because of what happens behind closed doors at home? under the Animal Welfare Act, parents are responsible for the actions of children under the age of 16. Do we blame the kids or the parents? ” 😦

“Well, I just wanted to share this, firstly to show that, some  sweet innocent looking kids; can do this. “Secondly because I’m so happy to see him doing so well. Massive thanks to all those who cared for Adam, you gave him back his life!” 🙂

Poor Adam was given a 50/50 chance of survival

Adam the kitten set fire by kids

Uploaded by  on 10 Apr 2009

Adam the cat was set on fire by teenage kids and left for dead. He was brought in and rescued and after many surgeries is happy and healthy now in Rohnert Park

It is difficult to quantify the will to live, but a tiny kitten that was set on fire and nearly burned to death is as good an example as any.

Wrapped in towels in a cage at the Animal Hospital of Cotati, Adam, as the hospital staff calls him, is struggling to survive against all odds.

The kitten was only 8 weeks old June 19 when two 15-year-old girls allegedly poured flammable liquid on him while he was trapped in a cage and lit a match.

An 11-year-old boy and his friend saw the smoke and heard the cat shrieking amid what they described as the girls’ laughter. They found the kitten cowering near death in bushes next to a creek and brought him to the apartment manager.

The girls, whose names have not been released, were charged in Sonoma County Juvenile Court with felony cruelty to animals last week after an intensive search, a $10,000 reward fund and a Bay Area-wide furor.

Little Adam purrs and bats playfully at toys in the dog-size cage inside the hospital and has free rein in the master bedroom or in a playpen at the home of head nurse Tina Wright, who takes him with her every night.

But he is a long way from being out of danger. His tail and the tips of his ears had to be amputated, and his entire back is nothing but raw tissue, the skin having been burned completely off.

“If left untreated, he would die,” said Dr. Katheryn Hinkle, the head veterinarian and owner of the Animal Hospital. “He would get an infection. You can’t have that much open skin and not get an infection. He is also very vulnerable to viral disease at this point.”

The kitten has already undergone two operations in which the surgeon stretched skin from his sides and partially covered the open wound on his back. He will need several more skin-stretching operations before the wound is closed, including grafts from other areas of his body.

“Every week he’s going to have some skin-grafting technique to close that big gap on his back,” Hinkle said. “There’s not enough skin on the sides to complete the job.”

Hinkle said it will take at least two more surgeries and possibly several months before Adam’s exposed areas are covered. She said the most difficult part is the feline’s rear end. “He’s got pieces of his pelvic bone sticking out,” she said.

“The degree of injury is greater than our normal level of trauma that we care for,” Hinkle said. “He’s our most critical patient, and we’re watching him constantly.”

Adam cannot leave his cage inside the hospital because of the danger of contamination, and nobody is allowed to touch him without gloves. His bandages are changed every morning at 7 a.m. He eats both dry and wet cat food except after surgery, when he is on an intravenous pump for 24 hours to monitor his intake of fluids, medicines and painkillers.

“Monitoring the IV pump requires me to stay up all night,” Wright said. “It is exactly like having an infant. I have to haul all the stuff back to work in a diaper bag.”

The kitten was one of six feral litter mates captured along with a male cat on a Santa Rosa farm and brought back to the trapper’s apartment in the Apple Valley neighborhood. The plan was to get the cats spayed and neutered at Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County, an organization dedicated to controlling wild cat populations humanely. The cats were to be turned loose on the farm again after being sterilized.

The trapper left three cages on his porch overnight, but the two containing the other five kittens were stolen. The male cat was left on the porch, and nobody knows for sure what happened to the other kittens.

The barbarity Adam endured stunned and angered community leaders, who cite studies showing that young people who abuse animals are more likely to someday abuse people.

“Hurting or terrorizing or torturing animals is one symptom of conduct disorder,” said Lisa Boesky, a San Diego-based clinical psychologist, who specializes in identifying violent tendencies in juveniles. “We need to ask the question, ‘Why did they do this?,’ and then address that.”

The money and attention being lavished on Adam has angered many in the neighborhood, where a 16-year-old boy was killed a year ago to much less outrage.

“The mentality here is: They can put up a reward for a burned cat, but they can’t put up a reward for a kid who got killed,” said Shawna Shaffer, the apartment manager who called for help after the kitten was brought to her office. “But we’re talking (in both cases) about the way kids are being raised in this neighborhood.”

Some are questioning the decision to keep the cat alive at considerable expense instead of putting it out of its misery. The surgeries and care alone will probably total from $20,000 to $30,000, Hinkle said. Money is being raised by Forgotten Felines, and the veterinary surgeon, Lisa Alexander, has been operating pro bono.

“He is fighting for his life, so we would never bail out on him at this point,” Hinkle said. “This is what compassion looks like, what the children in that neighborhood need more of in their lives.

“From my perspective, those girls need more help than this kitten. My goal for Adam is for him to be the poster child for what the community can do if it comes together.”

Adam’s next surgery will probably be on Thursday or Friday. “In the end, he’ll be adopted into a good home,” said Wright, who also works for Forgotten Felines. “I have the option (to adopt him), but I try not to think too far ahead.”

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Bestiality: Vancouver Man Pleads Guilty, Handed Suspended Sentence… Your Comments???


“WTF….First off can I just say when I got this story (cos I’m still catching up), it started back in February  so I posted that story first, in date order…now this is the court appearance news”

So, let me get this right, this guy has had sex with 2 of his dogs for several years, video of  him committing these acts were found at his home…BUT HE GETS A SUSPENDED SENTENCE & 3 YEARS PROBATION??”

“Am I missing something here, I thought bestiality was a criminal act in Canada, yet this guy has had sex with his dogs, even video taped it…plus he’s been very vocal about bestiality & written articles about it; but his only court penalty is:- he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month???”  

” OK  I want some one else’s opinion & input here…so comments welcome…you might want to have a look at his face book page, lots of pictures of his dogs!!

A Vancouver man was handed a suspended sentence and three years probation after pleading guilty to one count of bestiality Monday

Brian Anthony Cutteridge, 38, a former employee at a veterinarian’s office, entered his plea during a brief appearance in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.

The offence relates to seven to nine incidents over a seven-year period, from 1998 to 2005, in which he had sex with two female dogs, a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever.

An SPCA investigation was launched in April 2010 after a complaint was filed by a veterinarian who was concerned that Cutteridge was a potential zoophile, a person who has sex with animals, that he owned dogs and that the animals had a history of urinary tract infections.

A second complaint by an anonymous person was filed in May 2010, prompting the SPCA to open a cruelty complaint file.

Brian Cutteridge, 38, of Vancouver has been charged with bestiality. Feb.

SPCA officers attended Cutteridge’s Vancouver home and he was advised of the bestiality allegations.

Three female dogs were inspected, two of which were found to have long nails.

Cutteridge denied committing bestiality but further investigation led to the seizure of video revealing him committing the acts for which he was eventually charged.

In a joint submission by Crown and defence, prosecutor David Simpkins noted there was no evidence that either of the two female dogs, named Diana and Kalle, was physically harmed by Cutteridge.

Jason Mann, the accused’s lawyer, told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Arne Silverman that his client had accepted responsibility for his conduct.

“Mr. Cutteridge wants to make it clear that he never had any intention of harming the animals involved,” he said.

The judge noted there was no need for general deterrence for crimes that would repulse the majority of Canadians.

Just one of many pictures taken From Cutteridges  Face Book page “Sickening”

He said a jail term would have been within the appropriate range of sentences, but he couldn’t say the joint submission he accepted was outside the range. “?? In English, what the hell does that mean?”

Cutteridge’s probation conditions include that he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month.

There was little mention during the proceedings of Cutteridge’s Internet writings, which argue that laws against bestiality are logically incoherent and inherently unjust.

Outside court, Cutteridge said he would not be commenting.

“I’m just glad to get this done,” he told reporters.

Mann told reporters he and Cutteridge would not be speaking about his client’s prior writings on the subject of zoophilia.

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His Facebook page:-



Dogs were living in their own faeces – SPCA

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“Yet another knob head that needs proper punishment. The SPCA can’t go on holding the hands of these merciless bastards. He knew those poor dogs were living in filth, yet he chose to brush it aside. The poor dogs gave him all the pups they could, they  have nothing left to give now…apart from love…& I pray they all get to feel the sun on their backs, the grass under their feet, & the loving tender arms of someone to share their lives with.”

“This man deserves nothing less than a prison sentence (A PROPER ONE) not a suspended one, really, what’s the bloody point in them?. Get his heartless ass kicked in jail & make him pay for the treatment of every one of those poor dogs that gave their whole lives for him…Let him spend the same amount of time, he forced those little dogs to spend locked up in caged…in prison!!”

Johannesburg – The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) confiscated 55 Pomeranians from a backyard breeder in Meyerton, Gauteng, on Monday.

The owner of the house would face charges of animal cruelty and obstruction of justice, said SPCA Vereeniging manager Marlien Pieterse. “So what’s his name…so we can shame the bastard?”

The small dogs were living in their own faeces and urine. Most of them had few or no teeth left due to a poor diet.

The Meyerton police were called in when the owner of the Riversdale home refused to allow the SPCA access to the property.

“The inspectors tried to educate the owner and numerous warnings have been issued in the past. “Sod the warnings, why give these people a second chance to abuse when you know they have already done it! How many times can they abuse until something is done??”

“The owner chose not to comply nor improve the living conditions of the dogs,” Pieterse said. – Sapa

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Arrest Over Second Seizure Of Pups

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A 46-year-old man has been arrested at Dublin Port after the search of a van led to the discovery of 56 puppies.

Image from Sky News

This is the second foiled attempt this week to traffic a large number of puppies bred in illegal Irish puppy farms to the UK.

The dogs have been cared for by the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) since their discovery on Thursday.

The animal welfare organisation said this brought the total number of pups seized to 92 in just three days.

The latest discovery includes mainly small breeds, aged between six and 10 weeks.

Gardaí have since released the suspect, pending further enquiries.DSCPA chief executive Brian Gillen is warning people buying a puppy to be vigilant against trafficking.

This second seizure in a week has to make people aware of the problems of buying from an unreliable source.“Do not buy from the boot of a car or a van and always arrange to meet the puppy with its parents at the breeders home – the conditions the mother is living in is a good indication of the health and welfare of the animals.”

On Tuesday afternoon, gardaí uncovered 36 animals in two cars in the Coolock area of Dublin.

Twenty-five Jack Russells and a number of other breeds including Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Terriers, Beagles and Labradors were found inside boxes in the back of the vehicles, which were stopped on the Old Malahide Road

Two men arrested in connection with animal cruelty were subsequently released

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