Part 3 Graphic Video – Owner Of Pet Shop – Also Abused Dogs In Rio

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October 31, 2012 at 10:40

That son, like mother. New images taken by the Public Ministry (MP) show that the owner of the pet shop Quattro Paws at Engenho de Dentro, Rio, Solange Barroso also abused her animals. In one, a woman was caught giving head slap in the German Shepherd dog breed. The first to be indicted for mistreatment of animals was Daniel Barroso, her son. “Without a shadow of doubt, she practiced assaults along with his son,” said the prosecutor Christiane Monnerat, who had access to new videos.

Solange, who until then guarantee that even knew the child’s behavior, will now answer the same charges that he, like mistreatment of animals – in his case, seven animalsalong with fraud by abuse of trust. “The feathers added exceed two years in detention, therefore the case is not the Special Criminal Court, which handles crimes with little offensive potential,” said the prosecutor.

Not ruled out the hypothesis Solange be summoned by the police to provide new evidence. At first, she denied knowing that the attitudes of the child. However, in a video she appears very close to where Daniel was spotted hitting, giving potions and pushing her head against the wall for two dogs, while bathing the animals.

Other victims

The prosecutor emphasized that the clinic closed by the city, worked irregularly. There was, for example, registration with the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of Rio New videos received by MP also serve to identify other animals attacked the pet shop. In addition to the recordings, witness statements are fundamental to the police and MP identify culprits.

Material can be used in processes

Prosecutor Christiane Monnerat reported yesterday that will provide tutors animals who suffered mistreatment at Paws pet shop Quattro new images and copies of the investigation of the establishment. The material may be included in the actions of moral damage of animal guardians in court against the owners of the establishment.

According to the prosecutor, the guardians of the animals may also contact her at the Ministry of Public dos Bandeirantes Highway 363, in Taquara, or through her page on Facebook, e-mail address ‘christiane.monnerat.3 @’.

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Part 2 Investigation of aggression in pet shop enters the final stretch – Graphic Video

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October 29, 2012 at 18:00 Scenes of animal aggression were recorded in Quatto Paws pet shop in the suburb of Rio (Photo: Daniel Ramalho / Earth)

Investigations into the case of mistreatment of dogs in pet shop Quattro Paws at Engenho de Dentro, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, by Daniel Barroso, 20, are already in the final.

According to the deputy Tarcisio Jansen, of the Bureau of Environmental Protection (DPMA) that takes care of the case, on Friday the inquiry was instituted. Eleven people, including witnesses author (Daniel) and coauthor (Solange Barroso, the store owner and mother of Daniel) were heard.

Distraught: Vera Fernandez said she took labrador Thor to the pet shop every week as a treat
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During this week, the sheriff want to hear another witness, guardian of another dog that suffered aggressions second images released by the newspaper RJTV, Rede Globo.

The hearsay, however, has not yet been checkedJansen intends to send the case to the Public Ministry (MP) by the end of the week with all testimonials completed.

“Of course, appearing more witnesses, let us hear them too. But I must refer the inquiry to the MP by the end of this week, “said the sheriff.

Jansen would not reveal the content of the testimony of Daniel, which appears in the recordings hitting the animal during the bath, and her mother, Solange Barroso, owns the shop.

Both should answer process by mistreatment, with penalties ranging from six months to a year in prison for each animal attacked – the images show three dogs taking punches to the head and tapas, among other assaults. Solange still be liable for omission.

The images have been requested to Rede Globo, according to the officer, and will be accepted as valid evidence against the author and coauthor besides the testimonies of witnesses.

“We have requested the pictures, and during this week we will watch calmly in order to more accurately analyze the attacks. I have no doubt about the intent intense in maltreatment. The pictures show it clearly. Therefore, the recordings will be accepted as valid evidence, as well as all testimonies to the investigation, “concluded Jansen.

The sheriff heard the testimony of three former employees of the store, two tutors dogs that appear on the images being attacked, and four customers who used to bring their pets to take bath on site.

The author of aggression and his mother owns the pet shop, testified on the last Tuesday of the DPMA in St. Kitts, north of Rio The interviews took about 2 hours and 30 minutes and, on leaving the station, both hid their faces to avoid being photographed and refused to speak to the media.

International repercussions

The images of the attacks ran the world and became major news in the British newspapers, like the Daily Mail (who called the case “pet shop of horrors”) and The Sun (who described the video as containing “terrible scenes of animal cruelty “), after a former employee reported the images recorded for five months, in which Daniel appears in beating dogs.

In one egregious deeds, a labrador – breed known for being docile and playful – not outline any response attacks, but takes a sequence of punches to the head and potions, as well as having her head thrown against the wall of the tank in bathing. The images were shown by the report of RJTV to Solange, who showed surprise at the complaint, said he never received complaints of mistreatment and never saw her son hurt any animal, although it also appears in the recordings, at the time Daniel hit a dog.

The city has temporarily suspended the operating license of the pet shop, until the case is decided by the courts. The owner of the building that housed the store canceled the lease agreement a day after the video being circulated in the media. The Paws pet shop Quattro worked for four years on the street Pernambuco, in Engenho de Dentro, a suburb of Rio

18th October (The video is in Portuguese as all copies are, this is the full length version)

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Graphic Undercover Video Show Dogs Being Punched In Pet Shop In Rio

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“The following is translated from Portuguese ao ir is a little disjointed, but I’m sure you will get the drift!!. The little shit in the video, is unrelenting punching etc. I cried throughout, so please use viewer discretion. I so wish I knew who & what was said on the blacked out speech video, it could be the little shit himself…the one doing the abusing! It’s at times like these where I wished I had studied harder in languages! By God I would like to punch his maracas till their black & blue!!”

Dogs get water on the muzzle and take punches and blows to the head. 
Flagrant was done by an amateur cameraman and shown in RJTV.

Images recorded five months ago by a witness shows that animals were mistreated at Four Paws Pet Shop, located at Rua Pernambuco, in Engenho de Dentro, in the suburb of Rio According to the witness, who was outraged by the abuse, mistreatment were constant and the animals cried out in pain. Some left injured and traumatized by the beatings that took.

Published 18 October

Sought by staff RJTV, the owner of the establishment, Solange Barroso, showed surprise at the allegations. She said she never received complaints of mistreatment. “Well how would they know it was from there, its supposed to be a professional dog salon”

She acknowledged the offending animal as his own sonDaniel, 20. However, even appearing in the images, she denied that knew of the assaults. In the absence of officials, he came to work in the shop a few months ago. Currently, serves to bring and fetch the dogs at home.

“That was not my understanding. Things that are happening at the moment and you can not control you.’s So that I can say. Asking thousand excuses because, really, I do not have or what to say,” said Solange, who informed he will be away from the property, as shown by the Journal Today.

In the recording, there slaps, punches, insults and objects at the head of the animalAbundant water in the snout to drown the animal, potions. Moreover, paws and noses were tied with inappropriate objects.

“I understand that when you take an animal to a particular service, it has to be done and have more pleasure, which is a caring, understand? The animal is feeling. Since there was not so well, it was ice water, tied her mouth and blows, “said the witness.

The flagrant shows that the dog is inside the tank and gets the first punch. Then the employee strength ties with the muzzle of the animal, gives slapping, shoving and a sequence of punches.The dog calms down. Already mastered, receives a lot of water on the face, slaps and shoves new.

Pictures of amateur cameraman shows the dog aggression (Photo: Play / TV Globo)

The assaults also occur with small dogs and quiet. But the most shocking scenes are with a dog breed labrador. The animal, even dominated, receives a sequence of punches to the head. He takes almost throughout the bath, which lasts 15 minutes.

For images, you can see that the employee uses a plastic bottle to harm the dog. Then he grabs another bottle of shampoo to hit the animal. The attacks do not stop. The dog does not react, is apparently calm, but still receiving punches.

The owner of the labrador, Vera Fernandes, lives alone with Thor, 5 years. She said the dog bathes in the pet shop twice a month for a year. He said he never suspected anything wrong.

“I’m shocked. I never imagined they could do such a thing. Nãotem If patience with animal, for opening a facility to care for an animal?” Asked Vera.

Anyone who wants to report the abuse, can take three actions: seek the nearest police station or police station of Environmental Protection, in St. Kitts, in the northern zone of the city, and you can call the number 1746. After the complaint, agents of the Department of Defense Special Pets go to the site to do a survey. If the complaint is upheld, the store owner can be notified and the pet shop has a term to suit. However, if the error persists, the establishment’s business license could be suspended.

The Secretary of Defense of Animals receives on average ten complaints a day.

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