Dog Rescued From Locked Suitcase Would Have Been Crushed In Garbage Truck

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“OMG…I found this by chance on one of my many “who did it” trails… so please note the following, it has been translated & is….albeit a little disjointed, I have tried to make sense of it! I got the details from the blog below, but if anyone know’s anything please contact those below!”

“There are some really sick people out there, if you don’t want your dog take it to a pound, don’t shove it in a bloody suitcase to be thrown in the back of a garbage truck…I don’t know how anyone could live with themselves having done this…I hope my mate “Karma” makes a visit to the culprits house…very soon!!”


Dog put in case & left for garbage vehicle to come & crush!!

BITCH found inside a suitcase and pulled into a container to crush VIVA.EN THE SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, help with the dissemination, must be found who committed this despicable act.

Found in Mills Street SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE.

Please if anyone recognizes need more data to send complaint contact below.

BITCH ON RESCUED FROM A LOCKED CONTAINER IN A CASE THAT IS IN THE SHELTER VALLEY COLINO: (information by Olga ere) copy and paste your information:

First all staff and volunteers of the shelter wants to thank the people who warned this bitch and rescued from certain death.

Despite the atrocity, let’s stay with the positive aspect that people are increasingly aware and hopefully very pronto these cruelties thing of the past. Valle Colino’s veterinarian has examined the dog and has several bites all over her body, superficial character , but without gravity.

The health status of the dog seems to be good but still under observation. Already several people are organizing to file a subsequent complaint with all the data that have been collected and also the report accompanying veterinarian.

Finally we want to end this message with the good news that a person already have expressed interest in adopting the dog and hopefully soon make the necessary legal procedures to do so, since it falls within the breeds considered by law as potentially dangerous.

Anything new, keep reporting. Thank you! (Olga ere) ———– Added staff (Miguel Medina) is that this product is Argentina, when something this serious happens is important to spread, luckily story with readers bastos santa cruz Spain and Tenerife.

Especially Spanish readers or related to these please spread it, and those who are not of that country, please give due importance in rejection mode, this is serious and should not happen in any region.

SITE FOR ANIMALS, SUMATE migueanimal Miguel Medina

Twitter @ (can’t make out the this)




Running of the bulls

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The running of the bulls, the most famous, is that of the seven-day festival of Sanfermines in honour of  San Fermín in Pamplona.

I’ll say again, I have no sympathy whatsoever for those who wish to risk life & limb, it’s their choice”, I only feel for the poor bulls who get injured whilst forced to run on cobbled stone, into the the ring of death!

Thousands dashed through Spanish Pamplona for a bull run at the San Fermin fiesta, an event that ushers in Spain’s summer party season. Several runners were knocked to the ground and some were trampled on by the animals weighing more than 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms) but there were no gorings or life-threatening injuries. The daily run is the highlight of the 9-day street drinking festival, and comes after a full day and night of hard partying. The bulls will be killed in the evening in the bull ring, and their meat served up in Pamplona’s restaurants.

“I think the above says it all, hard partying, drinking etc. Yes, many men feel invincible after a hard night on the pop”…it’s just a shame the animals have to suffer for it”

Then there’s the free for all bull fight, where everyone wants to be a hero!

“Idiots! I only feel sorry for the bulls that had to endure the abuse & the horses that were put in harms way. If this isn’t barbaric brutal abuse, I don’t know what is!”

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