Stiff Sentence Imposed For Man Who Abused Pug

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I would hardly call this a stiff sentence, but it’s a start if jail hasn’t been given before...the maximum sentence for animal cruelty is now set at five years…yet this heinous crime only warranted six months prison for Laberge? My god, I dread to think what one has to do to warrant the maximum five years; if these dogs had died from their wounds I doubt it would have been five years. Surely this heartless monster deserved, at the very minimum, one year in jail, along with a life long ban on owning any animals.

MONTREAL—Last August, Geoffrey Laberge’s neighbours heard the sounds of dogs being beaten and abused.

On Friday, a Quebec judge handed Laberge the stiffest sentence ever meted out for animal cruelty in the province.

When police arrived at the corner of Pie-IX and 55th Avenue in 2011, they found one of Laberge’s dogs covered in blood. The three-year-old pug had been stabbed multiple times, beaten with a lead pipe and shards of ceramic were poking through her fur.

This pug-mix suffered trauma to the head, including a number of stab wounds, shards from a broken ceramic plate, and being beaten by an iron pipe.

Laberge, 37, will now spend six months in jail after he pleaded guilty to five counts of animal cruelty. Both the defence and crown recommended a sentence that also forbids him from owning an animal for the next quarter century.

Up until Friday there really was no deterrent effect,” said Alanna Devine, the SPCA’s director of animal advocacy. “Even in egregious cases of animal cruelty when people were found guilty and being sentenced, they  weren’t getting jail time.”

Both dogs have since made a full recovery and have been adopted by new homes. The story of Roo, the abused pug, stood out for Devine.

“It’s difficult for us to not get emotional,” said Devine, who was present when the dog was brought to the SPCA. “One of the dogs was in such a critical state that we felt she needed emergency treatment.”

Roo was rushed to an animal hospital in Notre-Dame-de-Grace where veterinarians were not sure if the dog would survive the night. Devine credited the cooperation of the Montreal police, SPCA and first responders for helping save the dog.

After an amendment to the criminal code in 2008, the maximum sentence for animal cruelty is now set at five years. Devine would like to see the maximum sentence imposed in more egregious cases.

Quebec has had a spotty past prosecuting animal cruelty, with a US-based animal rights group ranking the province the best place to abuse animals for 2010 and 2011.

“This is going to have a deterrent effect going forward that the judicial system in Quebec is starting to take animal cruelty seriously,” said Devine.

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Humane Society: Dog dies after ‘horrific’ injuries, torture

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The Danville Area Humane Society is looking for suspects responsible for the torture and death of a male Jack Russell terrier brought into the facility Tuesday night.

Around 10 p.m. Tuesday, the Danville Police Department contacted employees at the shelter regarding “a severely injured dog” in the 100 block of Oakland Avenue and Halifax Road, according to a news release from the Humane Society. The owner of the dog contacted police for help.

The dog was suffering from “serious knife wounds” and dog bites, according to the release. The dog’s owner transported him to the shelter where he died shortly thereafter. Shelter manager April Hogan and board president and court-appointed humane investigator Lynn Shelton said the dog was suffering from some of the most “horrific injuries” they have seen, according to the release.

The pictures are too graphic to release,” said Paulette Dean, director of the Humane Society. “If a person intentionally inflicted these wounds, this is proof that pure evil exists.”

The details are still coming together, but it is believed the injuries were inflicted between 5 and 6 p.m. Tuesday. Dean said the owner said the dog was missing for about half an hour. Dean said the police are following up on every lead, but there are a lot of questions in this case.

“We are pretty seasoned and we are used to seeing horrible things,” Dean said. “This will go down in our memory being among the top three worst cases.”

Since the torture and death of the terrier was intentional and resulted in the death of the dog, Dean said the case could be prosecuted as a class six felony. If it is prosecuted as a felony, the suspects responsible could face no more than five years in prison and no less than one year, as well as a fine of no more than $2,500.

The Humane Society is offering a $3,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the people responsible. Anyone with information regarding the attack is urged to contact the Humane Society at (434) 799-0843.

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Corning Woman Stabs Pit Bull To Death

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CORNING, N.Y. (WETM-18) – A Corning woman was arraigned Thursday after police say she killed a pit bull she and her husband owned.

Corning police say Gaylynn Taylor, 32 of Steuben Street in the City of Corning slit her dog‘s throat and repeatedly stabbed it to death. She then dumped the dog at a house in Painted Post. They say she had been arguing with her husband.

“Apparently she was always accusing him of leaving the dog with her for her to take care of. He had left for the evening after they had this dispute and her way to get back at him was to destroy the dog,” said Lieutenant Jeffrey Heverly of the Corning Police.

According to court documents, police say Taylor confessed at the scene, saying: “You wanna know the truth? I slit that dog’s throat and stabbed it…I don’t know how many times!”

The Corning Police Department arrested Taylor for aggravated cruelty to animals. She was released and is scheduled back in city court on October 23rd. Taylor did not answer when a reporter knocked on her door.


CORNING, N.Y. (WETM-TV)A Corning woman is facing charges after gruesomely killing an adult pit bull she owned.

Corning Police say 32 year old Gaylynn Taylor of Steuben Street in the City of Corning cut her dogs’ throat and repeatedly stabbed the pit bull to death.

Police say the killing came as a result of a heated domestic dispute.

They say the dog was then transported to a residence in Painted Post for disposal.

The Corning Police Department arrested Taylor for aggravated cruelty to animals.

She was arraigned in City of Corning Court and released.

Taylor is scheduled to re-appear in city court on October 23rd.

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Springs man accused of having sex with, killing dog

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“Totally disgusted; this man needs to be $%^£$ ‘;.* & his #~^^% fed to the ($? *. Take a good look at that face, never forget what he did!”

Coral Springs man is accused of having sex with the family dog and then stabbing the animal to death.

Michael Haimes, 29, is charged with sexual conduct with an animal and causing the cruel death, pain and suffering of an animal.

According to a police report, Haimes had sex with the dog on Monday at his residence along the 5300 block of East Leitner Drive.

Following the sex act, Haimes repeatedly stabbed the dog throughout its body and sliced its throat, police said.

Michael Haimes (Photo courtesy of the Broward Sheriff’s Office / September 12, 2012)

On Tuesday, police went to Haimes’ home “due to a mental illness call” and noted the odor of a decomposing body.

Investigators conducted a search in the wooded area south of the home and discovered a blue leash and the white, furry dog nearby, the report said.

When interviewed by detectives, Haimes admitted that the dog was on his bed shortly before the alleged sex act, according to the report.

Afterwards, the animal was bleeding and Haimes feared getting caught so he cut the dog’s throat and threw its body in the bushes, police said.

During a first appearance court hearing Wednesday in front ofBroward County Judge John “Jay” Hurley, Haimes said he has lived in Broward County for 23 years and is currently unemployed.

Hurley set bond at $50,000 for each of the charges against Haimes and ordered him to wear an ankle monitor and not to have contact with any animals should he make bond and be released from jail.

“The court is concerned with what appears to be absolutely just spontaneous, unforeseen, inappropriate violence to an animal,” Hurley said. “The court lacks confidence in the defendant’s ability to control his own behavior.”

Haimes was also ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

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In Defense Of Animals Doubles Reward In Minneapolis Cat Cruelty Case

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Reward fund now totals $2,000 to convict person(s) who stabbed and set cat on fire

Minneapolis, Minn. (August 16, 2012) – In Defense of Animals (IDA), an international animal protection organization based in California, has added $1,000 to a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever stabbed, then burned to death a cat in a Minneapolis park. This brings the total reward to $2,000.

On August 12, police responded to a call from park employees who found a dead cat in the Longfellow Park and Recreation Center, a voting location used in Tuesday’s primary election. The cat’s throat had been slit, she had been set on fire, and a small American flag had been stabbed into her body. There was also an Obama/Biden lawn flag stuck in the ground at the site. That prompted interest from the FBI, Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security, who are also investigating.

The Minnesota Federated Humane Societies (MFHS) has posted a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible. “This despicable act of animal cruelty will not go unpunished,” said MFHS General Council Representative Tim Shields to WCCO, the local CBS affiliate. “Those responsible for this cruel, torturous death of a house pet will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

IDA has pledged to double that reward to encourage someone to come forward with information. “Whoever would commit this grotesque crime is a danger to us all.” said Jack Carone, Communications Director of IDA. “We know beyond a doubt that animal cruelty is a precursor to violence against humans. Someone knows something, and we ask them to come forward, both in the interest of justice for this poor animal and for the safety of the community.”

IDA urges anyone with information about this brutal killing to contact the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies at 612-866-8663. To contribute to the reward fund, please call IDA at (415) 448-0048, ext.0.

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Teenager, battered dog with hammer 20 times and stabbed it through chest before leaving home to sign on at the JobCentre

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  • Sean Deakin had only owned the dog for a few days
  • Staffordshire bull terrier Tyson took eight hours to die
  • Deakin offered the court no explanation for the abuse

    Cruel: Sean Deakin, 19, battered his dog with a hammer before stabbing it in the chest and leaving it to die

A 19-year-old faces jail after he battered his new dog with a hammer, stabbed it in the chest and left it to die in agony.

Unemployed Sean Deakin left the male Staffordshire bull terrier dying on the kitchen floor of his flat while he went to the JobCentre to sign on.

The cruel youth returned to find the dog – which he had owned only a few days – lying immobile and vomiting.

In all, the dog – named Tyson – took eight agonising hours to die. A witness to the attack alerted RSPCA officers, who found Tyson’s body in a wheelie bin outside Deakin’s home four days later.

Deakin was arrested and charged with three counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He denied the offences but was found guilty at Manchester magistrates court and now faces up to six months behind bars.

The court heard Deakin and his girlfriend Sarah Tame, 19, had taken ownership of Tyson just days before the attack after answering an advert on classifieds website Gumtree in May last year.

At around 3am, he struck the dog around 20 times on the head with a hammer. No explanation was given in court. Three hours later, Deakin woke and noticed the dog had urinated on his bed.

He chased it around the kitchen, trapped it between his legs and stabbed in it the chest with a six-inch knife he had grabbed from a drawer.

Deakin then went to sign on, returning shortly before Tyson died at 2pm. Inspector Danielle Jennings, of the RSPCA, said the attack was the worst case she had ever encountered.

‘This was an absolutely heinous crime against an innocent animal who had done nothing wrong other than suffer the misfortune of being taken into that flat,’ she said.

‘In four years as an inspector this is without a doubt the worst attack on an animal I have encountered.

‘Almost as soon as Tyson arrived in the flat a pattern of abuse which amounted to torture began.

‘It is a concern that animals are being so easily given away online, seemingly without any checks.’

Chairman of the Bench Hugh Keachie told Deakin the starting point for such crimes was a custodial sentence.

He said: ‘As a bench this offence absolutely appalled us and we need to make sure you understand how serious this is.’

Tame pleaded guilty to one count of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal at an earlier hearing for not seeking veterinary attention for Tyson.

Deakin, formerly of Birchfield Avenue, Atherton, Wigan, will be sentenced at Manchester magistrates court on June 28.

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