Police Say Teen Fatally Stabbed Family Puppy

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ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A disturbing case of animal abuse. Anne Arundel County police charged a teen with stabbing the family puppy to death.

Christie Ileto has more of the disturbing details. (See video in link below)

Police say they found a puppy stabbed to death inside a Linthicum home on Mountain Road on Tuesday evening.

“It was very bloody. A bloody knife found at the scene,” said Justin Mulcahy, Anne Arundel County police. “It’s certainly even more disturbing that it’s a juvenile suspect in this case.

Police say a 14-year-old is allegedly behind this callous crime. Reports show a 10-week-old puppy was stabbed multiple times in the throat and stomach.

Animal Control found the lifeless corpse on the teen’s bed, next to a kitchen knife.

“I looked out and I saw three police cars across the street,” said Alice Scarborough.

Scarborough lives next door. She, like many other neighbors, are trying to make sense of it all.

“I was shocked. I was shocked because I used to walk my grandson around the corner when he was smaller and he would talk to the little boy that was down there,” she said.

Police say there was no evidence the puppy provoked the attack but officers say the teenager didn’t explain why he stabbed the 10-week-old St. Bernard to death.

“There’s no logical explanation as to why this was done. It was really for unknown reasons,” said Mulcahy.

The 14-year-old is now back in his father’s custody and has been charged with animal cruelty on a juvenile citation.

Police say there were no prior Animal Control reports of problems with the puppy. Animal Control has the puppy’s remains and are scheduled to do a necropsy.

News Link:-http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2013/06/26/police-say-teen-fatally-stabbed-family-puppy/

Florida woman attacks dog with knife ‘to see what it felt like’

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“This is one Sick Bxxxh…’She did it because she wanted to see how it felt’?How revolting her mind is, the poor dog would have been terrified , in shock & pain. This woman is a proper psycho & needs immediate evaluation. She shouldn’t be allowed to own or be around animals ever again! What if she gets another desire & wants to stick a dog on a BBQ to see how it feels?  I would like to know how I would feel, punching her in the bloody face?…shame I live the other side of the world!!

On Sunday night, a Jacksonville, Fla. woman allegedly launched a brutal knife attack on her family‘s dog, offering little explanation for the heinous act, aside from a twisted desire to “know what it felt like.”

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office booking photo of Mariessa Caggiano

According to Monday’s publication of New 4 Jax, 22-year-old Mariessa Caggiano was arrested after allegedly stabbing the family’s 10-year-old Labrador retriever more than six times with a large butcher knife.

The victimized dog was initially stabbed in the family’s driveway on Cove Landing Drive.

After the initial stab wound, with the knife still embedded in her body, the dog was able to run from her attacker.

Caggiano gave chase and proceeded to use the same knife to stab the already injured, senior dog at least six more times.

The dog finally collapsed in a neighbor’s yard.

The authorities arrived to the scene after the woman’s own father dialed 911 to report the attack.

Though the critically wounded dog was still alive when authorities rushed her to an emergency veterinarian, she was not expected to survive due to the severity of her multiple injuries.

Caggiano was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals; she remains behind bars, held without bail.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the woman freely admitted to the attack. “She wanted to do it to see how it felt”…

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/florida-woman-attacks-dog-with-knife-to-see-what-it-felt-like

UPDATE: Guilty Pleas for Men Charged in Dog Stabbings

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“The laws related to crimes like this need to be raised to felony charges! 7 months for their brutal attack is pathetic! When someone has purposefully & intentionally killed an animal without any provocation…what does that say about their state of mind? Will they have forgotten all about it in 7 months…No…likely to do something like this again..YES…but they will make sure they are undetected next time. Look at the anger, the evil in their eye’s…watch out for these names in the future, they have a mean streak, they will offend again!” 

UPDATE 9/13/12 @ 11:20 a.m.
LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) — “This is the meanest act I’ve ever seen,” were the words of Judge Oakley Clark Collins Jr. just before sentencing the two men who pleaded guilty to stabbing and slitting the throats of two dogs.

Jonathan Jiles, 20, of Pedro, and Brian Sharp, 20, of Pedro, pleaded guilty to prohibition concerning companion animals and criminal trespassing during a hearing in Ironton Municipal court Thursday morning.

Each man was sentenced to seven months in the county jail, three years probation and fined $1,200. They must also pay restitution of $800 to the dog’s owner and can’t own a penned animal for three years.

The dog’s owners, Josie and Michael Scythes, found “Bubba” and “Bear” stabbed to death in the front yard of their home in Pedro last month.

Sheriff Lawless says following their arrest, both men admitted to their involvement in the stabbings and said they were drunk at the time. They also said they did not target the owners of the dogs.

Both Jiles and Sharp told the court they were sorry for what they did but the dog’s owner said they wish more could be done in cases like this.

“I just couldn’t believe why they would do something like this. Why they would want to do it. I’m very pleased they got the max the law would allow for such a brutal act. It should be considered a felony,” said Josie Scytes.
UPDATE 8/30/12 @ 9:10 a.m.
LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) – A second person has been arrested in connection with the stabbing deaths of two dogs in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Sheriff Jeff Lawless says Jonathan Jiles, 20, of Pedro, was arrested Wednesday night. Brian Sharp, 20, of Pedro, was arrested Monday night.

Sheriff Lawless says both men admitted to their involvement in the stabbings and said they were drunk at the time. They also said they did not target the owners of the dogs.

The two dogs were found stabbed death in the front yard of a home in Pedro early Saturday morning.

Both men are charged with prohibition concerning companion animals. They are also charged with criminal trespassing.

When it came to choosing a charge, Lawless tells WSAZ.com that “When you have a crime like this, where people have targeted these innocent animals, we wanted to go after them. And as we looked at the statutes that would govern this for the Ohio Revised Code, cruelty to animals is certainly a charge that would stick so we wanted to research to see if there was something that was a little more stringent because we felt like the nature of the crime warranted a little bit more. So we were able to come up with a prohibition concerning companion animals charge.”

The charge is a misdemeanor one, compared to cruelty to animals being a misdemeanor two. The prohibition charge has a stiffer jail punishment.

The men face six months in jail if they are convicted.

ORIGINAL STORY 8/27/12 @ 12:30 p.m.
LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) — A family from Lawrence County, Ohio is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can help find the person who stabbed their two dogs to death over the weekend.

Josie Scythes says it happened sometime early Saturday morning outside her home in the 300 block of State Route 373 in Pedro.

She and her husband found their two dogs with multiple stab wounds and their throats slit.

“I just don’t understand what kind of a person could do this to an innocent animal,” Scythes said. “And if they can do this, what’s next? Somebody’s kid?”

Scythes is asking anyone with any information to contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office. If a tip leads to an arrest, she is offering a $1,000 reward.

News Link:-http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/Family-Offers-Reward-after-Dogs-were-Stabbed-to-Death-167566755.html


Man jailed for killing a cat

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A spiteful husband has been jailed for stabbing his wife’s cat to death after a row.

Brute Andrew Beese, 60, used a knife to kill five-year-old Koko before throwing the cat’s body over his garden fence.

Beese, who told investigators he attacked the pet because it scratched him, was jailed for 14 weeks by JPs at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court.

But prosecutor Nick Sutton said he attacked the animal because of a bust-up with his wife.

He said: “The position is that he simply killed this animal as a matter of spite. It is as simple as that.”

Mr Sutton said that a neighbour saw Beese attack the animal in front of his kitchen window.

He said: “He was clearly holding something as he stabbed the cat.”

The court heard how the neighbour described seeing the cat get away from Beese but he cornered it and picked it up again.

When police arrived at Beese’s house, he told officers: “Look what it did. It scratched me, so I killed it.”

Mr Sutton said: “In the first interview the defendant maintained that the animal attacked him and he claimed that he feared for his life and he simply strangled it. “He feared for his life, it was a bloody pussy cat not a tiger, moron!”

But the court heard the animal had been stabbed and not strangled.
Beese, of Bisley Old Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, showed no emotion as he was led away to begin his sentence.

Chairman of the bench Peter Langman told him: “We are concerned as to the risk you pose to others.” “So why only 14 weeks prison? Totally agree with banning him from keeping animals for 20 years, wish all Judges were so keen, but 14 weeks jail for killing a sentient being is not enough!”

Beese was also banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

News Link:-http://www.ghanamma.com/2012/06/man-jailed-for-killing-a-cat/

“It was done out of spite”: 60-year-old cat killer blasted as he admits stabbing wife’s pet to death after boozy row

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Stroud man accused of severing aorta of cat which was nursing four kittens.

A man has admitted stabbing his wife’s cat to death following a drunken argument.

Andrew Beese appeared at Gloucester Magistrates’ Court accused of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The 60-year-old told police he could not remember stabbing the cat, but admitted he killed the pet, which was nursing four kittens.

Beese, of Bisley Old Road, Stroud, stabbed the cat several times and severed its aorta, causing extensive bleeding, Nick Sutton, prosecuting, told the court.

He then disposed of the animal’s body in the back garden following the attack on December 29 last year.

This was a pre-meditated attack,” Mr Sutton said.

“It was done out of spite. He killed the cat and it died from very obvious stab wounds.

“It really doesn’t come more serious than this.”

Steve Woodward, defending, said his client still does not remember stabbing the cat, but that he accepts the evidence.

He told the magistrates Beese the animal following an argument with his wife and that he had been drinking excessively.

Beese, who is balding with a grey beard, appeared in court dressed in a blue shirt and yellow tie.

He spoke only to confirm his name and address and enter a guilty plea to the charge.

The chairman of the board adjourned the case for sentencing on June 15 at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court.

News Link:-http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/60-year-old-cat-killer-blasted-as-he-admits-847336

Police: Norwalk man stabbed dog during argument

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NORWALK — A 35-year-old Norwalk man is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend’s pit bull with a knife.

Vamond Elmore, of 5 Hanford Place, was charged with animal cruelty, third-degree assault and disorderly conduct after police say he stabbed the dog because it would not stop barking.

 Officers responding to a domestic dispute at 5 Hanford Place on Sunday night observed a 1-inch gash above the animal’s left hind leg. The injury was not considered life-threatening, police said.

Police say the incident occurred after Elmore’s father came home to find a large group of people in his living room watching the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto pay-per-view championship boxing match.

The elder Elmore began to argue with his son over the unwelcomed gathering when the dog started to bark, police said.

Police say Elmore then stabbed his girlfriend’s dog in a fit of rage.

Officers responded to the house and interviewed Elmore, who claimed that he stabbed the dog in self-defense after the animal attacked him.

News Link:-http://www.thehour.com/news/norwalk/police-norwalk-man-stabbed-dog-during-argument/article_5dfad64f-e5e9-5a9b-8f60-aad3f5a6620b.html

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