LA CRESTA: More Animal Neglect At Troubled Property, Authorities Say

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More neglected animals have been found at a 5-acre property near Murrieta where more than a dozen skinny horses were seized in 2011, but authorities say well-meaning animal lovers are thwarting their efforts to intervene.

 “Perhaps if Riverside Animal Control had acted quicker, animal lovers wouldn’t have felt the need to intervene…even a follower on Twitter, who had seen the previous case’s I posted about regards the horses, contacted me. She too, was concerned about the animals left behind, in particular a dog, left out all night in freezing rain. I gave her the contact number for Riverside Animal Control, & told her to contact them direct. But she replied, saying there was no point, as nothing was being done.??

“Now, Riverside Animal Control say animal lovers are thwarting their efforts to help…that’s a bit harsh!! There obviously only helping because they have seen no progress from Riverside Animal Control & do not want the animals to end up like the emaciated horses that the above knew about for months, yet didn’t seize until weeks of attempting to get the owner to comply!”

“Regards Riverside Animal Control, one would think, knowing this women’s history with animals & knowing about the case with her mothers abuse; they would have immediately seized the remaining animals; before they too, ended up emaciated or worse! !”

“These well-meaning, caring people are only intervening because they see that the Riverside Animal Control are doing nothing to help the animals; hence they are feeding & watering them, & so would I if I lived there too, knowing the past history!! If it is a case of the animals have to be without food before they can be seized, then one can’t help but feel sorry for them, & want to feed them. But if this is the case, the public need to be told, so at least we are assured something will be done, if the food & water from caring people stop!”

La Cresta Property where animals are being neglected

The property owner, Janice Susan Deutsch, 47, who has been charged with animal cruelty in the 2011 case, (by Riverside Animal Control) has been in jail since Nov. 26 in connection with another investigation involving allegations of abuse against her elderly mother. 

Janice Susan Deutsch – Says animals are being cared for by friends whilst she is detained over a previous sentence of elderly abuse

Animal control officials have made nine visits to Deutsch’s Hitt Lane property since receiving a report early this month of several dogs and goats abandoned there, said John Welsh, a spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. “Nine visit’s, plus the numerous visit’s they did in the previous year, regards the skinny horses…she was well-known to Riverside Animal Control, for not caring for her animals.”

Officers found 14 dogs and eight goats left without food or water on the property in the rural La Cresta area, court records say. Some of the animals appeared to be underweight. Officers could see dogs confined to areas that had become filthy with faeces and at least one goat had a wound on its neck, court records say. ” Surely the above evidence, was enough for Riverside Animal Control, to seize the animals? After so many visits, they must have known the animals had been left to fend for themselves!”

A dog left to roam a 5-acre property on Hitt Lane near Murrieta looks through a fence Friday, Dec. 28. Animal control officials say more than 20 goats and dogs appear to have been abandoned there. The owner, Janice Deutsch, is in jail and has been charged with animal cruelty and elder abuse in two unrelated cases.

After receiving no response to notices left at the property, officers tracked down Deutsch, who is in custody at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside. They told her about the condition of her animals and asked if she would sign a release turning them over to animal services. “Once they knew Deutsch was in custody, the animals should have been seized, they knew from past experience the animals were not well cared for! Had they done so, others would not have needed to intervene; for all intense & purposes, these animals have been essentially left to their own devices & can’t survive indefinite without at least fresh water!”

Deutsch declined, court records say, “insisting they were being taken excellent care of by friends. “Again, Riverside Animal Control should have just seized the animals, knowing the owners previous history & the trouble they had getting the animals away!”

In the meantime, word of the animals’ plight made its way to Facebook. An animal lover who had visited the property appears to have told a friend who, in turn, posted a call for help from the public on Facebook.

“EMERGENCY IN CALIFORNIA,” a woman who identified herself as Kelley White wrote. “Please share this with your friends in CA, time is running out for these animals.”

The post gave the address of the property and said animal control had refused to take the animals. It described dogs and goats left to fend for themselves, adding that they were facing starvation and eating livestock carcasses. “Judging by the information from my Twitter follower, this was true… Riverside Animal Control should have taken action earlier! 

On Christmas Eve, an animal control officer returned to the property after two injured goats were reported, court records say. The officer found the goats underweight and dehydrated, with infected, oozing wounds to their necks that appeared to have been inflicted by dogs, court records say. One of the goats was unable to stand.“Was this still not a good enough reason to seize all the animals then??”

Officers impounded the two goats and, after an evaluation by a veterinarian, the animals were euthanized. “Would these poor goats have suffered & lost their lives, had Riverside Animal Control acted earlier??”

Welsh said officers returned to the property with a search warrant later in the week, planning to seize the animals, but found them with ample food and water. Animal lovers apparently had seen the Facebook post and driven out to the property with supplies, he said. “The wording ‘Later in the week’ could have made all the difference between dehydrated, dying animals; had animal lovers not intervened when they did!”

Folks have essentially gone onto a property illegally and begun to feed these animals,” Welsh said. “Only because the animals had no other source of food or fresh water, there is nothing wrong with caring & I for one am pleased they did!”

The animals’ situation is insufficiently dire for officers to seize them from private property, Welsh said. “That is only because kind-hearted people have fed & watered the animals…had they not, it could have been a very dire situation! Or do the animals have to be left without food & water for a certain time before the animals are to be cared for by Animal control? if so the public need to know asap!!”

Welsh said that while he understands the animal lovers’ frustration, they are impeding authorities’ efforts to remove the animals. “Sorry, but animal lovers can’t see animals go hungry & thirsty; if & when the local authorities; seem to be doing nothing to help!”

“ They’ve got to allow us to do our job,” Welsh said. “We’re on top of this.” “Clearly they are not on top of it, when a Twitter follower alerts me to this, they can see what’s happening as they live very close; the animals are suffering !”

On Friday, several large dogs and pups were roaming the fenced property and livestock could be seen in a pen with an attached barn.

In the previous case involving Deutsch’s horses, animal control officials said authorities failed for months to heed their warnings that she needed to feed them more. When the horses were seized last year, several had become extremely emaciated and were living in poorly maintained stalls, authorities said.“Why did they wait months before seizing the horses, surely a case such as this is down to Animal Control; I don’t understand what other authorities they refer to. Residents don’t want to see the same happen to the other animals… I’m sure residents wouldn’t feel the need to interfere if they saw Riverside Animal control taking care of the animals; before any of them suffer!”

Deutsch was charged in October with causing great bodily injury on an elderly person, court records show. Orange County sheriff’s officials began investigating Deutsch after she brought her 86-year-old mother, covered in urine and faeces  to a hospital in Mission Viejo on Sept. 30.

Deutsch told investigators she had left her mother outside on a chaise lounge for more than a week because she had refused to move or cooperate with efforts to help her, court records say. “Seriously, if she is going to treat her own mother in such a  despicable way, those animals don’t stand a chance…they should have been taken care of immediately in Deutsch absence; which Animal control knew about!”

Deutsch has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, court records show. “This woman is obviously deluded if she thinks there is nothing wrong with leaving her elderly mother out on her porch for a week & not caring for her animals properly. She certainly shouldn’t be allowed to care for any more animals, that’s for sure!”

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Cougar that attacked B.C. woman in her home is found & Killed

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A starving cougar that walked into the home of a woman and attacked her while she sat in her living room is now dead.

“Sorry, I changed the title because I thought it read like the women had died! One has to wonder about the human animal conflict, is it getting out of hand…are humans building too close to where these predators live? Or are they blaming it on the coyotes as a red herring…Although I love nature, I certainly wouldn’t want to live that close. I think we don’t give wild animals the respect they deserve, after all some do live in what could be called…their local restaurant!”

TRAIL — A starving cougar that walked into the home of a woman and attacked her while she sat in her living room is now dead.

The woman was in her house with a number of puppies when the cougar walked in through an open door and attacked her on the sofa,” Trail RCMP Sgt. Rob Hawton said of the weekend incident.

With the help of her dog, the woman fought the cougar off and chased it out of the house. She received a couple of minor injuries to her upper leg from the cougar’s claws.

The cougar was gone by the time police arrived. But the animal was tracked down and destroyed Monday.

Hawton said the cougar was gone before officers arrived and a subsequent search was not successful. B.C. Conservation officers were called in and the cougar was tracked down and destroyed Monday.

“This is an extremely rare occurrence and was driven by the animal’s desperation for food,” Hawton said.

The cougar is believed to have been too weak from starvation to hunt normally.

Earlier this month, the president of the Trail Wildlife Association, Terry Hanik, raised the alarm of a rise in predators in the region.

Hanik said cougars and wolves were pushing into the area, adding their numbers to the huge number of coyotes already plaguing the back country and eroding the deer population, forcing predators to look into more settled areas where deer have been thriving for years.

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“Though this won’t help the lady that was attacked, hopefully it can give some help as to what to do if one see’s one.”

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Prosecutors say woman starved kittens during break-up with boyfriend

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“OMG…Don’t ever let that heartless bxxxh have children, what’s she going to do if her partners leaves her….let the baby die of starvation couldn’t she couldn’t be arsed with it? I’ve heard a lot of excuses as to how animals died, but never over an owner who’s broken up with a boyfriend!!  She literally killed them, by leaving them to starve….so she better get a decent charge, not a slap & a fine…she is just an utterly self-centered, heartless & nonchalant POS not fit to breathe the same air as those kittens did!!”

TACOMA, Wash. — Prosecutors say a Pierce County woman allowed her two kittens to starve to death while she was going through a break-up with her boyfriend.

Rachel Dudley, 25,  was charged with two counts of first-degree animal cruelty Thursday.
Prosecutors said the kittens were discovered on March 28 when the apartment manager checked Dudley’s unit after she appeared to have moved out.
The manager called Dudley, who was staying with her mother, and said she would return and take care of the kittens. 
On April 6, the manager checked inside the apartment and found that one of the kittens was dead.  The other was emaciated and staggered when it walked.  
The manager gave the surviving kitten food and water and called Tacoma Animal Control.  The kittens were transported by Animal Control to the Humane Society.
Prosecutors said that a veterinarian who examined the kittens said one kitten had died from chronic starvation and likely suffered considerably before death.
 The live kitten was severely dehydrated and had to be euthanized two days later.
According to authorities, Dudley told animal control officers that she had last been to the apartment on March 6 or 7 and explained she was going through a bad break-up with her boyfriend and didn’t think about the kittens.
When asked how she thought the kittens died, Dudley said, “They probably starved to death,” investigators said.


Lehigh man charged in animal cruelty case

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Deputies arrested a Lehigh Acres man on animal cruelty charges after they say two pet dogs that were in his care were found starving. 

Kevin James Gdowik was arrested Thursday morning on two counts of cruelty and unlawful confinement to animals.

Officials we spoke with say the investigation began when Lee County Domestic Animal Services received multiple complaints in late January of 2012.

After the complaint, an officer responded to Gdowik’s home and inspected three dogs. The officer found out that two dogs belonged to Gdowik and the third was a friend’s.

His two dogs were healthy and clean.

But the third, named Oreo, was emaciated, had a skin condition over 50 percent of its body, was covered in fleas and had an oozing, quarter-sized wound on its right leg.

Oreo was taken by the officer to get treated by a licensed veterinarian.

Gdowik was then issued 7 citations for various violations.

After speaking with Gdowik, officers found out that he had agreed to care for Oreo and a second dog named Hershey after the friend had moved out.

The pets had been living alone with him for several months and Hershey had reportedly died.

After that information came to light, a detective with the sheriff’s office was assigned to conduct a criminal investigation beginning in February.

As the case moved forward, on March 8, 2012, the remains of Hershey were found in an empty lot next to Gdowik’s home, where the dog had been buried.

Witnesses and a veterinary pathologist confirmed both dogs had been starved and abandoned.

Officials with the sheriff’s office say the case clearly showed Gdowik had provided necessary care to his own animals, but did not feed or provide sufficient exercise and required care for Oreo and Hershey.

The starvation and associated health problems resulting in death to Hershey, and pain and suffering to Oreo, were consistent with criminal acts under Florida law.

Officials we spoke to say Oreo has since been adopted.

Gdowik is currently in the Lee County Jail pending first appearance.


Stunning case of animal cruelty: owner accused of letting 5 dogs starve to death

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“OMG…Unless the neighbour lived miles away, you would think one would notice the dogs barking slowly decreasing, as one by one they suffered & died…This is so tragic & so unavoidable; if the owner didn’t want them he should have done the right thing & taken them to a shelter…heartless bxxxxxd!!

FLAT ROCK, Mich. (WXYZ) – A stunning and hideous case of what appears to be animal cruelty has neighbors in this community shocked.

The remains of four dogs were found in a backyard kennel and it seems the animals were starved to death. Two dogs were found alive – but one was so weak it could barely move. Shortly after it was rescued Sunday police say the dog was euthanized.

According to a neighbor on Cahill where the dogs were found the animals were American Bulldogs and they were all several years old.

A neighbor tells us the dogs’ owner moved out of the house where they were being kept several months ago, but the owner claimed he was feeding them.

But Sunday when the neighbor checked on the animals he found four decomposing carcasses along with the two surviving dogs.

One of the surviving animals remains at the Flat Rock animal shelter.

Police say the owner could face charges and that they will forward their case to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office.

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Ontario man convicted of felony animal cruelty charges, receives fine, probation

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“So what about after  this guy’s  probation period, he can just go get another horse to abuse… What are these judges thinking?? He may perhaps feed his next horse a little more but I bet he will carry on roping his next horse around its pasterns, especially if that’s the way he has been taught to either shoe the horse or stop it kicking or train it. Oh, & will he also cut the tips of its ears off??  In all my equine years, I can’t think of any reason to do the above”

” The majority of animal abusers  will re-offend, especially if they have anger management issues. So why put more animals in danger, never mind being banned for several years, they should be banned for life!  Plus, get the Animal Abuse Registry’s sorted, something so simple, could in reality, save a life.  Regards his name, perhaps his mother didn’t realise he was going to grow up being nothing like his namesake!!”

ONTARIO – An Ontario man was sentenced recently on felony animal cruelty charges for starving and neglecting his 5-year-old female horse.

The conviction for Jesus Mura Sanchez comes with a sentence of three years probation, according to a news release from the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA.

During his probation, Sanchez will not be allowed to own any horses, must take mandatory animal abuse counseling classes and pay restitution for veterinary care as required by the court.

Humane Society officers rescued Autumn – the name officers gave the horse – and she was immediately put on a proper diet and given veterinary care, according to the news release.

Autumn was sent to Tier Equine Rescue organization and has recovered fully, according to the news release.

Due to the abuse she suffered at the hand of her owner, Autumn has to be fully anesthetized to have her hooves worked on. She still has rope scars.

During her time with her former owner, the tips of her ears were also cut off.

To report animal cruelty, call the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA at 909-623-9777.

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Eight starving animals found among the rotting bodies of two others in ‘deplorable’ Miami ranch

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A 65-year-old Florida woman has been arrested after eight starving animals, a dead horse and a decaying cow, were found in her care.

Migdalia Ameller was arrested on Wednesday on charges of animal cruelty, confinement of animals, and illegal disposal of dead animal bodies, after an officer on a routine patrol spotted several emaciated horses outside her southwest Miami-Dade property.

Upon closer inspection, the policeman discovered the bodies of a decaying cow covered with blue tarp and a deceased horse surrounded by the eight neglected animals, with little food in sight.

Malnourished: A 65-year-old woman is facing charges in the case of eight emaciated animals found Sunday in Southwest Miami-Dade 

 Five horses, two cows, and an emu that appeared to be severely malnourished with bones protruding through their skin were seized by police and the South Florida SPCA.‘A check of the property revealed illegal structures, deplorable conditions, [and] decaying animals,’ the police report said.‘The horses were all emaciated with rib bones, spinal columns [and] hip bones all showing.’

The police officer found only three pounds of grain and no hay for the animals. ‘These animals have been deprived [of] proper grain [and] hay to sustain body condition,’ the affidavit said.

Close-up: Migdalia Ameller, 65, was arrested on Wednesday on charges of animal cruelty, confinement of animals and illegal disposal of dead animal bodies

Sick: The horses were all emaciated with their rib bones, spinal columns and hip bones showing 

Fed: The sick animals were taken to the South Florida SPCA's rescue centre, where they are still being nursed back to health 

History: The emaciated horses that were found in Southwest Miami-Dade on March 5th, 2012

‘The horses’ coats (fur) was falling out in chunks from lack of nutrition.’

Ameller was allowed to leave custody because she cares for her elderly mother on the condition that she promises to appear at a future court appearance.

The sick animals were taken to the South Florida SPCA’s rescue centre, where they are still being nursed back to health.

On Monday, a stray, injured and emaciated horse was also seized near Ameller’s property.

Both incidents occurred just blocks away from a March 4 rescue effort when 11 horses and a dog were impounded. On that occasion, an additional eight horses were found dead on the property in question.

The bones of a small horse were also found in a basin in February, and a horse’s head was found in a canal in December in the Miami-Dade area.
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