Physiotherapist Anthony Donoghue Jailed For Keeping Bestiality And Child Abuse Images

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A pervert physiotherapist kept films and pictures of him and a woman engaging in sex acts with animals and also downloaded hundreds of child abuse images, a court heard.

Maidstone Crown Court, where Donoghue's case was heard

Maidstone Crown Court, where Donoghue’s case was heard

The bestiality clips and photos, involving a labrador retriever and horses, dated back several years when such pornography was not illegal.

They were discovered after police raided Anthony Donoghue’s home at Sturmer Court in Kings Hill – along with more than 1,400 child sex abuse images.

Jailing the 54-year-old father for eight months, a judge branded the animal films as “really quite remarkably nasty”.

Judge Charles Macdonald QC added: “They were not criminal when made in 2004 but they are extraordinarily degrading and they were kept for no intelligible reason.”

Donoghue, now of Crawley, West Sussex, admitted six charges of possessing indecent photos of children, two of making them, one of distributing and one of possessing extreme pornography.

“He is an intelligent man. He appears to have lost everything” – Jan Hayne, defending

Maidstone Crown Court heard how using the name Peter Adams, he in March last year was in contact with a man on a gay website and arranged to meet him and “some other pervy mates”.

 Bridget Todd, prosecuting, said Donoghue sent the other man pictures of adults engaging in sex or “extreme activity”. He also sent one of a child aged five or six who he claimed he knew.

“He felt uncomfortable about what he had been sent and called the police,” said Miss Todd.

Officers went to Donoghue’s home on March 23 last year and arrested him. Computers, a camcorder and video tapes were seized. There were 66 extreme images.

Jan Hayne, defending, said Donoghue had been frank about his offending and sought treatment.

“What was not at the root of his offending was high risk sexual behaviour,” she said. “He would not behave in that manner again. He is essentially a good man.”

Miss Hayne said the majority of the images had been deleted and there were only 64 “live” pictures.

Submitting a suspended sentence could be imposed, she added: “He is an intelligent man. He appears to have lost everything.”

Judge Macdonald said sex acts with horses in a field at night took place as a precursor to sex with his female partner.

“You have lost your job,” he told Donoghue. “There is nothing which will lead me to suspend the sentence.”

Donoghue’s name will appear on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

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Two Sublimity women guilty of animal abuse; foal up for adoption

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Two Sublimity women have pleaded guilty to three counts of felony animal abuse in a case involving two abused and malnourished horses.

This mixed-breed foal has recovered and is ready for adoption after being rescued this summer.

Marion County Judge Lindsay Partridge sentenced Janet Spears, 33, and Rachel Frazeur, 38, to a one-year suspended sentence. They were placed on supervised probation with the condition that they not own or care for any animal during the supervision.

Spears and Frazeur were arrested and charged this summer after deputies found a mixed-breed mare and a foal. The horses were in a field in the 14000 block of Triumph Road SE in Salem.

The mare had to be euthanized but the foal was taken to the United Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals where it was paired with a nurse mare. The foal is now ready for adoption.

If interested, contact Barbara Kahl, a veterinarian who runs the facility, at

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Woman admits cruelty charge in botched neutering case

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A Billings woman has admitted to a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge for trying to neuter a dog with string and a rubber band.

Jessica Gorman, 28, pleaded guilty to the charge in Billings Municipal Court on June 30. She was ordered to serve a six-month suspended jail sentence and pay restitution totaling $771 to the cityof Billings and the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

Rocky as he was in April, about 10 days after a botched neutering attempt by Jessica Gorman. The Billings woman has admitted to a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals. Rocky has since been adopted to a new home from the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

Gorman was also told that part of her sentence included a prohibition against acquiring any new pets, according to court records.

The case against Gorman began April 17, when a woman brought a badly injured 2-year-old pitbull mix to Moore Lane Veterinary Hospital and said she found the dog in her yard.

Officials said it appeared someone had tried to neuter the dog using a rubber band, string or both. The dog, later named Rocky by staff at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, underwent two surgeries to repair the damage.

An investigation by a Billings Animal Control officer resulted in the misdemeanor charge against Gorman. The charge alleged that Gorman attempted to neuter the dog on April 11.

Gorman denied the charge at arraignment in May, and a trial had been scheduled for this week.

Rocky’s plight drew widespread media coverage and resulted in a number of offers from people wanting to adopt the dog, said Chris Anderson, executive director at the shelter.

Rocky was adopted on June 6 by a woman who lives in another state and who had followed the case in the media, Anderson said. The woman drove to Billings and met with Rocky and the shelter staff, who determined the woman was the best match for Rocky, she said.

At last word, Rocky is doing “superb” in his new home, Anderson said.

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SD dog killing case renews animal cruelty debate

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The arrest of an 18-year-old Sioux Falls resident for allegedly killing his mother’s dog is reviving debate about whether South Dakota needs a stronger penalty for animal cruelty.

Injuring or killing an animal and inhumane treatment of animals are misdemeanor counts in South Dakota, and the maximum penalty is a year in jail. The lack of felony penalties makes it “barely even illegal” to mistreat animals in the state, activist Jeni McNamara told the Argus Leader ( newspaper.

It’s less illegal than drunk driving,” she said.

Marcelo Vargas, who his mother says is developmentally disabled, is accused of intentionally beating her Chihuahua to death on Monday night while she was in the hospital and her husband was at work. Vargas allegedly told police officers and his mother that the dog had tried to bite him.

Judge Natalie Damgaard released Vargas from custody Tuesday without requiring the posting of a bond, on the condition that he show up at his court hearings.

The Sioux Falls case follows another high-profile dog killing in South Dakota last year, when Robert Kyte, of Burbank, killed his neighbor’s German shorthair pointer with a hammer. The dog’s owners, Shayne and Kim Ludwig, wanted Kyte charged with a felony. He eventually was _ first-degree intentional damage to property _ because the dog was valued at more than $1,000.

“The only reason that was possible was because that was a prize hunting dog,” McNamara said. “Most dogs aren’t worth that much.”

Kyte reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges. He was given a 60-day suspended jail sentence, and ordered to pay nearly $400 in fines and fees and $2,000 in restitution.

In 2010, then-Rep. Joni Cutler introduced a bill in the South Dakota Legislature that would have created a felony class of animal cruelty laws. She introduced the bill at the request of several of her constituents and eventually voted against it, citing the possibility of unintended consequences. Agriculture interests lobbied against the bill, saying it could be used to punish farmers.

Cutler now says there ought to be a way to write a law that would encompass animal cruelty without endangering agricultural activities. However, national animal rights organizations often clash with agriculture groups when debate over felony penalties arises in the state, she said.

“We should be able to act on behalf of our constituents, but the larger debate takes over,” Cutler said. “Even a very focused bill gets lost in it.”

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Irish farmer Simon O’Dwyer guilty of further cruelty

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An Irish farmer, who was sentenced to 23 months in prison and banned from owning animals for life in February 2010, has been found guilty of further cruelty.

Simon O’Dwyer of Garue, Mullinvat, Co Kilkenny was found guilty of animal cruelty, permitting carcasses to remain unburied and a breach of the peace, at Kilkenny District Court on 18 May.

The offences date back to 24 April 2009.

O’Dwyer received a two-month jail sentence and was fined €3,500, with a three-week suspended prison sentence for a breach of the peace.

Sixty-one horses and 46 cattle were seized from his farms by the Department of Agriculture in December 2009.

It was one of the worst equine cruelty and neglect cases ever seen in Ireland.

The horses, many of them heavily in foal, were found without food, knee deep in mud, and some were severely emaciated.

They were taken in by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Irish Horse Welfare.

O’Dwyer was also prosecuted in 2007 for similar offences in 2006

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Cruelty charges see former Liverpool pet shop owner jailed (VIDEO)

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SHOCKING video footage showing how two so-called Liverpool pet lovers left scores of helpless animals to suffer in squalor can be revealed by the ECHO today.

Rabbits needing medical  treatment, infected guinea  pigs and hamsters cooped up  in cramped, filthy cages were  discovered at the Kensington  home of Simon Downes and  Lesley Holt.

Shamed former pet shop  owner Downes, 42, – who once  threw a live rat in a freezer to  use as snake food – was  yesterday jailed for two  months at Liverpool  magistrates’ court after  admitting a raft of cruelty  charges.

Both he and Holt, 50, who  was given a suspended  sentence, were banned from  owning animals for life.

The footage was shot by appalled RSPCA officer Leanne Hardy in investigations in April (see video above) and October last year (see video on next page).

At the couple’s small house on Every Street, she found 38 guinea pigs left without water, of which six were in poor bodily condition and 15 afflicted with the skin disease, mange.

A baby rabbit was discovered with a dangerous infection. Another male rabbit had massively overgrown incisor teeth and three others were found to be poorly.

Despite Downes and Holt being banned in May from owning all animals except dogs, after admitting separate cruelty charges at the illegal Anfield pet shop they ran, the RSPCA discovered pets being kept at their home in their October investigation.

via New and shocking animal cruelty charges see former Liverpool pet shop owner jailed (VIDEO) – Liverpool Local News – News – Liverpool Echo.

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