“I found a video on You Tube, don’t know what he is saying but it is about the post below. Just how are these tigers to be protected from humans & their traps? Other than more rangers on the ground & more check points regarding poachers trinkets, I really don’t know the answer! It’s such a great shame, because wild tigers will be extinct in another 20 years if they are not given more protection, to live in the wild.”

NAGPUR: The Palasgaon tiger, which suffered injuries on its left paw and subsequent internal complications after getting entangled in a metal trap laid by poachers, has shown a slight improvement. However, vets treating it admit that it would be a big achievement to save the tiger.

“Although the health parameters show some improvement and condition of the tiger has not deteriorated further, I still feel it is not out of danger,” Dr NP Dakshinkar, the professor & head of department of medicine at the Nagpur Veterinary College, told TOI.

On Thursday, a team of doctors including dean Dr A Samad, Dr Dakshinkar, Dr Gautam Bhojne, and forest officials including A K Saxena, additional PCCF (wildlife), Nagpur, East, ACF Kishore Mishrikotkar and honorary district wildlife warden Kundan Hate checked on the ailing tiger at the Seminary Hills nursery.

It has been under treatment ever since it was brought here on April 28. The poaching incident happened on two days earlier. One tiger died and a third escaped the traps that were cleverly set at a waterhole on the outskirts of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Dr Dakshinkar said although the tiger has not come out of the acute renal failure, there is definitely some improvement as toxic wastes are passing out. The tiger’s liver functioning is absolutely normal and this possibly resulted in its improved appetite.

“The animal consumed 2.5kg meat on Thursday, which is a good sign. The urea-creatinine levels are still high but show a declining trend,” Dr Dakshinkar said.

Looking into the tiger’s improved condition, the vets have stopped administering IV fluids and as a change of strategy, are resorting to minimum medication. “If the need is felt, the fluids will be administered again,” said Dr Dakshinkar.

The vets are leaving no stone unturned to see that the tiger comes out of bad health. Sources said utmost care is being taken during the treatment. “On Thursday, it took three hours to put a plaster on the injured left paw of the animal,” said sources

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Tv9 Gujarat – Tigers not safe in Maharashtra, two fall prey to hunters, Chandrapur


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The national animal is not safe in the nation. Two tigers were hunted in the protected area of forest in Chandrapur. The tigers were found in critical condition. Among them one tiger was dead and the other was stuck in a trap. The forest department officials with great efforts rescued the trapped tiger and sent him to Tadoba Project for treatment. This is not the first time that the tiger were hunted before this as well incidents has occurred of hunting the national animal. Forest Department has started search for these hunters