Breaking News: DPP Takes Over The Dog Porn Scandal Case

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Earlier, it was reported that Christopher Weissenrieder and the group of girls alleged to have been taking part in dog pornography were not going to be charged with bestiality when they were arraigned before a Mombasa Law Court Tuesday morning.

The Mombasa court even released the girls on a KSh100,000 bond each while Chris was released on a Ksh1 million bond and their case set to be heard in July.

However, the Director of Public Prosecution has taken up the case and is said to have added the charge of “Unnatural act with a dog.”

Announcing this new development, blogger/journalist Dennis Itumbi lauded the DPP on the move.

Earlier, there was discomfort among Kenyans who aired their grievances via social media after it became apparent that both Chris and the girls were not going to face bestiality charges.

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Help Stop The Consumption Of Dogs & Cats In Asia

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“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages” ~ Thomas A. Edison


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Stand By Animals In China And Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, VietNam:

“If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” ~Albert Einstein

Frequently asked questions about the law &  dog eating in Korea – By Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA):-

What you can do & how you can help:-

  • Boycott
  • Petitions
  • Wright to South Korean Government (Sample letters)
  • Write to South Korean Companies (Sample Letters)
  • Write, post comments, tweet to International Organisations  (Contact info, sample letter)
  • Ask News Media to report this issue (Links)
  • Boycott Winter Olympics (Petitions, sample letters)
  • Write to President Obama (Email addresses)
  • Donate
  • Participate
  • Write to your local News paper (Sample letter)
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Activists call for stricter regulation of hunting in Taiwan

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Stricter management of hunting activities and a national wildlife census are urgently needed in Taiwan, civic groups said June 7.

At a news conference in Taipei City, the Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan released a survey showing that permits for 303 hunts to take wildlife for the purposes of aboriginal ceremonies were issued between 2009 and April 2012 in Hualien, Nantou and Taitung counties and New Taipei and Kaohsiung cities. The permits authorized the taking of 26,783 individual animals of more than 20 species, including muntjac and sambar deer, wild boars, civets, Formosan rock macaques and birds such as shrikes and sparrows.

In only 53 cases, however, were the number of animals taken and their species reported to local governments upon completion of the hunt as required by law.

“With such a low level of reporting, the actual number of animals killed was probably far greater than what was authorized,” said Chu Tseng-hung, EAST executive director, adding that individual of species not on the official hunting lists were most likely also taken.

Moreover, according to the society, at least 131 illegal hunts were reported in the media between 2006 and April 2012, with almost 700 animals killed.

The news conference came one day after the promulgation of an administrative regulation on wildlife hunting for aboriginal rituals. “The Wildlife Conservation Act, the law that requires this particular regulation, has existed since 2004,” Chu said. In the intervening eight years, management of hunting has been inconsistent, at best, he said.

“Taiwan has yet to conduct a comprehensive, nationwide wildlife census,” said Thomas Chan, a lawyer and EAST chairman. “How do the Forestry Bureau and local governments issue permits?”

Lynn Lin, secretary-general of the Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, said, “The underground market for wild animals as food is so big that illegal hunting and fishing are rampant.” Poachers have been caught during breeding seasons and within national parks, she added, indicating that only the tip of iceberg has been uncovered.

Both groups called for the establishment of a monitoring system for hunting, with results freely available to the public. In response, the Forestry Bureau said it would step up oversight efforts. (THN)

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