Dog rescued from sealed plastic bag discarded on Kentucky roadside

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“WTF…there are some vile, sinister, evil, cold hearted, animal abusing, psycho’s that live amongst us. I’m all cried out, the poor wee thing looks like his whole life has been lived in hell; judging by how timid he is. Somebody purposely broke his bones, by blunt force trauma, then tossed him in a carrier bag, tied it up & threw it out with the trash!! No normal rational, sane person would do such a thing; these people are dangerous.”

“I don’t need to remind you that the worlds most savage brutal killers started off their sick lives by killing animals; these abominations need to be plucked out of normal society & dealt with properly. Stop with the stupid suspended sentences, they are as much use as chocolate fire guards! Prison is too good for most abusers. They should all be put on a desert island, surrounded by sharks, thousands of miles away, far from where decent human beings live!.” 

“Somebody must recognise that sad little face, a very timid scared dog…PLEASE I BEG YOU…if any of you know who’s it is or who it belonged to, anything that might lead the police to the monster that did this, please contact them. Imagine if it were your dog, how you would feel?? I may well of got the story wrong, he could be some dear old lady’s lap dog, snatched from it’s own front yard. Don’t feel pressured into protecting the person who did this…if you are, then you are no better than them. Forget them saying they would protect you, if you were in a pickle, bollocks, they would either run a mile or dob you in if it meant saving themselves…So do yourself a favour, rid them from your friendship circle & tell the police!!

” Guys, our collective prayers are needed for this little guy, he has got a lot of mending to do, especially in his heart. I hope all works out well & he ends up being somebody’s little lap dog or the baby of the family!!”

On Tuesday evening, along a Louisville, Ky. roadside, a small dog was found inside of a sealed, plastic bag; thrown away like unwanted trash.

Thrown away like trash Credit: Shamrock Foundation

Amazingly, the little dog, not weighing even four pounds, was still alive, albeit injured and sickly. “That’s not much more than my chihuahua weighs, just to give you an idea of how small & fragile he is”

According to the Shamrock Foundation, the dog, now known as “Karma,” has multiple broken bones, was covered in fleas and, is understandably, terrified.

Thrown away like trash Credit: Shamrock Foundation

On Wednesday, the rescue organization shared the following update with their Facebook fans:

So this boy suffered criminal neglect before being tied up in a sealed trash bag and ended up on the side of the road. The fractures are fresh and are from a blunt force trauma like being dropped or thrown down on concrete. He will be under observation today at Blue Pearl.

Karma is too weak to undergo surgery at this time, and he is on strict crate rest.

Anyone interested in making a financial contribution towards Karma’s care can do so at this link to the Shamrock Foundation.

Thrown out like trash, poor little dog in plastic carry bag

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$3000 Reward Offered For Apparent Dogfighting Victim

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Meet Gideon. His is the face of dogfighting and his eyes speak volumes about his history; pain, agony and worst of all, hopelessness.

The Newark NJ Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter is offering a $3000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the monsters who dumped this poor dog on the side of the road. The address where he was found is 384 South 6th Street in Newark.

Illegal dogfighting is running rampant through our country and innocent victims like Gideon are paying the ultimate price for this “sport”. Whether it’s bait dogs used to train the fighters or the actual fighters themselves, all of them are hurt in ways no animal should ever have to endure. It’s the complete and total betrayal of the trust animals should be able to have for their guardians. What these animals endure is unspeakable fear, pain and almost always, a brutal death.

Gideon the innocent victim

Gideon was found after being dumped on the side of the road like a bag of trash with massive injuries. He has been transferred to the care of a specialist because of his horrendous wounds, which include a shattered leg that has become infected due to lack of needed medical care. His condition is considered to be grave, and it’s touch and go right now if he’ll even survive.

Gideon’s situation shouts out at the backwards manner in which our country and other countries are handling the crime of dogfighting. These sick monsters exploit a bully breed’s inherent dedication, devotion and overwhelming desire to please their guardians and then bastardize them into fighting machines for profit and ego.

In the media, instead of focusing attention on the human monsters, it seems everywhere the focus is on the breed itself, trying to eliminate all bully breeds from the face of earth. Single stories of any dog remotely resembling a bully breed attacking a human are emblazoned in the media, spewing out the horrors of the overall breed itself and adding fuel to the insanity. The stories about attacks by any other breed of dog are rarely ever mentioned. After all, according to the media, those are all “good dogs”.

Take a long hard look into Gideon’s face. This innocent victim has suffered inconceivable pain and for what? So some gang banger can boast about his big bad fighting dog? So some greedy subhuman can gather his or her friends together for a day of standing around the pit, watching the blood spew, hearing the yelps and screams from the dogs and watching the money fly in bets? So one human can feel bigger and better than another?

At what price does all of this come? It comes in the form of dogs like Gideon who, once used up and unable to fight any more are either brutally killed or dumped like yesterday’s garbage. The trust he put into his guardians was violated in the most despicable ways. He suffered and continues to suffer immense pain and his very life hangs in the balance, while the monsters drove off into the night to do it all again another day.

If you have any information that can lead police to the capture, arrest and conviction of these monsters, please contact the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter at 973-824-7080. Please network Gideon’s story to help bring these sick people to justice. He deserves that from the humans who truly do care.

If you would like to donate towards Gideon’s care, please visit the AHS website at the link provided below. Gideon is facing a long and painful journey and needs all the help he can get.

Click here to donate for Gideon’s medical care.

Click here for the AHS Facebook page.

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Discovery of tortured family dog in New Jersey prompts warning to owners

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“September 19th 2012 – I don’t believe in counter violence to settle old scores etc. But boy oh boy, what I wouldn’t give to spend 5 minutes alone with those that did this along; with half my followers! I just can’t imagine those that did it, blending in with a normal family life…they are EVIL; therefore should stick out like a bloody sore thumb! What is the world coming to when your own dog isn’t safe within your yard? These MF‘s must drive around looking for possible dogs, the gentle ones that will come a running with tail wagging…breaks my bloody heart to think of it! R.I.P Ridge, finally no more pain, just lots of lovely juicy bones &  fields to run around; with all the other special ones that crossed Rainbow’s Bridge x”

“Please if you have any information which might help this case, no matter how small or insignificant. please contact the police; no other dog should have to die this way!” 

A dog located within the confines of his own family‘s fenced yard should be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Days ago in New Brunswick, N.J., the body of a tortured dog was found in a trash bag in an up-scale neighbourhood.

The dog’s name was Ridge and he had a family.

A microchip embedded in the young dog’s body allowed the authorities to determine who that family was, and piece together what had happened prior to Ridge’s untimely death.

Until the day that he was stolen, Ridge was a beloved friend and playmate to his family’s two young children, ages 4 and 5.

But unscrupulous people stole Ridge from his gated, fenced yard and abused him until the day that he was dead and thrown away.

According to the NJ SPCA, Ridge was:

stolen as he played in a locked and gated back yard, used as bait, starved, neglected, abused, burned and tossed out of a moving car window

Along with the heart-wrenching description of the torture that Ridge was subjected to, is a dire warning to pet owners, “Protect Your Pets! Pet Theft is again on the rise.”

Dog fighters, searching for so-calledbait dogs,” do not follow rules. They do not respect boundaries, and last, but certainly not least, they do not care.

Protect your pets, help spare them from being tortured and killed like Ridge.

According to the NJSPCA, an investigation is underway into this innocent dog’s horrific death.

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