Good Samaritans Rescue Dog Shot Multiple Times In The Face, Tied Up Left For Dead

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“WTF…WHY, why would anyone do such a thing? Dear God, I am shaking with rage whilst tears run down my face both in sadness & anger. Such a beautiful dog…who ever did this needs a taste of his own medicine…sick, heartless, cold, evil FXXXXXG BASTARDS!!  Watch the video below, look into Bucks face & eyes, imagine how much pain he must be in; yet he all he wants is a cuddle!!. 

CONROE, Texas – A dog is being treated for gunshot wounds in Conroe after a shocking case of animal cruelty.

Buck, shot several times, tied up in a bag & left for dead!!

Someone shot the dog several times in the face with a shotgun, tied it up in a garbage bag and left it for dead.

Someone spotted the trash bag moving on Bulldog Lane in Conroe Saturday morning. They ripped it open and the bloody dog stumbled out and collapsed.

Tami Augustyn took the dog to an emergency clinic where veterinarians discovered buckshot lodged in both eyes, his mouth, gums, shoulders and neck.

They’re calling the mixed breed dog Buck and say he’s making a remarkable recovery.

Vets say Buck’s prognosis is good, but the injuries to his eyes may cause permanent blindness.

This isn’t the first time Augustyn has rescued a dog in trouble.

“Dogs love unconditionally. You’ll never find anyone or anything that loves you like a dog. Why would you injure something like that? I don’t understand,” she told Montgomery County Police Reporter Scott Engle.

Augustyn said Buck’s medical bills will likely top $5,000 and she’s trying to raise money to help pay for them.

Facebook page has been set up for donations and to follow Buck’s progress.

You can also donate to the Animal Emergency Clinic by calling 936-539-3800 or through Paypal to

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Published on 6 Jan 2013

Story shortly, a dog is found in the Conroe area in a trash bag tied to a fence and shot. Left for dead in near freezing temperatures.

A dog has been found sealed up in a contractor’s garbage bag after being shot with a shotgun in the face and left to die. 

A good Samaritan, Tami Augustyn, was notified by a friend that a dog had been tied up in a garbage bag and left to die along Bulldog Lane in Conroe, Texas. Tami immediately picked up the severely wounded dog and took him to Animal Emergency Clinic in Conroe, Texas where the dog is being evaluated and stabilized until they close on Monday, January 7th at 8am in which he will be transported to another vet. Under initial evaluation, the dog has been shot in the face, including in both eyes and inside his mouth, with birdshot fragments. This has left the dog either temporarily or permanently blind and will require a specialist to evaluate his eyes. The dog also needs x-rays of his hind legs to determine why he can’t walk.

The dog is affectionately being referred to as “Buck” after Buckshot. A Facebook page “Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries” has been created to follow his prognosis and documenting pictures of his wounds and medical bills.  (Lots of updates here)

Medical costs are increasing rapidly to save this dog (currently estimated at over $3,000) and Tami is asking people to donate by either call Animal Emergency Clinic at 936.539.3800 or via Paypal to

Dogs were not tied to track and killed by train in Tremont area

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Police have determined that no dogs were killed Aug. 10 while tied to railroad tracks in the Tremont neighborhood, but one live dog was rescued after a train passed over it.

A train crew radioed a Norfolk Southern bridge tender to report that they ran over a dog apparently tied to the tracks because they could not stop in time, police said Friday night. It was later determined that the dog was not tied, but that her leash was wedged between two rails, probably by accident.

Little dog survived as train went overhead

The original story in Plain Dealer gained nationwide attention. It said three dogs were tied to CSX tracks around the same time on Aug. 10, and that two were killed. The story was based on interviews with police and a city animal-control officer.

The story prompted at least three organizations and a private citizen to offer a total of $15,000 in reward money seeking information about who was tying dogs to tracks. More than 50 people have called the Cuyahoga County Animal shelter with interest in adopting the surviving dog.

That mixed-breed female dog could be adopted soon, if no owner comes forward.

Cleveland Police Lt. Mark Ketterer, who headed the city investigation, interviewed the bridge tender at the center of the story on Friday night. The bridge tender, who works for Norfolk Southern and not CSX, was the person who freed the dog and was the source of the information relayed to police.

Ketterer said the man told him he reported to railroad police that the dog was stuck and they told him there were two similar incidents earlier in the week in which dogs were killed,but they did not say where.

The bridge tender repeated that information to an animal-control officer dispatched to the tracks off University Road in Tremont, after Cleveland police were contacted by the railroad.

By the time Ketterer got there, the animal warden was leaving with the dog. The warden told the lieutenant what he learned from the bridge tender. That included information that two dogs had been killed on Norfolk Southern tracks.

The Plain Dealer phoned a man believed to be the bridge tender on Thursday. He declined to give his name or make any public statements. He referred the reporter to Norfolk Southern police, who have not returned phone calls.

Ketterer said the railroad worker did nothing wrong. He said Friday was the first time police talked to him.

John Baird, the city’s chief animal control officer, said that after he returned from vacation on Monday, the assistant animal warden told him the same thing he told Ketterer.

The Plain Dealer story ran on Wednesday. It also said the railroad worker saw a man with the dog taking pictures of it on the tracks.

Ketterer said the railroad employee told him he did not see anyone with the dog, but that a man was on the property taking pictures of the Interstate 90 bridge.

Leslie DeSouza, director of the county animal shelter, said last week the surviving dog appeared to be about two years old, and may be a beagle-doberman mix,

DeSouza that when the dog was transferred from the city kennel to the county facility, her physical condition was “amazingly remarkable. She came through this without a scratch.”

However, the shelter director said the dog continued to show signs of mental trauma from the ordeal. “When she came to us we couldn’t get anywhere near her. She was scared to death.”

DeSouza said personnel still cannot make sudden moves around the dog, but she has engaged with people since her arrival and is now frisky and playful.

She said the shelter will determine who gets the dog by going down the list of people who phoned or wrote about the dog in the order in which they came forward.

The county has stringent adoption standards, DeSouza said, and each person will be asked about other pets they might have, whether they own or rent, and other conditions in the home.

Ketterer said he and his wife are considering trying to adopt the dog.

“If we are successful, we’ll call her Miracle,” he said.

Officials and animal-care groups urge anyone with knowledge of people abusing animals to contact local law enforcement.

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