Prosecutor’s Can’t Charge FL Man for Having Sex with Dog

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“What a despicable little man, one who poses a very real threat to children & animals but will be walking free soon I feel…How utterly disgusting, any move made on any animal is abuse, sod the bloody position etc. Shame it wasn’t the way I was thinking, as the dog could have bit his fishing tackle off & done the world a favour! I would suggest they get the law loophole closed & fast!”

Having sex with a dog can be a crime in Florida, but it depends on the type of sex.

Eric Antunes was accused of possessing child pornography. Acting on a tip, Clearwater police investigated the man and found the porn on his computer, reports The Tampa Bay Times.

Antunes admitted to downloading and watching the child porn, but when police searched his cell phone and other belongings, they made a discovery that was equally disgusting.

On his cell phone were allegedly six pictures of Antunes performing oral sex acts with Ruby. Ruby is the three-legged dog owned by Antunes’ girlfriend, Katerina Williamson. Almost as shocking as the pictures, must have been the fact that Antunes had a girlfriend.

As a result, the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office thought about pursing animal cruelty charges against Antunes in addition to the child porn charges. However, because of a strange loophole in the new Florida bestiality law, prosecutors decided not to pursue these charges.

In 2011, Florida Legislature passed a bill that outlawed bestiality and made it a first degree misdemeanor. However, the law only applies to conventional sex, and not oral sex, reports the Times. So under current Florida law, someone is allowed to have oral sex with an animal, just not conventional sex.

Eric Antunes is alleged to be one disgusting dude. Along with child porn, he was also nearly charged with a sex with dog crime. Given a loophole in Florida bestiality law, Antunes will avoid the animal cruelty charges. However, he still faces felony counts of possessing child porn.

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Man, 29, who worked for animal shelter ‘took pictures of himself having sex with girlfriend’s dog’

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A man who worked for an animal shelter has been arrested after allegedly taking photographs of himself having sex with his girlfriend’s dog.

Eric Antunes, 29, was found at his home after police in Clearwater, Florida were given a tip he was in possession of child pornography.

He was at home when they arrived and ‘admitted to downloading and viewing child pornography from his home computer’, police said.

He allowed detectives to search his hard drive and they uncovered nine photos and one video of child pornography, according to police.

Several images of bestiality’ were also found on his mobile phone, authorities told the Tampa Bay Times.

Clearwater police spokeswoman Elizabeth Watts said the photos showed Antunes with a pit bull, owned by his girlfriend Katerina Williamson.

Ms Williams is the medical director of the Pinellas Humane Society, where Antunes also worked.

Twila Cole from the Humane Society told the Times Antunes was employed on a limited basis as a contract worker at the Clearwater shelter. 

She added that he mainly worked in maintenance and other people were present when he had access to animals.

‘He was never on the property working unsupervised,’ she said.

But Mike Eagle, who worked with dogs at the shelter, said Antunes was in charge of caring and walking dogs that had been abused.

Eagle described Antunes as ‘strange’ and called his alleged actions ‘sick’, adding: ‘I didn’t see anything like that.’

Antunes was charged with 10 counts of possessing of child pornography.

 Police also referred an animal cruelty charge to the Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Watts added that the dog is now with Antunes’s girlfriend and that the animal welfare authorities would be notified of the incident.

Police added that his girlfriend was not aware of the pictures until officers showed her.

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Police Find Child Pornography, Bestiality Photos on Man’s Phone

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The animal in question belonged to his girlfriend

Warning: This isn’t the sort of article you’ll want to read before lunch. Or after lunch, for that matter. In fact, it’s going to gross you out regardless of what time of day it is.

A seriously freaky individual from Clearwater, Florida was recently arrested on charges of child pornography and bestiality, according to the Tampa Bay Times. To add further embarrassment to an already-humiliating situation, some of the photos allegedly show the individual engaging in sexual contact with his girlfriend’s dog. Insert heaving, raw gags right here. The thought of such a lurid scenario is completely mind-boggling, not to mention entirely nauseating.

29 year-old Eric Antunes is currently facing quite a bit of jail time. In addition to the single count of animal cruelty, Antunes is being charged with 10 counts of possessing child pornography, which should land him behind bars for quite some time. I’m sure all of his rancid activities will make him a very popular person with his fellow inmates. I’ve seen enough “life in prison” movies to know what happens to people like Antunes when they end up behind bars. Yikes.

Police state that the suspect owned up to downloading child pornography onto his personal computer. Additionally, he allowed authorities to search his hard drves for more illegal content. The poor pooch depicted in the photos is now back with its owner.

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