Howling for Wolves; Help Us Howl

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Have you wondered why your emails and calls to stop the senseless hunt of our iconic Minnesota wolf go unanswered?

Why does the DNR ignore the 80% of respondents in their own survey who oppose the hunt, yet extend the killing season by 25 days in response to the desires of a few in the same survey?  The rapid push to hunt the newly delisted wolf, after almost 40 years of federal investment and protection, has been stunning. Why the rush? The answer is becoming clear.

In an email dated 4/23/2012, DNR Chief of Wildlife Management Dennis E. Simon wrote, “…we owe it to our primary clients, hunters and trappers, and to livestock producers as secondary clients, to do what we can to establish a legitimate harvest opportunity now that the wolf is under our management authority.” In short, the DNR “owes” their “clients” -the special interest groups– the wolf.

Howling for Wolves gained access to this email, and more, in an earlier Government Data Practices Act request. On Monday, we served an expanded request to the DNR going back further in time and identifying specific groups and individuals. We seek answers on why the DNR rushed the process using emergency rule making, which truncated public comment.

This week we launch a major campaign to stop the hunt, before the hunt. Renewedmedia attention is on Minnesota. Tomorrow our first billboard calling to stop the hunt will go up in the Twin Cities area, with more to follow. We will add billboards across the state if we can raise more funds. This is a very expensive campaign, and we need your financial support. Donations, both large and small, will help us get more billboards up, and keep them up. All donations go straight to the purchase of more media. Please donate by either credit card or check. Checks may be sent to: Howling for Wolves, PO Box 4099, Hopkins, MN  55343

Your time, talents and energy are also needed –please volunteer! We have a very aggressive schedule planned, with a number of public actions. Please join us!

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Please sign this petition to help the wolves:

2 Men Face Charges After Killing Dog in Trap

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Two men could face felony charges for illegally using dangerous traps set to kill skunks. But instead, one killed a family dog.

Animal hair remains on the heavy metal frame of what’s called a conibear trap.

The same trap animal control officers say killed a forty pound dog named Kye.

“I’m just really depressed because we lost our best friend, you can’t put a price tag on your best friend and we’ll never see her again,” said Jason Greenman, Kye’s owner.

Jason and Heather Greenman say they were out when 18 month old Kye got out of their yard and caught in the powerful trap.

Ingham county animal control officer Timothy Martin responded to the Lansing neighborhood after someone reported hearing a dog in distress. But by the time he arrived, it was too late.

“It was very upsetting when you first saw it. And it was a little hard to keep my composure together,” said Officer Timothy Martin with Ingham County.

The trap was set on this stake between two homes. Animal control officials believe the dog struggled for its life as evidenced by scratch marks left on the sidewalk from the trap as the dog tried to come home.

“It did look like he tried fighting for himself. I do believe there were signs of a struggle,” Martin said.

Martin says two men set a pair of traps next door to the Greenman’s.

Greenman says he saw them that morning and was very concerned.

“Our neighbor, she contacted her landlord that day and told him he needed to remove these as soon as possible because she didn’t know what they were and I knew what they were,” Greenman said.

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources say it’s against state law to set these traps out of season and on the ground. Animal control officials are now seeking charges.

“I think it was just very negligent of the person that set the trap there in a public neighborhood where kids, anyone could really access it,” said Martin.

The Greenmans say they’re fortunate their young children weren’t hurt, but now want justice  for their beloved dog killed in a trap that should never have been set.

“It should be forbidden. I mean there are children in the area. I mean that’s just a heinous thing,” said Greenman.

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WILL YOU PLEDGE: to Circulate the Truth about Barbaric Trapping.

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Pledging to Circulate the Truth about Barbaric Trapping.
Click to TAKE THE PLEDGE – 2,361 People took the pledge so far!
Goal is to ban barbaric trapping of animals in the USA, just as it is already banned in most civilized countries. PLEASE READ THE ELOQUENT ARTICLE BELOW, BY ONE OF THE GREATEST MINDS IN THE NATURAL WORLD AND PLEASE SHARE, RE-POST, SEND TO YOUR LEGISLATORS AND LET THIS GO VIRAL!
Wolf trapped and bludgeoned to death. Wild animals who are trapped are terrified, they are in agony, they cannot return – forever – to their offspring or families. They are subjected to the elements and other predators before their nemesis arrives to bludgeon them or strangle them to death.


Years ago I was backpacking in Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness with my friend, Rod, and his  Malamute, Jake.  Like most dogs, Jake was happily running ahead of us investigating this and that.  Suddenly Jake let out a sharp cry and began yipping from someplace up ahead in the brush.

We rushed to him to find with his leg snared in a giant leg-hold bear trap set by a deer carcass. This trap was the size of a car tire.

We desperately tried to free him from the trap, but even with the two of us trying to open the contraption, the springs were just too stiff and we couldn’t get Jake’s leg out. So Rod and I took turns carrying 100 pound Jake on our shoulders, along with the heavy trap plus our backpacks, to our car so we could rush him to a vet.

The vet had to get a special trap opener to compress the springs so we could open the jaws enough to remove Jake’s leg. Jake was lucky. Because the trap’s teeth were so large, Jake’s leg was caught wedged between the teeth instead of having it go through his leg.

He fully recovered from the experience. But most pets and nearly all wildlife are not so lucky. There was no sign indicating the presence of the trap, nor any other effort to warn people of the lurking danger. Had either one of us stepped into the track, we might have suffered serious damage. Unfortunately the trapping of wild animals is a legal activity in all of the United States.

In fact, I am not aware of a single state “wildlife” agency that doesn’t promote trapping, instead of questioning its legitimacy. It’s amazing to me that in this day and age we still allow this barbaric activity to be justified in the name of “sport”. Leg-hold traps and snares are particularly treacherous devices. Animals caught in such traps suffer pain, exposure to weather, dehydration and often a long painful death.

Snares are even more gruesome with animals slowly strangling to death as the wire noose tightens. How is it that cock and dog fights are now illegal and yet we permit state wildlife agencies to sanction an equally cruel activity? The statistics are astounding. More than 4 million animals are trapped for “fun” each year, many enduring immense suffering in the process.  Millions more are trapped as “nuisances” or die as “non-target” animals.

For example more than 700 black bear are snagged each year in Oregon as “nuisance” animals by timber companies (because in the spring bears eat the inner cambium layer of trees). Only a few states have banned the use of leg-hold traps for sport trapping and then usually only through citizen initiative process.

Yet 90 countries around the world have banned these traps and the entire European Union has banned these contraptions. Most trapping targets “fur bearer” animals like lynx, musk rat, beaver, marten, fisher, river otter, weasel, mink, bobcat, red fox, coyote, and bears, and in some states like Idaho and Alaska, trappers also take wolves.

Most of these animals are important predators in their own right, and help to promote healthier ecosystems in many, many ways from the way that wolves reduce the negative impact of large herbivores like elk to reduction of rodent populations by coyotes.  Thus indiscriminate trapping disrupts natural ecological processes, often in ways we don’t appreciate.

If you want to see how sport trapping harms wildlife, view the video below;  Hint it does have a happy ending. If you can, support groups that attempting to end this barbaric “sport.”

Read the rest of this topic & the reasons why trappers justify this outdated cruel practice:-

Bobcat Rescued from Snare – Part 1 of 2

Watch this heartwarming story of a bobcat named Freedom, who was rescued from certain death in a snare that was illegally set on private property. You can help Predator Defense ban dangerous traps and enable people and wildlife to coexist at
Bobcat Rescue – Part 2 of 2:

Stop Lynx Killing in Maine

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Canada lynx in Maine are at risk from state trapping policies that prioritize the interests of trappers over those of the federally protected wildcat. Right now a plan to allow lynx to be injured and killed as the “incidental” result of Maine’s trapping program is being considered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; but a range of factors, from inadequate oversight to climate change and the lynx’s natural population cycles, makes the proposal inadequate to protect the snow-roving cat.

Your voice is needed now to make sure the state is not granted its “license to kill” under the current terms of the plan, which would essentially maintain the status quo for trappers and sidestep the urgent need for improvements in lynx management.

via Stop Lynx Killing in Maine.

Animals Petition: Canada Goose. Stop using of real fur |

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CANADA GOOSE is one of the companies that carry a great responsibility for the mistreatment fur animals are exposed to every day. CANADA GOOSE mainly uses fur from coyotes – animals caught in cruel and painful foot traps

Canada Goose. Stop using of real fur

Please watch the video

Peeled carcasses was found in the local rivers. The animals turned out to be coyotes, who had been killed and skinned for their fur. The remainder had no need for animals and ended up as waste in the river.

via Animals Petition: Canada Goose. Stop using of real fur |

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