President of Ukraine: Close all vivarium and end outdated experiments conducted on animals!

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Donetsk Medical University, Ukraine

Appalling living conditions and barbaric experiments conducted on dogs and other animals.

In July 2011, Alexei Sokolov informed the media about the appaling living conditions and the barbaric experiments conducted on dogs and other animals at the Medical University of Donetsk.

According to reports, the students of the Medical University at Donetsk have performed limb-amputations and educational surgeries on the internal organs of the animals WITHOUT prior anesthesia.

Alexei Sokolov, the head of this vivarium couldn’t watch the suffering of these innocent animals any longer and informed the media. He showed the vivarium to the journalists – articles have been published, HERE and HERE and these dogs have, since then, been given in the care of the Ukrainian animal activists. 

Online translations of the above links HERE and  HERE.

Each dog had to endure several surgeries before finally being discarded. Until death, these poor animals languished in horrible conditions suffering from distress and starvation

An unknown number of dogs and other animals are kept in similar vivarium and conditions in universities throughout the country and Ukraine’s president, Viktor Ianoukovytch, ignores the petitions and pleas from his citizens and Ukrainian animal welfare organizations urging him to put an end to this outdated, barbaric experiments.

The animal activists in Ukraine are desperate!

Please help them by sharing these pictures and videos with as many as you can, including the international media.

Please sign this petition:


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In the Donetsk Medical University vivarium with nothing to feed pets. In an institution contains almost 500 animals for experiments. Among these rats, dogs and guinea pigs. Friends of the man 16. Many people suffered more than one operation. Inside the vivarium planning to carry out repairs, but what will happen to the dogs, the leaders do not speak. Head heard that they want to euthanize animals. What is actually the fate of four-footed, journalists learned “Panorama.”


Join our big online protest urging Kharkiv to comply with our stray dog agreement

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Join our big online protest urging Kharkiv to comply with our stray dog  agreement

FOUR PAWS is initiating a large-scale online protest urging the City of Kharkiv to accept FOUR PAWS’ conditions for the stray dog project: People can send our protest email to the Ukrainian authorities to convince Kharkiv that a humane solution for the stray dog project needs to be realized and the killing of dogs has to be stopped.

FOUR PAWS has already been implementing the project successfully in other Ukrainian cities.

Click here to join the protest

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Stray dogs of Kiev rounded up and slaughtered for making Kiev look untidy for Euro 2012

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01 June 2012

 Stray dogs are being rounded up and killed in the run up to Euro 2012 so that Ukraine can look spick and span for visiting foreign football teams and supporters.

Campaign: a dog sits beside a poster during a protest by animal rights campaigners against plans to put stray dogs to death

Animal rights activists found animals were being shot, poisoned and hanged by “street cleaning” squads — with some even being taken to crematoriums and feared incinerated alive.

The slaughter, which in the last year is believed to have resulted in the death of more than 12,000 animals in Kiev alone, is allegedly continuing despite government promises to end the barbaric practice and build animal shelters.

Tamara Tarnavska, of local charity SOS Animals, said that these public pledges meant nothing as her network of investigators were still finding daily cases of stray dogs being culled.

“In Kiev they are poisoning them, and some are even shot,” she said. “The poison can take up to six hours to kill the animals so we believe some are very possibly being taken to crematoriums and burnt while not yet dead.

“I challenged the Mayor of Kiev and he admitted some people were still killing strays. Outside the capital the situation is even worse. Last year in Lisichansk there were mobile incinerators roaming the streets.”

Ukraine, which is co-hosting Euro 2012 with Poland, has spent £6.6 billion preparing for the tournament. The animal rights charity Peta, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, found the dog-killing programme was focused on the four cities hosting matches, with approximately 7,000  allegedly being killed in Donetsk alone.

Dogs not immediately killed were being taken to the municipal animal shelters and left to languish in ramshackle enclosures with no protection from the elements, the group’s German branch announced this month.

Rounded up: these are some of the lucky dogs as volunteers save them from the ‘hit squads’ patrolling the streets of Kiev

Ukraine is spending hundreds of millions of euros building shiny new stadiums but it’s the dogs on the streets who are paying the ultimate price for the country to play host to Euro 2012 matches,” a Peta spokesman warned.

But one international animal welfare organisation is attempting to help the dogs.

A convoy of 11 animal rescue vehicles from the Four Paws organisation arrived in the city in March with a group made up of vets and activists from more than 12 countries.

The team is working in mobile clinics to carry out a wide scale neutering and vaccination programme for the strays.

Dogs that are neutered are also given vaccinations, anti-parasite treatment and health checks.

Ukraine’s environment minister announced a ban on the further killing of dogs following a campaign by animal activists against the practice at the end of last year.

He subsequently pledged £2.5 million to build 200 new shelters to house the country’s estimated 500,000 strays as well as a four-month sterilisation programme.

SOS Animals said it had never received the sum promised to its shelter and reported there had been no sign of the sterilisation programme being instigated. It is claimed dead dogs’ coats are made into hats and their bones ground down for animal feed.

The Ukrainian government said it was seeking ways to enforce the moratorium on dog killing and has warned that city mayors who disobey the directive will be punished.

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Help Stop the Mass Dog Killings in Ukraine – Please Sign Petition

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The 2012 European Football Championship is just about to start, and the host countries, Poland and Ukraine, have been busily preparing for a surge of sports tourism. In Ukraine, that means shocking efforts to reduce the number of homeless animals across the country in an attempt to hide the country’s neglected and abandoned dogs from tourists.

Animals are poisoned, shot, and, in some cases, even burned alive. Authorities in Lysychansk, Mariupol, and other Ukrainian cities use a cremation truck, which has even advertised on national television. The animals are caught and then shot or anesthetized and thrown directly into the cremation truck!

Even the Union of European Football Associations, which PETA Germany contacted in 2009, sharply criticized the cruel practices of Ukrainian authorities and offered financial support to animal protection advocates to neuter animals. Ukrainian authorities have reacted to the efforts of animal rights advocates with repressive measures: They have put pressure on animal activists to stop the international protest!

What You Can Do

Please help the animals in Ukraine and support our protest against the mass killing of homeless dogs. Sign the petition to ask the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States to speak out against the cruel killings and push for humane animal birth control!

Petition Link:-

BAYWATCH babe Pamela Anderson has urged Euro 2012’s organisers to step in and stop Ukraine killing thousands of dogs for the tournament.

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The model today directly appealed to UEFA’s president Michel Platini to put an end to the slaughter, carried out to clean up the streets for the contest.

Blonde Pam, 44, spoke out after The Sun exclusively featured an investigation from animal rights group PETA on the cruelty.

The actress decided to hit back when she saw new footage from the German branch of the charity showing the heartless slayings are still going on.

In the letter to Mr Platini she said: “As the event’s host, UEFA is responsible for the suffering that animals endure for the sake of this football championship.

“UEFA should function as a role model for all parties involved in this event and take a stand in support of protecting Ukraine’s homeless animals.

“Please show cruelty to animals the ‘red card’ by demanding that the Ukrainian government stop the mass killings of homeless dogs.”

Pam’s intervention came after investigators discovered dogs were still being shot, poisoned and hanged by street-cleaning squads.

It is still going on despite Ukraine’s environment ministry in November urging the country’s municipalities to stop and build shelters for them.

The slayings disgusted millions of Sun readers when we revealed the investigation’s findings in December last year.

Ukraine is co-hosting the tournament but there is no evidence of any wrongdoing in Poland.

UEFA said it had done everything it could to stop any problem but told The Sun it would look at any new evidence.

A spokesman said: “UEFA has repeatedly contacted the Ukrainian authorities, asking for appropriate measures to be developed that respect the dignity of animals.

UEFA also made a donation to the Kiev branch of the Society for the Protection of Animals to help finance its activities and has acted as a link between specialised animal protection entities and the authorities to allow for adequate solutions to be put in place.

“Following several encounters between UEFA and the Ukrainian authorities, the environment minister of Ukraine, Mykola Zlochevsky, officially announced an immediate ban on the killing of stray dogs.

“The Ukrainian authorities also informed that animal shelters would be built and that animals that could not be housed there would be sterilised before being released. New laws will also be adopted to make it compulsory for city mayors to enforce such new regulations or run the risk of facing prosecution.”

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Horror house in Sarajevo: Dogs walled and collected for slaughter

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“OMG…I am posting this as is, but if I find any further information, If I do, I will send it out in a new post; linking back to this”

This page is also the translated version from Google, you may have to translate the link again, not sure!”

Bosnia-Herzegovina – Jelena Paunovic, compassionate animal lover from Sarajevo, turns desperately to the media. Many stray dogs are being held in a building in downtown Sarajevo under corresponding statutory conditions.

According to Ms. Paunovic, the dogs are collected from the homeowners and apparently killed. The house owner himself is said to have told her over this. An unbearable stench in the area of the house can anticipate the worst. Neither local government nor the veterinary inspection will take care of business.

“I’ve been everywhere trying to get help – Veterinary, Animal rights activists Orgas, police, property management, etc.

My requests were always rejected and was told that they can not do anything because the house where the dogs are located, is privately owned.This home is located in Pruscakovoj ulici br.3. In this house it stinks for years, no one can sleep at night because of the barking of dogs. Last year I happened to meet the owner of the house and she told me then that she and her husband collect the dogs from there and then and to spend their weekend slaughter house and there. I was shocked! ”

The Veterinary known is the case, but claiming it, do about it nothing to you. There, the animal lover was advised to contact the media, psychiatry and social services so that a solution can be found.
Jelena Paunovic: “If I had wanted that, then I would not go to the veterinary office. Then I made a complaint with the police – and then no one has contacted me. A short time it was too quiet in this house.

About a month I’m gone again to the house and I heard dogs barking and photographed.

On 03/25/2012 I have recently reported that the Veterinary Services.

Responded to me was on 09.04. that no court order nothing can be done.

Since no one wanted to help me, I have decided to appeal to the public and say that there are in this house corpses, the stench is unbearable.

And how the dogs can not imagine living there! ”

Vet Blog invites all readers to participate in the protest! We stay with Jelena Paunovic continue to report in touch and be on the developments in this matter.

Our partners Zoo4Fun, which is already active in the Ukraine relief “Stop Killing Dogs” has distinguished himself (see photo left), wants to help in this case, stark help. With a monetary donation to the SPCA Wahro, the spot the animal friends a helping hand will and the dog wants to provide for any emergency, and with the sale of “Stop Killing Dogs” items from his “shopping for animal welfare” range .

Photos: Jelena Paunovic

With the donation button to support the Zoo4Fun disaster relief as part of the consortium per animal protection in the following projects:

• initiative ” Stop Killing Dogs “- short term and in the case of” horror house Sarajevo ”
initiative • ” poison warning card ”
• neutering stray cats Project (in preparation)

protest letter to the veterinary office and the media in Sarajevo (instructions in German) – Facebook 
I Love Animals | Animal Welfare Pro – Facebook platform for animal lovers 

“There is a petition for this on Care2,  which is how I came by this article.   However, I have searched all morning  for more news regards this barbaric practice but can find none. I’m not disputing it’s what happened, I’m just surprised there is nothing to be found on line, with it being such a heinous act. It was definitely dated April 23rd ,2012 “


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