President of Ukraine: Close all vivarium and end outdated experiments conducted on animals!

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Donetsk Medical University, Ukraine

Appalling living conditions and barbaric experiments conducted on dogs and other animals.

In July 2011, Alexei Sokolov informed the media about the appaling living conditions and the barbaric experiments conducted on dogs and other animals at the Medical University of Donetsk.

According to reports, the students of the Medical University at Donetsk have performed limb-amputations and educational surgeries on the internal organs of the animals WITHOUT prior anesthesia.

Alexei Sokolov, the head of this vivarium couldn’t watch the suffering of these innocent animals any longer and informed the media. He showed the vivarium to the journalists – articles have been published, HERE and HERE and these dogs have, since then, been given in the care of the Ukrainian animal activists. 

Online translations of the above links HERE and  HERE.

Each dog had to endure several surgeries before finally being discarded. Until death, these poor animals languished in horrible conditions suffering from distress and starvation

An unknown number of dogs and other animals are kept in similar vivarium and conditions in universities throughout the country and Ukraine’s president, Viktor Ianoukovytch, ignores the petitions and pleas from his citizens and Ukrainian animal welfare organizations urging him to put an end to this outdated, barbaric experiments.

The animal activists in Ukraine are desperate!

Please help them by sharing these pictures and videos with as many as you can, including the international media.

Please sign this petition:


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In the Donetsk Medical University vivarium with nothing to feed pets. In an institution contains almost 500 animals for experiments. Among these rats, dogs and guinea pigs. Friends of the man 16. Many people suffered more than one operation. Inside the vivarium planning to carry out repairs, but what will happen to the dogs, the leaders do not speak. Head heard that they want to euthanize animals. What is actually the fate of four-footed, journalists learned “Panorama.”



Top Nevada court grants another stay for dog that killed baby

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CARSON CITY — In another order from the Nevada Supreme Court, the killer dog Onion has received another stay of execution in Henderson.

In one of four appeals regarding the dog that mauled and killed a 1-year-old boy, the court has temporarily prohibited Henderson officials from taking any action against the dog. The ruling overrides other appeal decisions in which the court refused to delay the dog’s death.

Chief Justice Michael Cherry and Justice Mark Gibbons have signed the order granting a temporary stay “until further order of the court.” They said their order is in effect until parties have time to consider any motion opposed to the stay.

The Lexus Project, a New York nonprofit group formed to protect dogs, is waging the legal battle to save the dog and place it in an animal sanctuary in Colorado.

Elizabeth Keller, the dog’s former owner, signed over her 6-year-old, 120-pound Mastiff/Rhodesian mix to animal control in Henderson after it killed her grandson, Jeremiah Eskew-Skahan.

But the Lexus Project says Keller signed ownership to it. Henderson officials maintain they are the rightful owners.

The boy was at his grandmother’s house to celebrate his birthday on April 27 when he crawled toward Onion to pet him. The dog grabbed the boy by his head and started to shake him.

The youngster died at University Medical Center from the injuries.

This case has bounced back and forth between the Supreme Court and Clark County District Judge Joanna Kishner, who last Thursday refused to grant a new stay of execution.

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