Giraffe Trophy Hunting – not fun and certainly not helping

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An article published in ‘The Sun’ (Wednesday 17th January 2012) illustrated the horror of giraffe trophy hunting in Africa.

Contrary to what one might expect, in many countries hunters are legally allowed to kill and take home a ‘trophy’ of various different animals, including giraffe, lion and elephant.  Born Free Foundation would like to join all those that are outraged by this practice, and wholeheartedly condemn trophy hunting of any animal, on both welfare and conservation grounds.

A number of claims were expressed in the article, including the most commonly heard argument in favour of trophy hunting – that income from trophy hunting supports conservation by providing a financial incentive for communities living alongside wildlife to protect their natural resources. In actual fact there is scant evidence to support this. The vast majority of income generated by trophy hunting goes to hunting operators which are usually based in Europe or the USA, international airlines and government coffers. For the most part, the trophy hunting industry is woefully unregulated. The ‘holiday hunters’ may well pay a premium but the real price is borne by wildlife.

With increasing pressure from habitat loss, habitat fragmentation and poaching, trophy hunting merely poses an additional threat to the future survival of giraffes and other wildlife.

There is neither logic nor truth in ‘killing animals to save them’ and at Born Free we believe the real solution lies in a compassionate conservation agenda – protecting wildlife and finding solutions to conflicts which arise between animals and people.

What is Born Free doing? We recently helped return some Rothschild’s giraffes into an area where they had been killed off by poaching more than 40 years ago – read about this here and to contribute to similar incentives adopt a giraffe family.

Read more about trophy hunting and our campaign to end the practice.

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via Giraffe Trophy Hunting – not fun and certainly not helping.

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