VERY GRAPHIC MEDIA: Petitions to sign: “Torneo de Lazo” Horses Eviscerated Alive For Fun

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“I actually started writing this several weeks ago, but can only now bring myself to finish it, as my tears have dried up & given way to anger! No animal deserves to be used & tortured in such a heinous manner, for human entertainment; which is why it should be stopped.”

“This barbaric, disgusting spectacle should have been outlawed many years ago; this should not be allowed to continue in the 21st Century. Where are the animal welfare laws? We have to make the Mexican Government listen & they will only do that if enough people shout…so I beg you; please sign these petitions:-

Read some of the petition text:-

The pain and suffering inflicted on the horses is immense. The fact that this is a “public event” witnessed by all, including children is very harmful to all.
They call it a feast. In the state of Yucatan, Mexico there is a “rodeo” type event called “Torneo de Lazo” where bulls ram horses and eviscerate them. THIS CAUSES A VERY HIGH LEVEL OF PAIN TO THE HORSES.
These horses usually collapse and while still alive continue to get trampled by bulls and other horses during the length of this violent and cruel event where horsemen try to lasso the running, charging bulls (the bulls are specifically bred and trained to ram horses).

Although it is against the law, this is only in name. Mexico’s federal government as well as the local authorities do nothing to stop this. This event takes place state wide all year round.

One bull was well known for killing horses, but the bull was eventually strangled to death by cowboys sick of him defeating their horses.

Horse collapsed after being gored by bull!

“Can you imagine the horses terror & pain if gored; trying to escape the bull, with their stomach contents pouring out! If they make it out the ring, I’ve heard that some owners may try to put the horses organs back inside (if not that bad) & stitch it up so it can go another round! Some owners may figure the horse is going to die, so might as well get the most out of it until it collapses. If a gored horse can’t be patched up; it gets a bullet! These owners can not possibly love or care for their horses or their safety, if they did they wouldn’t put them in harms way in the first place!”

 “Don’t forget the poor bulls, this is all they know, they don’t distinguish between the horse & the rider; the bulls are roped & provoked, so of course they charge at the horse! But the bulls also suffer injuries, they can break off part of a horn or break legs trying to free themselves from the ropes. One can not blame the bulls for goring horses, those to blame are the ones riding the horses, antagonising the bulls; along with those allowing this despicable event to happen in the first place!”

“The horses have no protection…this horrific form of so called ‘entertainment’ depends on how fast the horse can run or outwit the bulls; bulls are not slow or stupid!! One can’t help but wonder the sheer terror these horses feel, when pitted against a bull! 

Please demand the Mexican government to put and end to this barbaric event.

Please sign these petitions:- 

The video below shows what the bulls are capable of!! I find it astounding that when a horse is gored the crowd start screaming in shock etc! Erm….excuse me, but they paid to see this sickening event!!!

Viewer discretion Advised – The Terrible vs The Black 2013

Published on 13 Apr 2013

Best Black Bows with his horse The little note at the Rancho Don Chencho Terrible. Proving it is one of the best cowboys of the peninsula.

“People wonder why children abuse animals; well if they are allowed to see animals being ridiculed, abused & tortured, then they will probably grow up to have little or no respect for animals either! 

“I feel I must explain the following video, for those who do not wish to view it; because you need to know how horrific this gruesome, so called form of entertainment is; to help put an end to it!

“A stunning grey horse is gored by the bull on its hind flank; it looks to me like its external  abdominal oblique muscles start to spill out almost at once! Unfortunately the horse collapses as it is being taken out of the ring…sadly there is no hope for this stunning sentient being. So it is dragged through the gates; children watch as someone casually takes a gun out & points it at the horses head, it takes a couple of bullets to end the horses suffering! Then, in the final & most undignified act, the once beautiful grey is pulled through the mud & away from the gates, by other horses; as if it was some inanimate object! It looks like the bull pays with his life also, as at the end of the video it shows the ropes etc. possibly caused him to break his lower leg! 

 Viewer Discretion Is Very Strongly Advised 

Jaripeo rancher coat, tie and rider. trajedias in Moroleon, Gto

Published on April 4, 2012

Jaripeo in Moroleon, Gto last March 25, 2012 Toro trimming of the Novillo JL hits the horse Chivo de la Cruz and then in a bad bull sale Jalon fractured his hand. (In this video there are strong images are warned of its content) thanks …

“WTF….what sort of people pay & also let their children watch, such a gruesome form of entertainment & think it normal? Humans can choose to fight in a bull ring; the animals can not!”

Please sign these petitions & share them; no animal should die for human entertainment:-

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GRAPHIC IMAGES: Justice For Pet Dog, Brutally Killed By Police, Langzhong, China!!

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“PLEASE SIGN THESE 2 Pre-Written PETITIONS…The Chinese Government & relevant departments must show it’s people & the world, that they do not & will not, condone such random acts of horrific, sadistic killings to innocent beings; by their police force in full view of the public & children!! Those responsible should be made to pay for their sadistic torture!”

Petition 1 to sign:– by Hand In Hand With Asia’s Animal A.

Justice For Pet Dog, Brutally Killed By Police, Langzhong, China!!

Please Help To Get Justice For Dog Beaten To Death By Police

On 4th March 2014, police in Langzhong City, Sichuan, China, brutally killed a pet dog belonging to a homeless man. The killing was done during the day near a primary school for no reason at all and is totally unacceptable.

The dog was still chained when the police forcefully removed it from it’s owner who could do nothing but watch while his companion was beaten to death with sticks and shovels in front of him.

The police later issued a statement defending their actions, saying that the dog’s presence might have posed a threat to human safety but this just shows the ignorance and cruelty involved in their actions and shows the world how unfeeling they are.

The people in charge in the relevant departments of the government now need to show the world that they condemn this killing, along with Chinese citizens and people around the world, by implementing the Small Animal Protection Law.

Groups on Weibo are condemning the killing and petitions have been started.

Help Chinese activists and animal lovers get protection for their animals.
Thank you

Petition 1 click link to sign:-

Petition 2 to sign By Together for Animals in China (TACN)

Demand justice over police killing the dog of a homeless man in Langzhong. Demand animal cruelty laws in China and stop people from committing further atrocities against the innocent and vulnerable.

Homeless man’s dog beaten to death by police!

 Letter of strong protest against the horrific acts of police officials who are supposed to protect our society from violence.

We were horrified by what happened on March 4th, on the busy streets of Langzhong, in broad daylight. A stray dog, the gentle friend and companion of a homeless man, was seized by police and brutally beaten to death with a shovel and a metal pole in front of the owner of the dog, the homeless man, and a crowed of pedestrians.

This horrific violence took place near a primary school, where children could easily see what was happening.

Two of the most vulnerable individuals in our society, the innocent animal and the helpless man, were dealt some of the most violent and degrading treatment imaginable by the very people who are supposed to be protecting society from violence.

No thought was spared for the psychological impact of this terrifying, bloody act on the adults and children who witnessed it. Nor did it occur to the police that this gruesome death was inflicted in broad daylight in the vicinity of a primary school.

How have the people appointed to protect the innocent and vulnerable become so debased? Our police officials, who should be a source of pride to us, are behaving like monsters.

We, the undersigned, ask that the police be legally forbidden from committing further atrocities against the innocent and vulnerable. We would like our children to grow up in a society where they can feel confident that the police will protect people and animals; where the police are known for their kindness and bravery instead of their violence and sadism; where they behave with honour instead of depravity.—

More detailed information and the latest updates of this incident will be posted both on the TACN facebook page ( and website ( Please be sure to follow us on facebook for the updates.

Petition 2 Click here to sign:-

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Humans and Animals – We’re All Connected

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Hands Around the Courthouse event to join in on a time of reflection and awareness of the violence toward children that occurs in our own community.  Peoria County’s CASA once again sponsors this special event to help prevent child abuse

In animal welfare, workers often encounter incidents of child abuse – often because it comes in the same households as animal abuse.  Through scientific studies, experts have determined that animals often suffer first in families living in violence.  They become the silent victims for abusers, who may then escalate their violence toward children, elders, or partners.

PCAPS and the Peoria Humane Society encourage anyone who observes animal abuse to report it – not only so the animal receives help but also for the benefit of the rest of the family.  Animal control officers are mandated by law to report incidents of child abuse; conversely, social workers must report animal abuse.  In this way, intervention can occur and hopefully reduce or eliminate the violent acts against people and animals.

The Peoria Humane Society’s Core Concepts of Peace, Kindness, Responsibility, and Respect provide the building blocks to a safer, non-violent community.  Please join child welfare and animal welfare advocates this Friday at this special event.  Wear a blue shirt to show your support of these efforts to stop the violence.  For more information, go

News Link:-

Pet abuse in violent homes probed

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A dog decapitated in front of children, a litter of kittens hurled against a wall and a cat held in the air while its legs were broken one by one are Christchurch examples of the link between pet abuse and family violence.

Women’s refuge centres across the city compiled examples of the correlation between animal cruelty and family violence after a study released last month that investigated the issue in New Zealandfor the first time.

The Pets as Pawns study was a Women’s Refuge-SPCA project that showed violence towards animals was often used as a way for abusive men to maintain control over their families.

Dr Michael Roguski surveyed more than 200 Women’s Refuge clients and found 54 per cent said a family member or partner had threatened to kill their pets.

One-third of respondents had a pet injured or killed during a relationship, and much of the abuse was witnessed by children.

Christchurch was not included in the survey because Roguski did not want to overburden the city’s swamped refuge centres after the earthquakes.

He had no doubt the same violence occurred in Christchurch, and the city’s refuge centres have confirmed his belief.

Christchurch Women’s Refuge spokeswoman Julie McCloy said 70 per cent of clients in rural Canterbury feared for their pets, and 30 per cent held the same concerns in the city.

All of the case workers had clients reluctant to leave violent relationships because they feared their pets would be killed if left to the mercy of their partner.

Abusing animals is another form of power and control that is used to manipulate women and torture them,” McCloy said.

“We are aware of women and children staying in unsafe situations because they wanted to look after their animals.”

Christchurch West Women’s Refuge found 25 per cent of one worker’s caseload included concerns over animal abuse or mistreatment.

The centre was aware of a dog that had been decapitated, a cat that had its legs broken and pets that had suffered cigarette burns and punches to the head, a spokeswoman said. “The animal takes the brunt of the physical abuse because it is used to intimidate or evoke fear. It’s all about letting the woman know that’s going to happen to her if she leaves or does something he dislikes.”

The Battered Women’s Trust had seen the same abuse.

In a fit of rage, one woman’s partner went after a litter of kittens. Another client’s partner would hunt down the dog and kick it when he was angry.

News Link:-

“Note, this is not the video posted with the above, but it bares similarities to it”

The FBI Crime Report: Making Animal Cruelty Offenses Count

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A very simple sad fact is that people abuse animals. It is hard for most people to fathom why anyone would want to hurt anther living being. Who does this? Where does it happen? Is it increasing or decreasing?

The answers to these and other questions would help law enforcement, prosecutors, mental health professionals, educators, policy makers, and others address this problem more effectively. Unfortunately, not only is this information not readily available, but also, until now, it could not be said whether such information even exists.

In recognition of April as Animal Cruelty Awareness Month, the Animal Welfare Institute announces the availability of the Animal Cruelty Crime Statistics: Findings from a Survey of State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs. “I highly recommend reading these statistics!”

For the first time, a snapshot has been taken of whether and how states collect and report animal cruelty crime data. Knowing this is the first step towards having such information available on a national level.

Animal cruelty in and of itself is a heinous act against some of the most vulnerable members of society. It is a crime in all jurisdictions, and some forms constitute felonies in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virginia Islands. Moreover, it is well known that animal abuse is linked to other crimes, including family violence and other forms of interpersonal violence, gang and drug offenses, and property crimes. However, the FBI does not collect animal cruelty crime statistics as part of its Uniform Crime Report (UCR), and so there is no broad picture of these crimes.

AWI has long been working to achieve inclusion of animal related crimes in the UCR. Its new report offers detailed information obtained from the 28 participating state FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) programs about if and how animal cruelty crime statistics are reported to the state UCR programs by local police and then transmitted to the FBI national office. Of critical importance, Animal Cruelty… reveals that some state UCR programs maintain retrievable animal cruelty crime statistics. This is vital information not publicly known before this survey.

AWI President Cathy Liss explained that the survey was done to gain a better understanding of what is and isn’t known about crimes against animals. “We needed to know if such information exists or can be generated for submitting to the FBI. We learned that some states are already collecting such data. And we were particularly gratified to learn that the majority agree that having such data is useful.”

This report takes an important first step toward the goal of gaining inclusion of animal cruelty crime statistics in the FBI’s national analysis.

News Source:-Animal Welfare Institute

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Animal abuse linked to domestic violence

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A groundbreaking study has shed new light on why many women suffering domestic violence are scared to leave their partners.

The research shows one in three women delay leaving violent relationships because they’re scared their animals will be killed or tortured.

Women's Refuge is glad the issue has been highlighted

Half witnessed animal cruelty, and children are often exposed to the acts.

Women’s Refuge CEO Heather Henare, is glad the issue has been highlighted.

“I hope that it does shock people,” she says.

“I hope that it does make people more aware of why women delay leaving abusive relationships and reinforces the concern that we have over the power and control that men assert in order to keep women in violent relationships.”

The study also suggests a funding programme should be developed to support animals in temporary accommodation and vet expenses.

The study interviewed 203 women from 21 women’s refuges, and is thought to be the first study linking animal abuse and domestic violence in New Zealand.

A 70-year-old women spoke of how her husband chopped her budgie’s head off, telling her, “This is what I can do to you.”

And a 20-year-old said her partner abused their cat, essentially saying, “This is what I will do to you if you don’t toe the line.”
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