Praise President Obama for Keeping Animal Cruelty Out of the Military

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“Please sign the petition below…no animal should suffer for military training!”

TargetPresident Barack Obama

Goal: Commend President Obama for signing a bill that will eliminate animal cruelty from military drills

For years, Department of Defense (DOD) regulations have required that military trainers use humane alternatives to animal cruelty whenever possible. However, video footage of a recent Coast Guard training session in Virginia Beach revealed horrifying animal abuse.

Fortunately, President Obama just signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law, a section of which requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a plan within two months for phasing out the use of animals in military training. The President deserves praise for taking a stand for animals, and to be encouraged to keep the pressure on the DOD.

Animals have been a part of military trauma training for many years. The exercises, which mutilate and ultimately kill animals, are meant to replicate battlefield injuries and are supposed to help soldiers learn how to save lives in battle. However, a report from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claims that the exercises did little to help soldiers learn how to save others.

Public outcry against military training involving animals reached a fever pitch after PETA obtained video footage of goats being mutilated by a company hired by the military to assist in training. The shocking footage showed goats–alive and inadequately anaesthetized being stabbed, having their legs broken and cut off with tree trimmers, and getting their organs pulled out. The whistle-blower who provided the footage to PETA also claimed that goats were shot in the face and hacked to pieces with axes–while they were still alive.

The fact that practices like this continue to exist is all the more horrifying given the availability of extremely lifelike training dummies which, according to PETA, “can breathe, bleed, talk, and even ‘die.’”

All these facts make the passage of legislation prohibiting the use of animals in training long overdue. While this is a victory, there is still more to be done. Thank President Obama for signing anti-cruelty legislation into law, but urge him to continue pressuring the DOD to phase out animal use as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Man pleads guilty to throwing dogs in Virginia Beach

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A 22-year-old man admitted Monday to throwing two dogs, one from a car window and another from a hotel balcony, earlier this year and was sentenced to a year and roughly six months in jail.

This 4-month-old, male Havanese puppy was tossed from a hotel balcony in April 2012. (Virginia Beach police)

Enrico Calogero Farruggio of Falls Church pleaded guilty in General District Court to two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, which resulted in the death of one dog and the serious injury of another. The case drew several dog-lovers to the courtroom.

Judge Pamela E. Hutchens called the incidents “totally heinous and cruel,” convicting Farruggio and sentencing him to two years in jail, with 165 days suspended. Hutchens also prohibited Farruggio from owning or handling animals in Virginia Beach and ordered him to pay $3,500 in fines and $314 in restitution for veterinary bills.

Farruggio is appealing the conviction.

Hannah-Nicole Kymmell, who owned the dogs, said the incidents occurred during arguments with Farruggio, who was her boyfriend at the time.

Officers found this 4-month old puppy in critical condition after being thrown from balcony

On March 21, Farruggio threw one dog from a car window during an argument with Kymmell, according to court testimony. Veterinarians euthanized the dog when Kymmell couldn’t afford to pay for his treatment, according to testimony.

Farruggio was upset the dog, a 5-year-old Maltese named Buttercream Nicholas, had urinated inside the vehicle, Kymmell said later. Farruggio apologized and, less than a week later, purchased a replacement, a 4-month-old Havanese puppy that Kymmell named Creampuff Maxwell, she said.

In a subsequent argument April 4, Farruggio threw that puppy from the balcony of the Econo Lodge on Bonney Road, acc

Enrico Calogero Farruggio, 22, of Falls Church, pleaded guilty to two counts of animal cruelty

ording to Kymmell and court testimony. Veterinarians saved Creampuff Maxwell, and the city paid for his treatment and found him a new home, according to court testimony.

“I was devastated,” Kymmell said. “They were everything to me.”

Farruggio’s attorney, Charles Lustig, said his client was suffering from drug addictionand long-standing mental health problems and has since sought treatment for both.”Your honor, I’m here to try to defend the indefensible today,” Lustig told Hutchens. “… This was a young man who was extremely troubled and has done everything he can to adjust.”News Link:-

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