A maintenance man in Memphis, Tennessee made a grisly discovery this week when he noticed a trash bag inside a dumpster and opened it to find a dead puppy.

He immediately alerted police, and after an investigation, authorities were able to piece together a shocking and offensive act of animal cruelty.

Marcus Curry

Apparently, twenty-seven-year-old Marcus Curry decided to stick the poor puppy in the washing machine for his own amusement, and not surprisingly, the little guy died during the cycle.

According to The Province, Curry denied putting the mixed breed inside the washing machine, but police have reportedly found two witnesses, one who says he actually saw the accused put the animal in the dishwasher and a second who claims the accused admitted he left him in there for “too long”.

Curry has since been charged with aggravated abuse of animals and is still being held on $40,000 bail.

There’s nothing that gets people riled up quite like child abuse and animal abuse.

As a society, we tend to sympathize with those who are least capable of protecting themselves, and whenever someone breaches that trust, we tend to respond with anger.

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