“This POS better get the maximum punishment for this, he purposefully & intentionally shot those horses…I believe out of jealousy because the horses belong to Darnell Kurney.  They say Kurney is the ex-boyfriend of Kincy’s ex-wife. (A lot is copyright so can’t just post, see the link below) WTF…God I am so angry right now, I feel like throwing this laptop across the room…but that would be silly because then I wouldn’t be able to retrieve it, to say Kincy is a $*^(% {‘#£r F=-#~|r.  I will try to keep you updated on this, that’s if I have a keyboard left! 

HUBERT, NC (WCTI) — Deputies say a man shot three horses, killing one of them. The other two were later euthanized.

Keith Kincy has been arrested and now faces gun and animal cruelty charges.


Investigators say the three horses were shot about four o’clock Friday morning at a home located on Hubert Blvd in Onslow County. One of those horses died at the scene, according to deputies.

A veterinarian checked the injuries of the two horses that had initially survived the shooting, but just before 10 a.m. Friday, recommended that they be euthanized.


“It just kills me, because I love animals,” said Amber Carter, who works near the home and has seen the horses on many occasions.

“Animals deserve a lot of respect, just like people. They need to be treated right. They don’t need to be hurt. They don’t need to be shot.”


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