Petition: RSPCA – Circuses are no fun for animals, Hold the Government to its promise!

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“I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick & fed up of contacting my MP about a ban on Wild animals in circuses across England & Wales. How come other Countries have managed to introduce a ban with no problems? Just WTF are the Government dithering about for? I just pray for all the animals forced to perform, that the Government will not go back on their word & will introduce the much-needed ban ASAP!”

In 2012, the Westminster Government announced it would finally grant wild animals in circuses their long overdue ban.

No Animal Should Be Used & Abused ForEntertainment

No Animal Should Be Used & Abused For Entertainment

Two years later and there is a real danger that Parliamentary time will simply run out to deliver the ban and wild animals could languish in circuses for many years to come…

We’ve come this far, we can’t let the animals down now! If you live in England or Wales act now using the form below to make sure the Westminster Government keeps its promise…

The wild animals unfortunate enough to be part of a circus act today live lives of forced performance, prolonged confinement and unnatural social groupings.

 The complex needs of wild animals can never be adequately met in a circus environment and regular transport, cramped and bare temporary housing, forced training and performance are all unavoidable realities for the animals.

So what are we waiting for?

In March 2012 the Westminster Government announced it would ban wild animals in circuses and the Welsh Government later announced they were keen for Wales to be included in the legislation.

However, two years and one meaningless circus licensing scheme later, the animals are still waiting.

 Take action and urge your Government not to break its promise…
Use the form below to email your MP (or if you live in Wales, the Minister for Natural Resources & Food, Alun Davies AM) urging them to ensure the Government keeps its promise! 
Use this link to the form to Contact Your MP:-
RSPCACircuses Are No Fun For Animals

Published on 15 Nov 2012

Join the campaign to end circus suffering at:

Despite the Westminster Government’s promise to ban wild animals in circuses, the licensing scheme planned for the interim period could mean even more suffering, for even more animals…

In fact, we could still see wild animals suffering in travelling circuses in 2020! It’s time the Government listened to the majority of the people in this county and granted the animals their long overdue ban. Please share this video and spread the work that Circuses are #NoFunforAnimals

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Horse Dealer Guilty of Cruelty To 27 Horses

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“I really don’t think I need to tell you what I think about this family of scum…if I did you wouldn’t understand because it would be all expletives: like %$%&  & ££!^&)!> :%&*£$^^+~ etc.!! Horses just left to die….they are not fit to breathe the same air as horses never mind decent human beings!”

A South Wales horse dealer has been convicted of 57 animal cruelty and welfare charges, in a case that highlights the problem of fly-grazing in the region.

Tom Price, 48, from Wick in Glamorgan, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and failing to meet the needs of 27 gypsy cobs by a court in Cardiff on 14 June.

The horses were found at five different locations in South Wales. The RSPCA — which brought the prosecution — said 12 of the animals had been “left to die” in a barn in Bridgend.

Price’s eldest son, Thomas Hope Price, 26, pleaded guilty to 42 welfare charges at an earlier hearing. A second son, Tony Price, 19, also admitted to failing to meet the welfare needs of two horses.

RSPCA inspector Christine McNeil said some of the animals they found were “the most poorly and diseased horses I have come across”. The 12 horses found in the barn had been locked in with no access to food or water.

Welfare agencies estimate that the Prices own as many as 2,500 gypsy cobs. Price senior ran a company called Glamorgan Horse Traders. Since 2011, problems had been reported with his horses fly-grazing in the area.

In November last year, he was given an anti-social behaviour order to prevent his horses fly-grazing and straying on to roads in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Welsh Government is undertaking a consultation on ways to tackle fly-grazing. Welfare organisations are lobbying for criminal legislation to penalise the worst perpetrators and to act as a deterrent.

“We need tougher laws that give authorities power to address aggressive and cruel fly-grazing and make owners accountable for their animals,” said Roly Owers, chief executive of World Horse Welfare.

The three members of the Price family will be sentenced at Cardiff Magistrates Court on 5 July. The judge warned Price snr that all options — including custody — remained open.

This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (27 June 2013)

Viva – Badger Cull – Bio-security Investigation

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We uncover what could be the real reason for the TB epidemic – and it’s not badgers!

We have long suspected that Biosecurity failings at markets plays a much bigger role in spreading the disease than contact with wildlife. Biosecurity measures are put in place to minimise the risk of spreading disease on clothing and foot wear.

In March/April 2011, we filmed at three markets in and around the Intensive Action Area in Wales (where the killing of badgers will take place).

Click this link to see my recent post on the good news that badgers will not now be culled in Wales:- Badgers

Welsh markets

As part of the investigation we uncovered the following:

  • Carmarthen market

    At Carmarthen market 97 per cent of people attending ignored a biosecurity measure (disinfectant foot dip) (only 7 out of 277 dipped their feet even though this goes against official advice and may even be breaking the law as they all entered areas that housed animals)

  • Whitland Market

    At Whitland Market there was no biosecurity measures in place as animals were unloaded, even though it was a TB/Red Market where TB infected animals are traded for slaughter

  • Whitland Market

    At the same market we speak to an Animal Health Official who admits she was left “seething” after observing serious biosecurity infringements (where tested and untested animals were allowed to mix extensively against guidelines)

  • Cardigan Market

    At Cardigan Market (which is inside the Intensive Action Area) we did not observe a single person dipping their feet (bar our investigator) – and we spoke to a man who admitted that sheep tag swapping is widespread (cattle tag swapping to keep high yield infected cattle is under investigation in England)

Sign here to help stop the badger cull in England:- Stop the badger cull in England

Badger cull in Wales scrapped for vaccination programme

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A controversial cull of badgers in Wales aimed at cutting TB in cattle will no longer go ahead, Welsh environment minister John Griffiths announced on Tuesday, with the plan replaced by a multimillion-pound vaccination programme.

The decision was met with delight from animal rights groups, and came following a review of the science behind an original government study saying the cull should go ahead. Farming groups and rival politicians have accused the government of “betraying” the rural community with the U-turn. Bovine tuberculosis leads to the slaughter of thousand of cattle a year and costs taxpayers millions. England is pushing ahead with culling plans, which environment secretary Caroline Spelman argues may reduce infections in culling areas by 16%. 

But Griffiths, who stressed he was “personally committed” to the eradication of TB in cattle in Wales, told the Press Association he was not satisfied that the mass killing of badgers, who can carry the disease, would bring a major halt to its spread. “Bovine TB has a significant financial and social impact on farmers and the wider community in Wales,” he said. “Last year alone, the Welsh government paid out just over £12m in compensation for cattle slaughtered. But I am not at present satisfied a cull of badgers would be necessary to bring about a substantial reduction in the incidence of bovine TB in cattle.”

Mark Jones, veterinarian and executive director of the Humane Society UK, said: “At last, a genuinely science-led policy to tackle to bovine TB without slaughtering thousands of badgers, and one that will actually help to solve the problem instead of making things worse. This puts added pressure on Caroline Spelman to withdraw its disastrous plans to cull English badgers.”

Brian Walters, a spokesman for the Farmer’s Union of Wales, said: “Culling has consistently been shown to reduce bovine TB incidences in cattle herds, and since the 1970s thousands of herds have achieved TB-free status following badger culling. When Welsh assembly members previously voted in favour of a badger cull, it demonstrated that Wales was willing to take positive steps to eradicate TB, even if those steps were controversial.”

Tuesday’s announcement marked another twist on the issue of bovine TB in Wales. The focus is an “intensive action area” of north Pembrokeshire and neighbouring parts of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire, where officials say the disease among cattle and badgers is rife. In 2010, the Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition government was forced to shelve a cull after the Badger Trust won a legal appeal. But Elin Jones, then rural affairs minister, said she would be pushing ahead with a new order

Read the rest of this article here via Badger cull in Wales scrapped for vaccination programme | Environment |

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