Veterinarian Accused of Dumping Animal Remains on Parkway

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A Bronx veterinarian who promised owners proper burials for their beloved pets has been arrested and accused of dumping remains of animals along the Hutchinson River Parkway.

The animals discovered last month included dogs, cats and a lizard. The SPCA said they had been euthanized before they were dumped.

Police say the veterinarian, Andrew Manesis, accepted cash for “proper burial” and then dumped the bodies. He collected anywhere from $100 to $300 per animal, according to authorities.

“I think it’s particularly egregious because many pet owners treat their pets as family,” said Westchester County Public Safety Sgt. Edward Reich. “They regard them as family members.”

 Manesis told NBC 4 New York the allegations were “false” as he left the Westchester police station Tuesday, but declined to answer any other questions about the case.

The remains were found near an entrance ramp to the Hutchinson River Parkway in Harrison.

The animals were in varying states of decay and some appeared to have been there for months.

A veterinarian in Mount Vernon performed necropsies on five of the animals and found no signs of abuse.

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Partially Blind Ohio Dog Hanged from Tree

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WESTCHESTER, Ohio (WCPO) — The unusual death of an Ohio family’s pet sparks an investigation.

Police are trying to figure out who hanged the partially blind dog from a tree, leaving it for dead.  

I took her away from somebody that abused her and now look, I let the abuse come over here and get her after all,” said Sherry Faber, the dog’s owner.

Faber loves animals and considers them a part of her family.

Some stay inside, but an outdoor area belonged to her blonde chow mix, Chewy.

Faber couldn’t believe her eyes when she went to check on Chewy.

“So I went back out to get my other dogs, that’s when I saw her hanging in the tree.  And, I ran as fast as I could over there and got her down and tried to do CPR.  And, there’s nothing I could do to bring her back.  I mean, I tried,” said Faber.

Faber and police believe someone intentionally hanged the dog, and killed her.

“She was hooked to this (contraption).  How is a 13-year-old animal gonna do something like that?  That’s all I wanna know,” Faber said.

Faber has other animals — dogs, cats and a goose, but she said she won’t let them out of her sight after this incident because she doesn’t want anything to happen to them.

“They’re my kids.  They’re the only thing I have to live for besides my mother.  To have this happen, you might as well have just reached in and ripped out my heart.  I mean, I’ve had her for 13 years.  She didn’t deserve to die this way,” said Faber.

Westchester police are investigating this as an animal cruelty case.

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