Protesters greet alleged dog killer at court – Video

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A Branford man made a brief court appearance Tuesday after being charged with choking his dog to death when it misbehaved, and animal activists were there to greet him.

Alex Wullaert, 22, appeared Tuesday morning in New Haven Superior Court on animal cruelty and littering charges.

He has remained free on a promise to appear in court after being arrested last week when his dog was found dead inside a plastic bag in Madison in June.

A microchip found inside the dog’s body helped lead police to Wullaert.

Melissa Izzo said she works at the animal shelter where the dog, Desmond, was adopted.

“He was an absolutely wonderful dog,” she said. “He was sweet and affectionate and quiet.”

Police said Wullaert confessed to strangling the pit bull-boxer mix after it urinated on his leg and bit him.

At court Tuesday, several people carrying signs greeted Wullaert as he walked into – and out of – court. Some of the protesters even walked along side Wullaert, shouting “coward” and “murderer” at him.

Wullaert said in court papers that he put flowers on the lake where he tossed the dog’s body.

Activists have set up a Facebook page “Justice for Desmond” to help organize their protest.

Court officials said the case was continued until June 5.

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Man accused of killing 6 horses belonging to his neighbor

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NEW BERLIN, N.Y. (WKTV– A Chenango County man is accused of killing six horses that belonged to his neighbor. State Police arrested Lauren McMaster, 75. 

State Police were investigating the death of six horses on the property adjacent to Hunts Pond Road and determined McMaster shot and killed the horses with a 12 gauge shotgun.

McMaster is charged with 6 counts of Criminal Mischief in the second degree and 6 counts of cruelty to animals.

McMaster was arraigned in the Town of Columbus Court and was taken to the Chenango County jail on $500 cash/$1000 bond.

State Police say the defendant filed a complaint just a week ago about the animals being on his property. The investigation is still ongoing with this case and more details will be made available later this week.

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PD: Stafford Springs man pulled horse tied to truck

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Connecticut State Police have launched an investigation after neighbors in Stafford Springs complained a man pulled his horse behind his pickup truck with a rope.

Culver Modisette, the 86-year-old horse owner, told Channel 3 he’s “not very familiar” with Annie his pure bred Arabian horse and meant no harm.

Irate neighbors said the horse could have died, but Modisette said the animal is currently in fine health.

Modisette said the horse got loose early Sunday morning, venturing to a neighbor’s house next door in hopes of mating with the male horses there, he said.

“What else was I going to do?” asked Modisette. “I’ve got to bring her down, I can’t leave her up there.”

Modisette used a nylon strap to attach the horse to the back of his pickup truck.

“I was just trying to get her down in her stable for her breakfast and apples and so forth,” Modisette said. “No malicious intent.”

Helen Kelley, who said she saw Modisette tie the horse to the bumper of the truck, worried for the animal’s safety. She snapped several photographs appearing to show the horse stumbling and then falling to its side on the ground.

“I started screaming to him, ‘Stop, you’re killing your horse, cut the rope!'” she said.

Modisette did, and said he was able to walk the animal to her stable without further incident.

“I regret that I put her on the back of the truck, that was a mistake, but what else was I going to do?” Modisette said. “She just about threw me across the woods when I tried to walk her down.”

Horse goes down

But Kelley and her husband fear it could have been much worse.

“Really, he could’ve broken her neck,” she said. “It was a sad thing to watch.”

Both State Police and the Stafford Springs animal control officers are now investigating.

State Police Lt. Paul Vance said Modisette simply secured the mare in heat to lead her back to the stable. A vet examined the horse and found only minor skin wounds. Vance said police have not received a complaint against Modisette in the past.

The woman who gave the Modisettes the horse admits it was a bad mistake but she insists the couple loves the horse. She questioned why people didn’t stop to help Modisette instead of snapping pictures.

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Animal cruelty investigation

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