Victory! UNIQLO Pledges to Phase Out Buying Wool From Mulesed Sheep!

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After an eight-month international campaign by PETA and our affiliates, UNIQLO – part of Fast Retailing, the fifth-largest retailer in the world – has agreed to phase out the use of wool from sheep who have been mulesed.

Mulesing is a barbaric practice that involves cutting large chunks of skin and flesh from the rear ends of merino sheep, often without any pain relief. Mainly practiced in Australia, mulesing is a crude attempt to prevent flystrike, which can be controlled by using humane options.

UNIQLO now joins other top international retailers, such as Muji, C&A, Topshop, and H&M, that have pledged to take action against mulesing.

In pledging to phase out the use of wool from farms that continue to mutilate their sheep, UNIQLO has shown the world and, most importantly, Australian wool producers that it believes cruelty to animals is never fashionable.

This is a major victory for which PETA would like to thank activists around the world who have united against cruelty to sheep. Thanks to you, we are one step closer to ending mulesing once and for all.

It’s only thanks to our kind supporters that important progress like this can be made. Please help us win more lifesaving victories for animals by making a special donation to PETA today.

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Activists flock to CBD to protest at mulesing

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April 15, 2012

AN ANIMAL rights group has renewed calls to end the industry practice of stripping skin from sheep, with a protest in Brisbane.

Activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Asia-Pacific, dressed as sheep, braved rain in Brisbane’s main square yesterday to speak out against mulesing.

Mulesing refers to the removal of skin from a sheep’s rear end to prevent flystrike, a potentially fatal condition involving maggot infestation.

PETA Asia-Pacific campaign co-ordinator Claire Fryer said it was a barbaric form of mutilation, carried out on millions of sheep, often with no pain relief.

”It’s not carried out anywhere else in the world,” she said. ”New Zealand banned it years ago, and 20 per cent of Australian farmers have already banned it voluntarily.”

Ms Fryer said the Australian wool industry had reneged on a pledge to ban mulesing and called on the federal government to step in. ”We are asking the government now to take matters into their own hands and enact a ban on it,” she said.

Australian Wool Growers Association chairman Shane Edwards said sheep that undergo mulesing were better off than those that did not.

”The mulesing process is only taken out to assist the sheep to be protected from flystrike,” he said. ”And until such time as the scientific world would be able to come up with an alternative, the wool industry or the sheep industry has no choice but to carry on mulesing for the best welfare of their animals.”

Mr Edwards rejected alternatives suggested by PETA, including increased monitoring of the sheep to prevent flystrike and shearing around the animals’ rears.

He said the former method was too costly and the latter was even more painful to sheep than mulesing. “So is he saying that shearing is also painful for the sheep?”

Mr Edwards said another alternative, breeding sheep with barer rears, was being researched but was far from implementation.

”It is happening but you can’t, in one generation, breed the bare breech for the entire national flock,” he said. ”It would probably take 10 generations, minimum.”

The federal Agriculture Minister, Joe Ludwig, has been approached for comment on this issue.

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“The man in the video below, is trying to make people believe that the sheep don’t mind this procedure & that it doesn’t hurt them….I think not! What if people started to castrate their own animals & chop off their tails… similar to what happens in the video…Seriously, they wouldn’t be allowed to because it would be deemed as animal abuse…WHICH IS A CRIME!!!”

 “If this farmer is willing to show this as evidence of what he thinks is a good normal procedure, one that the sheep don’t mind…. I dread to think how others carry it out!. No anesthetic for the sheep, not even using a basic sterilizer or antiseptic to wash or dip the clippers between sheep, along with no after care etc… I simply can’t believe anyone can watch the video below & say its ok & that the sheep don’t mind.

“No wonder infection is rampant, I am shocked to see the clippers not cleaned in, or dipped with disinfectant etc between each poor victim. It’s also shocking to see how fast they do this, without a care in the world for the sheep…I’m mortified to think that the farmer thinks this is ok!”

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This mulesing footage came from an Australian farmer hoping to prove that mulesing is humane. Watch the footage, and judge for yourself.


Save ‘Battery Sheep’ from Lives of Suffering

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In 2004 Animals Australia was shocked to discover that sheep had also fallen victim to the cruelty of factory farmingInvestigations conducted by Animals Australia at the appropriately named ‘Wool Factory’ in Victoria revealed thousands of sheep confined in sheds in tiny individual pens in order to produce ‘ultra fine wool’. Investigators documented distressed sheep chewing on the bars of their pens in stress, frustration and boredom.

Animals Australia recently convinced the world’s largest single buyer of ultra fine wool, Italian fashion designer Loro Piana, to stop buying wool from single penned sheep and to eliminate it from his prestigious wool awards competition. With his decision Loro Piana shows that style and ethical leadership go hand in hand.

Another target of Animals Australia’s campaign to end ‘shedded sheep’ has been Italian Fashion HouseErmenegildo Zegna, also a major buyer of ultra fine wool. Zegna presents the fine wool industry awards in Australia, including the Vellus Aureum Gold Trophy, awarded for the ‘finest fleece’. ‘The Wool Factory’ is a previous recipient of this trophy which is proudly displayed at their facility.

In a positive development, pressure from Animals Australia’s campaign has led Zegna to announce that fleeces from facilities that use single penning will no longer be eligible for the Vellus Aureum Trophy — meaning that facilities such as ‘The Wool Factory’ are now unable to enter the award.

A commitment from Zegna to extend their ethical position and also discontinue buying cruelly produced ultra fine wool is crucial as it would further impact on the financial viability of these cruel facilities.

You can help to end the factory farming of sheep by urging Ermenegildo Zegna to not only follow the lead of Loro Piana in opposing the use of single pen, but set an example by committing not to purchase wool from facilities that confine sheep to sheds without access to graze in a flock outdoors.

Please click this link to sign the petition:-Help end factory farmed sheep

See more information & videos here:-

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