Graphic Image: Cat Shot With Arrow In Anne Arundel County

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“I hope they do find out who is responsible for this horrific act on an innocent, sick bxxxxx’s. When they do find the culprit, they should bloody well shoot them in the shoulder. Not that I promote violence, but it sure would make me feel better to know they suffered too! Some humans really aren’t fit to breathe the same air as others, never mind animals! Really, if you know who did this, do us all a favour & report them before they do this again & kill an animal!”

DAVIDSONVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—A horrific case of animal abuse is under investigation in Anne Arundel County.

A cat is found with an arrow lodged in its body. Kai Jackson has more on the animal’s recovery and the search for the person responsible.

Her name is Xena. A pretty sandy brown cat that was the victim of a violent act. “She knows she’s warm she’s safe, she’s dry and she has plenty of food,” said Kathy Evans of Rude Ranch Animal Rescue.

It happened in Davidsonville in Anne Arundel County. Police said a property owner in the area found Xena with an arrow in her shoulder.

He’d been caring for the cat for about a year. Even after discovering Xena, it took a few days for animal control to catch her.

“Right now we don’t have much information to go on, unfortunately. We don’t know who the culprit is here or the culprits. We don’t know if this shot was, excuse me, if this cat was actually shot on its owner’s property,” said Anne Arundel County police spokesperson Justin Mulcahy.

Xena was treated by a veterinarian in Prince George’s County and should be okay. She’s now at the Rude Ranch Animal Rescue in Anne Arundel County.

Vets estimate the cat is about 18 months to two years old and a mixed breed. They said there’s no question Xena’s injury was bad, but things could have been worse.

“The underside is where the arrow went in and you can see basically along the top of her back here is where it exited, well, it came out,” said Evans.

“Fortunately, it was called a through-and-through injury. So they did have to cut off the tip of the arrow to get it back out. But they were able to get it back out without causing any additional damage,” said Evans.

Veterinarians said it should take about two weeks for the holes in Xena’s.

Anyone with information that may lead to finding the person(s) responsible for Xena’s condition is asked to contact Anne Arundel County Animal Control at 410-222-8900 or the Anne Arundel County Police Department at 410-222-8610.

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Update on Xena The Warrior Puppy

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“WOW…what a transformation, I can’t believe how far she has come in such a short time. I donated a few dollars but honestly thought it would pay for another dog! How wrong we all were. It just show’s with the right love & attention, these throw away dogs can become the centre of someone’s family. To be loved, snuggled up to whilst watching TV, & making you laugh with their silly antics.”

“Her story has touched many people, probably because of her amazing spirit to live! Please don’t pass these dogs off as untouchables, they all have the biggest hearts & just want to share their love with someone…& ask very little in return!!”

“If you can afford to donate a few dollars, it all adds up, hopefully when the next case comes along, the fee’s will be there to literally pay for their lives. If you donate & see the transformation, it makes one feel a part of their healing, & is such a joy to behold, knowing that you helped save a life, is the best feeling in the world”

When we rescued Xena we had no idea if she would make it through the day.

We took her to the vet hoping that she may eventually pull through. We were shocked to see how quickly she responded and amazed by her will to live.

This girl’s story of survival has touched more people than we will ever know. In honor of Xena’s one month anniversary, we’d like to raise funds to help more shelter pets in need.

There are many animals in need at Dekalb County Animal Services every day. Xena is one of the lucky ones.

We hope that we can raise enough money to help/treat more animals that need our help

ChipIn Link to donate:-

“Take a look at Xena’s page below, see the pictures as she grew up into one of the cutest little things ever. God bless her & all those who worked so hard to save her!” 

Xena’s Face Book page:-

Xena The Warrior Puppy – Found Abandoned

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“The following isn’t a news story that I have seen, I saw this, by chance on face book  & thought I would share, so this little one gets the best chance at healing & a happy life…with loving owners; as obviously her previous owners couldn’t give a sxxt about her. How could anyone abandon such a vulnerable little puppy. If anybody knows where Xena may have come from, or has any information…please come forward, contact the shelter or local police. Look at Xena’s face book page…the person/s responsible for Xena’s condition must not get away with treating sentient beings like this, they must pay!!”

Xena came into Dekalb Animal Services on September 15th in a state of horrible neglect

Xena as she was found

Xena came into Dekalb Animal Services today as a stray.

An officer went on a call to pick up a puppy that someone found in their yard. He arrived at the shelter around closing time with this girl.

Xena receiving vital fluids

No one wanted to euthanize her, so we gave her fluids and nutrical. I offered to take her home. I called my vet and went from the shelter to meet her at her office.

Xena perked up from the fluids

By the time we got there Xena had already perked up. When I took her inside she stood up and tried to walk right off the scale.

How could anyone just dump something as cute as this?

I couldn’t believe how quickly she perked up. She is still not out of the woods, but eating, drinking, walking, and sitting up.

Xena, definitely a fighter!

If an owner can be located, cruelty charges will be pursued. In any case, Xena is now safe and we hope that she continues to improve with TLC.

“This brave little one deserves the best chance, at a happy warm loving home, anyone wishing to help towards Xena care can contribute at the following ChipIn page…”

Xena via ChipIn:-

Quote from Xena’s Face book page…

We are truly overwhelmed by the support for little Xena. To answer some questions, from her condition I am guessing she was kept locked in a crate with no access to food. Street dogs do not get this thin and she definitely has a nose to find food. I am guessing her nose scabs are from trying to get out of her crate. I work at the shelter, but also work with Friends of DeKalb Animals.

Look at this adorable little face…she really is a miracle!!

FODA is the rescue who is covering her expenses. She is currently not up for adoption because of her condition. We will look for a home for her once puts on weight and is healthy enough to be spayed. For now, I’m fostering her and making sure she gets the necessary medical care. If they do find an owner to pursue cruelty charges, she’ll actually have to stay in foster through the county until the case is settled. In either scenario, she’ll be with me until she’s ready to move onto her forever home.

Xena’s Face Book page –

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