“Stupid & ignorant, I hope they get charged, make an example of them & warn others about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars!!”

Charges were pending Sunday after a brown Labrador was found dead in a car parked at the Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre in Vaughan.

York Regional Police arrested a man and woman from Northern Ontario after the discovery around 2 p.m. The couple were returning from Woofstock — a dog oriented event — in Toronto.

A shopper noticed the dog in the car and informed mall security, who in turn dialled 9-1-1. The dog was in distress as the window was barely open a crack, Insp. Shelley Rogers said.

“My truck thermometer was registering 34C,” she said. “And that’s in a cooled down truck.”

The car was parked in an area with no shade. Police believe the dog was in the car for at least two hours before a passerby noticed.

The dog was alive and fading quickly when security was called. It was still alive as firefighters tried to give it water through the window crack and used their tools to open the window further. The dog went unconscious in the car as efforts were still underway to get it out.

The dog’s owners came out to the car and were taken into custody.

Even 10 minutes is too long to leave a dog in the car on a hot day, she said, adding that the largest penalty a judge could issue for cruelty to animals is $2,000 and/or six months in jail.

News Link:-http://www.lfpress.com/news/canada/2012/06/10/19860931.html