I’m posting this on behalf of my mum, Jules, who is still in hospital with another slipped disc. However, mum being mum, she won’t let that come between her passion to try & save the lives of innocent animals, anyway she can! The internet connection she gets from the hospital is virtually nil, therefore she can’t post herself; but she can still receive email via her phone, albeit slowly!!

Anyhow, mum received an email from a friend & fellow animal warrior, which, due to time constraints, mum wanted it posting asap…so here it is. My knowledge of Word press is very limited, I’ve seen mum post many stories but have never done it myself. However, I have step by step instructions from my mum,  I just hope I get it right; if I do, I got a feeling this won’t be the last I post on her behalf…just praying she will be home for Christmas.

On Jan.7, 2013 “artist” Abdel Abdessemedhat  wants to enchain a horse, a cow, a goat, a pig, a sheep and a fawn and then kill them with a hammer !!

This “performance” shall take place at Centre Pompidou, one of the most famous museums in Paris !

Translated text from petition site:-


Ladies, Mr. Abdel Abdessemed exposed until January 7, 2013 at Centre Pompidou. Program: a pig, a goat, a sheep, a calf, a cow and a horse being killed with a sledgehammer . The animal is constrained along a wall, the hammer hits, it falls.

And this again, again, and again, in a loop, with only the muffled sound of music metal skull fucks. We must stop the spread of this exhibition n ‘meaningless in the eyes of true artists and art lovers easy.

The Torture of animals is not art, it is cruel , it is not human to disseminate it. This exposure may offend the sensibilities of many people who are for animal protection and therefore does not endorse not everything is kind of special note to art.For this reason I ask that exposure Abdessemed be stopped immediately.

Please sign the following petition to stop this heinous atrocity:-